Finance Awards 2020

39 | Finance Awards 2020 Based in Bawtry, the team at D&K Accounting have spent many years supporting business of all shapes and sizes. In these challenging times, the aim has changed from ensuring the books are in good order to maximising profitability wherever possible. We take a closer look at how this family run firm are using Profit First to help SMEs secure new levels of success. D&K Accounting are a family run accountancy practice, specialising in Quickbooks online. The team have earned the role of Platinum Pro advisers, but have recently taken advantage of the UK’s recent lockdowns to broaden their horizons. Now, the team boasts a Certified Profit First Professional, one of only twelve in the country. This allows D&K Accounting to offer a service that is unlike most firms in the UK. Serving a wide spectrum of clients from hairdressers to multi-million-pound turnover builders and everything in between, the team have become adept at using a non-judgemental, no-jargon approach to ensure that they get the support they need. The team know that the best results come from making clients feel at ease, and being put in a position where they can talk to them. The addition of Profit First as a technique has been incredibly good for the team. They have taken advantage of their unique offering to take on many new clients during lockdown, and as resulted in the firm being asked to act as official ambassador for The Start Up Loans company. These accolades go to show why people turn to D&K Accounting. They have become a formidable force for ensuring that clients can get what they want from their businesses and provide the life they desire for their families. As a family-run business, the team are able to provide that individual care and attention that many larger corporations cannot. This applies to the staff as well as to the clients. The team are SME Accountants of the Year - Yorkshire allowed to work in as stress-free an environment as possible. They can approach leadership with any concerns that may arise. This exceptional attitude has created a passionate workforce, driven to help their clients to succeed in every respect. One of the ways in which the team have been forced to adapt during these difficult times is by offering leadership and advice to companies that aren’t sure how to react to the current crisis. While the team has set up a WhatsApp support group for businesses that need the help, the chances are that the inevitable tax rises that small business will face will cause many to struggle. As a result, the work of a team that uses the Profit First approach is sure to be invaluable to many of these firms. As the UK slowly eases out of lockdown restrictions, the threat of job losses with work turning to a new sort of normal, combined with access to low rate startup loans from enterprises such as the Start Up Loans Company, the team at K Accounting foresee a number of new businesses opening in the next few years. As such, these will need sophisticated support from firms such as D&K Accounting. The future seems bright for the firm, with a focus on cloud accounting solutions that has allowed the team impressive flexibility throughout the current crisis, and that will continue to offer this variety long into the future. Looking forward, the team are exploring new ways of pushing their online profit first course and 1-2-1 Profit First coaching, whilst making the most of their role as Start Up Loans Ambassadors. By focusing on what sets the team apart, they hope to achieve new and impressive levels of success. Company: D&K Accounting Contact: Dan Edwards Website: Nov20772 D&K Accounting are a family run accountancy practice, specialising in Quickbooks online.