Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018 27 , Based in Cavendish, Suffolk, Improve Marketing is a full-service marketing agency providing marketing consultancy, advertising services including planning and buying and of course digital marketing. Paul Lymer talks us through the firm and how it works alongside clients to provide themwith the services they need to succeed. Most Creative Digital Marketing Agency - UK Improve Marketing LON18042 Company: Improve Marketing Contact: Paul Lymer Address: Mill Lane, Cavendish, Suffolk, CO10 8BJ Phone: 07388 927873 Website: Offering a vast array of digital services including SEO, Social, PPC, Email and Content Marketing, Improve Marketing supports a wide range of clients, drawing on its passion for marketing. Paul explores how this passion is integrated into every aspect of this dynamic company. “Here at Improve Marketing, we love all things marketing and we are particularly proud of our integrated and direct approach to marketing. Our agency mission is ‘to make businesses better by improving their marketing’. As a guiding light we always try to stick to seven steps, they are to: • Experiment and try new things. Positive progress can only be made by challenging yourself and seeing what happens. • Analyse - knowing who the customer is, what the objectives are, what has happened before, how can you interrogate the data to make it even better. • Be Brave - sometimes the more difficult path can be scary, but the rewards even greater. • Appraise honestly - Be a realist when it comes to reviewing a situation or resources. You can’t always tell people the things that they want to hear. • Learn - We are always learning, digital marketing moves fast, keeping up with all things marketing requires time set aside to learn it correctly, learn by your mistakes too. • Celebrate wins – it is just too easy to move onto the next project, celebrating wins reinforces good habits and encourages better results. • Enjoy the journey. “By adhering to these values, we are able to set ourselves apart from our competitors and offer our clients a unique service. The teams at Improve Marketing are built in a different way. Instead of the traditional marketing agency model where you have a team of specialists, based in an office, waiting for briefs. We work in a much more fluid way. Improve Marketing is made up of a network of consultants and specialists who work in an autonomous way. We work with a close network of expert marketers who are put together to respond to a brief. Instead of finding jobs for incumbent marketers we are able to hand pick the specialists for the job and match skills according to the client’s requirement. Our fluid nature allows us to maintain low overheads whilst providing exacting and specialist services. This saving can then be passed onto our clients. In short, they get the best marketers to complete the job without having to pay for the incremental services and overhead that they may not need. This is our way of delivering true value to our customers.” With regards to the future Paul and the team at Improve Marketing have ambitious plans to build upon the firm’s already impressive success, as Paul explains in his concluding comments. “Over the coming years, alongside continuing to develop and grow our clients’ businesses, at Improve Marketing our plan is to develop and grow ourselves and our team. We also like to help develop marketers and consultants either within their own teams or if they want to start their own consultancies. We already offer a wide range of our services white label to other agencies, and in the future, I would like to see this service grow, so that we can continue working towards our mission and supporting our valued clients over the years to come.”