Finance Awards 2020

30 | Finance Awards 2020 pandemic potentially nearing, there may be a lot more lenders that will come back to the market with more favourable criteria, ensuring Journey Mortgages ability to service more clients quickly and efficiently. Looking ahead, 2021 is going to be an exciting year for Journey Mortgages. There are new brokers joining the sales team in the first quarter, the continuation and development of the administration support team that was set up in the fourth quarter of 2020. To top it off, the firm is actively working with Perceive Digital on the marketing front, and the digital marketing agency is working its magic behind the scenes to ensure that Journey Mortgages’ digital presence is right up there. Company: Journey Mortgages Contact: Sonny Uppal Website: Journey Mortgages was founded on the principle of working closely with customers to help them achieve their property goals. Many want to be on the property ladder, difficult though it can be to get there. As more and more clients and individuals are seeking the chance to get on the property ladder and into the market, we take a closer look to find out more about what services Journey Mortgages offers, and why it is the best choice for clients everywhere. Since its inception, Journey Mortgages has built up its reputation as being able to offer mortgages from a wide range of lenders, which means that it has access to lenders that represent each sector of the mortgage market. This means that whether a client is seeking their first or final home, Journey Mortgages is able to help a variety of clients in different situations. Having gained experience in this field, the broad range of mortgage products that Journey Mortgages has appeals to clients across the commercial and residential buying sectors. No matter where a client is on the property spectrum, they can expect the best of the best. It could be a client that is interested in a traditional mortgage or finance, or a more complex case that would flummox even the most seasoned of landlords. In everything, Journey Mortgages is actively helping property developers start and complete their respective projects by arranging their development facilities and short-term lending solutions. With a decade of experience in the financial services sector, Journey Mortgages has built up an incredible knowledge in this sector. The type of clients that the firm serves range from experienced landlords and property developers, to those seeking short-term finance solutions, and those that are looking for everyday mortgage solutions. However, one of the most important facets to the business is the staff. Each member of the team at Journey Mortgages plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of the business. Journey Mortgages also has an incredible marketing agency working behind the scenes, ensuring that the firm’s strategies are right and effective when it comes to its online presence. The success of this has been evident in the fact that new clients are regularly finding out about the broker online. All of the support staff, marketing agency staff, and all of the referrers know what the culture of the firm is, understand the ethics behind Journey Most Proactive Commercial Mortgage Broker 2020 Mortgages, and share the same ethos of putting clients first. The firm’s team, whether internal or external, understand that ethos, drive, positioning, and communication are key to representing the Journey Mortgages brand in every service provided. When on the lookout for new talent or extra support staff, it is important to ensure that they fit within the company culture of helping clients, no matter what. Journey Mortgages is an open and transparent business, and that is what it has found many clients like about the offering. This commitment to openness and transparency is especially appreciated whenever a major change has come into effect regarding the financial services sector. Journey Mortgages immediately reviews its pipeline and reaches out to clients to advise them of any impact these changes may have to their applications, or if there may be better options available to them. Regardless, Journey Mortgages makes every effort to keep in contact with clients on a regular basis to advise them of the current developments, and to reassure them that the business is still looking out for them. In regards to COVID-19, Journey Mortgages has actually seen an uplift in business since the pandemic started. Clients are searching for the right broker, one that they can trust to help them achieve their goals. With the end of the Nov20194 Home and Commercial Mortgages Comprehensive range of mortgage products and friendly professional advice. This means that whether a client is seeking their first or final home, Journey Mortgages is able to help a variety of clients in different situations. Home and Commercial Mortgag Comprehensive range of mortgage products and frien professional advice.