Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018

8 SME NEWS / Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018 McKinley Spaces is a privately held award winning property design and vertically integrated development firm focused on Urban London postcodes. Showcasing the firm’s unique style is CEO and Founder DaphneMckinley, who provides us with a fascinating overviewof the practice. Best Central London Property Design Firm Thanks to the expertise and dedication of its staff, McKinley Spaces transforms its projects into developments of exceptional quality and value. In her initial comments Daphne shares the secrets behind the firm’s success. “As CEO and Founder of McKinley Spaces, I believe our success is due to being focused and steady in our approach and finding non-traditional ways to compete in a tough market over the past seven years, being small we are able to move quickly and independently. I listen to what matters most to our clients, and do not lose sight of how our product can make a difference. “To ensure ongoing quality, we do not compromise on design, being on top of each development and its costings at every stage, to make sure that regardless of the bottom line we deliver a product that keeps quality before everything else that enhance peoples’ lifestyles, making their environment more secure and easier to manage as well as getting value for their money. Moving up the ladder steadily to bigger projects has been key for success, starting from a small flat to our latest building of 34 flats and 15,000 sq ft of commercial space.” Every project is different, and as such the team tailors its work to suit the needs of its client and the space they are enhancing. Daphne explores the firm’s approach to every project and how this ensures that the team achieves its core focus. “At McKinley Spaces, our design ethos recognizes the necessity for modern living with a focus on light, space and nature in modern living and an emphasis on interchangeable functionality. Intelligent design solutions are used in a deconstructed design aesthetic to achieve unforeseen volume. We have a passion to inspire and be fulfilled through our work no matter what area we are working in, luxury or for a first-time buyer, so our integrity is defined by the consistent quality of our workmanship. Our approach is sensitive to our clients’ well-being by maintaining visual balance and utilizing all the elements of nature. “Throughout any project our multidisciplinary team devises integrated, sustainable design LON18016 McKinley Spaces ,