Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 GREATER LONDON ENTERPRISE AWARDS 2022

Welcome to the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 SME News is happy to announce, now in its 6th year, the annual Greater London Enterprise Awards to celebrate our capital’s finest businesses and enterprises. With London being revered as the backbone of the UK’s economy, the small to medium size enterprises operating there are proving daily that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to generating new and innovative ideas. Greater London stands out as a region that encompasses some of the nation’s highest quality and diverse services, therefore ability to grow and thrive as an SME requires a significant amount of determination. Whilst the business world has had to navigate the UK’s taxing restrictions on travel, many forward-thinking business leaders have seized the opportunity to benefit from a new influx of localised traffic. Many Greater London SMEs and micro-businesses have used the changing circumstances to adapt and diversify their business offerings and processes, finding new ways to fill the gaps in our lifestyles as a result of national lockdowns. Sif Brookes | Senior Editor

Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 | 3 Contents 4. Peninsula UK: Most Trusted HR Advisory & Consultancy Firm 2022 6. Frontier Global Underwriting Limited: Most Innovative Insurance Provider 2022 8. Resilient Wellbeing Clinic: Most Compassionate Psychology Practice of the Year 2022 10. Smartstone Energy Solutions: Best Family-Owned Insulation Business 2022 12. Advanced Cosmetic Procedures: Best Hair & Skin Lesion Removal Procedure Company 2022 14. Lexnis Group: Best Emerging Security & FM Partner 2022 16. Roar Media Creative & Co-Founders Stephen Gillen and Daphne Diluce: Most Outstanding Digital Media Experts Company 2022 18. LCL Group: Best Hospitality Business Development Consultancy 2022 20. KGK Genix: Most Innovative Multidisciplinary Creative Agency 2022 22. Vox Music Limited: Most Entertaining Venue Booking Company - London 23. Launch Mappers: Start-Up Growth Marketing Firm of the Year 2022 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 24. Ice Blue Sky Ltd: Most Innovative B2B Marketing Agency 2022 & Excellence Award in Tech Marketing 2022 25. Cloud Galacticos: Best Nationwide Salesforce Services Consultancy - UK 26. Fluid Business Solutions: Best Business Improvement Technology Provider 2022 27. The Loft Room Specialists Ltd: Loft Transformation Designs Company of the Year 2022 28. P+P Architects: Most Innovative Residential Architecture Studio 2022 29. PromoVeritas: Best International Marketing Law Experts 2022 30. Total Health Now Clinic: Best Holistic Health Clinic 2022 31. Observatory Creative Ltd: Most Immersive Content Creators 2022 32. DevSatya: Best Ayurvedic Food Supplements Company 2022 33. Thrive With Hair: Most Welcoming Hair Salon 2022 - Epsom 34. N7 Accountants Limited: Best Audit & Accounting Practice 2022 - North London 35. Stephenson Executive Search: Legal & Financial Services Headhunters of the Year 2022 36. Sensical Services Ltd: Best Cloud & Network Services Provider 2022 37. We Are Ludo Ltd: Rising Stars in Corporate Wellbeing 2022 38. The Ski Company: Best Group Winter Sports Holidays Provider - Europe 39. The Apartment Network: Best Global Accommodation Booking Agency 2022 40. Santis Global: Best Same Day Courier Service 2022 41. Edworkation: Best Careers & Recruitment Consultant of the Year 2022: Cassandra Hamilton 42. Skill Recruit: Best Global IT & Engineering Recruitment Agency 2022 43. Global BPO: Best Legal & Business Process Services Company 2022 44. Nectar Medical Vapes: Best Dry Herb Vaporizer & CBD Brand 2022

