Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

14 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 Jul22206 Best Emerging Security & FM Partner 2022 Having been established in the year of 2019, Lexnis Group is a relatively young company with an impressive pedigree already building. Indeed, the youth of the enterprise itself is subsidised by the experience of the people who work within it; led by professionals with cumulative decades of exemplary work in the sector below its belt, this emerging security and facilities management group has made a name for itself with its bespoke, cost-effective, and front running solutions. Lexnis Group – boasting a cumulative 30 years of experience between its professionals – is a company truly dedicated to the ethos of ‘one size does not fit all’. Indeed, Lexnis Group has brought quality and professionalism to its work at every turn, allowing its customers to gain an unblemished trust in it; said customers often go forward to recommend it to peers and colleagues after experiencing the in-depth and empathic security and events management it offers as a result. This is largely thanks to the dedication to innovation that runs through the enterprise from the bottom to the top. Fundamentally, its extensive understanding of what challenges its market faces allows it to serve it with impeccable effectiveness. In essence, it strives to make itself a costeffect, top quality solution – ensuring clients never have to decide between saving money and maintaining high standards – and this is something it looks forward to showing to yet more clients as it continues to garner a bigger reputation and further traction within the logistics centres of the UK specifically. Critically, its core market segment is warehouses in the UK, providing them with the best in security solutions, recruitment services, health and safety products, and maintenance services, building a long-term relationship model with its clients at its core. Nominally, it understands that no singular security or events management solution will fit everyone. It is something that must be strictly tailored to fit a client, their needs, and their requirements, if it wishes to be effective; Lexnis Group achieves this by truly throwing itself into the ethos of personable, empathic, and sensitive service, working hard to get to know its clients as people as well as businesses and professionals. Quality without compromise, after all, is its highest priority. Therefore, Lexnis Group’s bespoke services at competitive prices will always meet a client’s needs, as they have been built to do just that, and with its strict dedication to their satisfaction in mind, the amicable connection between it and its clients make for long-term professional relationships that have lasted since the very founding days. Firm believers in a ‘can-do’ attitude and a resoluteness of spirit, its team’s commitment to customer service allows them to approach all challenge with vim and vigour. Indeed, challenges enthuse and excite the staff at Lexnis Group, and they are always raring to go to implement the latest and greatest solutions in security for its logistics and warehousing clientele, plying its trade up and down the UK. Ensuring that its demands, requirements, and needs are met as specifically as possible, with a mix of insight and experience, it has benefitted from glowing recommendations from its clients past and present, who refer its work to others who are looking for similar. In the UK, the logistics industry is very well connected, and as a result, by making itself known through doing its job and doing it well, Lexnis Group quickly gained a foothold, and a niche within which it is thriving. Moreover, the swiftness of the action it can take has endeared it to its market segment, as its streamlined processes allow it to respond to clients needs and requests with quick and efficient work that gives the client total peace of mind. In short, Lexnis Group will always be there when a client needs it, no job too big, and no job too small, arriving with a determination to succeed and a level of commitment that is truly unparalleled. Having gone from strength to strength over the last three years, its progress is something that promises to continue a forward trajectory as it remains abreast of the latest and greatest breakthroughs in ingenuity that it can incorporate into itself. This keeps it as a front-runner, even in an industry where new solutions and products are being unveiled all the time, and the market fluctuates rapidly across short periods in line with social, economic, and political factors. Crucially, the management team it has assembled has been the driving force behind this, boasting the most incredible reaction times on client tickets.