4 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 Jul22288 Most Trusted HR Advisory & Consultancy Firm 2022 Since 1983, Peninsula has prided itself on providing an unbeaten level of service to small businesses across the UK. Like most small businesses we came from humble beginnings. While we were once just a few likeminded businessfocused people in a room, we have now gone on to be one of the most trusted providers of employment services not just here in the UK, but around the world. Although we have grown over the years our values have stayed the same. We know the wants and needs of a small business, because we are still a small business at heart. It is these qualities that helped us to grow into the success that we are today. All while retaining a loyal client base helping so many business owners trust us to help them achieve their own success. After nearly 40 years of helping small businesses across the UK, our skills and expertise now stretch way beyond employment law and HR. We also cover health and safety management, insurance, employee wellbeing and so much more. All our services are provided by a team of handpicked experts so you can trust that your business is receiving the very best knowledge and service. Not that long ago we were just a small business ourselves. That means we understand the specific needs of other businesses that started out just like us. At Peninsula, we truly believe that ‘success starts here’. Our goal is to take care of our clients’ business needs so that they can focus on the bigger picture. Whether they have a team of just a few employees or hundreds of staff members we can help them with all things employment. This means more peace of mind for business owners so that they can concentrate on what they do best: growing their company. No matter how big we become, we always stand by our brand values. It is what makes us unique and helps us stand out as the leaders in our field. We are committed to delivering excellent service to all our clients both old and new. Whether on the phone or in our day-to-day visits to clients, all our advisors do their very best to solve all our customers worries and concerns. We want to provide our clients with exceptional knowledge and service each and every day, so they know that we are there to support them when it really counts. At Peninsula we value integrity and strive for it in all we do. We understand that many of our clients feel the same way and appreciate that a company’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets. A company’s reputation tells the world what your business values and that’s why we are so committed to helping businesses to always do the right thing. Our reputation for exceptional service has earned us the Feefo Platinum Trust Service award, in recognition of our dedication to go above and beyond to consistently provide excellent service. Great customer service is not just a one-time deal, it is a commitment to all our clients that they can be confident in our ability. At Peninsula, standing still is not in our vocabulary. We want to be the leader in our field, and to do so you need to constantly be looking ahead for the next big thing. We show this every day with constant innovation, expansion, and our dedication to create new services to solve business needs. We were one of the first in the UK to launch a dedicated 24/7 advice line over 30 years ago. This allowed our clients to access the help they needed no matter what time of day or night, from wherever they were. But as a business this was not enough, so we are constantly pushing to achieve more. Our goal is to be there to help our clients with all aspects of their businesses. Whether it is a visit from a member of our SafeCheck team, or a consultation with Peninsula Face2Face we are here to assist with everything from health and safety worries to mediation concerns. We are constantly looking to the future. That is why we have invested in new technologies, such as creating one of the world’s first HR AI tools that is backed up with nearly 40 years of employment law knowledge. We launched BrAInbox earlier this year, enabling clients to have instant answers to any HR question they have, right at their fingertips. Even better, this is truly smart technology; the more they use it, the better it gets. The world of business is constantly changing, so a major focus for us is investing in our staff. Our training is second to none, and our Super Coaches ensure that all our advisors are kept up to date on the very latest changes to all relevant legislation. We keep our fingers on the pulse to ensure we give our clients the very best advice that’s as current as we are. But it is not all about surpassing goals and hitting targets. We want our clients to develop meaningful relationships with their advisors and see us as an extension of their team. Our goal is to be that friendly voice helping solve the trickiest of scenarios and putting client minds at ease. No matter what issues they are having, they can trust that we have them covered. Here at Peninsula we know how hard it can be to take those first steps when expanding a small business. We succeed when our clients do and that is why we are always by their sides as they take those first big steps to broadening their horizons. Whether it’s hiring new staff or promoting current employees, we have the guidance you need. Starting a business takes passion, and for many employers, that simply isn’t HR. That is why we focus on the complicated processes so that they can focus on what they do best – running their business and dedicating themselves to supporting

Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 | 5 Most Trusted HR Advisory & Consultancy Firm 2022 their customer needs. That means the next time they face a hurdle they know that they can simply pick up the phone to us and their dedicated advisor is there to help however they can. More peace of mind, better business growth. We want our clients to have complete faith in our ability. The more they can trust us and our expertise, the more time they have to spend developing their own. We want everyone to be as happy in their jobs as we are; that’s why we support our client’s staff with an Employee Assistance Programme. This EAP offers everything from health and wellbeing support to financial assistance. Not only does this give peace of mind to employers, knowing that their employees can access support no matter what issues they are having, it also shows employees that their employer cares about their wellbeing. No two businesses are alike, that is why our services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual client, and what their organisation needs. This way we can work together and focus on providing clients with the best solutions for them and their team. We may be one of the first in this industry, but we are not a one trick pony, and we don’t rest on our laurels. As we grow so does our workforce, we don’t just hire people with experience, we look for the bold and innovative who will help keep us ahead of the curve. Long gone are the day of companies hiding behind complicated legal speak and hard to understand agreements. We want to make things as easy as possible for our clients. They let us handle the red tape and paperwork and we keep communication simple and easy to understand. We supported thousands of employers and their staff throughout the pandemic enabling thousands of small businesses to not just survive but thrive. It’s no secret that many businesses struggled during this time, our clients had concerns and we were there to answer them. We are there for every step of our clients’ business journey and, like every other business, we had to learn to adapt to the ever-changing situation as well. Whether it was offering consultations over video conferencing or providing specialist support for a post pandemic world, we were there to support them throughout their struggles. With the rules on furlough, homeworking and lockdowns changing constantly, there is no doubt that the last couple of years were extremely challenging time for all businesses. People had to make difficult decisions, often at very short notice. We were there every step of the way, supporting business owners and helping them protect their organisation and stay on the right side of the law. This is something that we are committed to doing each and every day – no matter what the future might holds. Company: Peninsula UK Contact: Kate Palmer Website:

6 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 Jul22081 Most Innovative Insurance Provider 2022 As one of the leading speciality Underwriting Agencies, Frontier Global Underwriting is giving its industry a future-proof update that see it offering innovative product solutions via the underwriting of emerging risks. Its contemporary business model, one of specialist classes written and global territories targeted, has allowed it to grow many niche portfolios with a proven focus on controlled growth, profit, and progress rather than top-line volume, all managed from its headquarters in London – the world’s insurance capital. A global specialty focussed Managing General Agency ‘MGA’, Frontier Global Underwriting is a company that writes a full suite of Financial Lines classes for clients located in over 50 countries around the world. Frontier was founded by Sophie Fraser and Joel Pridmore in 2019, to provide insurance brokers and their clients the benefit of the experience that the two have accumulated over their underwriting careers, experience that has allowed them to keep abreast of a highly changeable and demanding market. With an unrivalled ability to produce underwriting profit and a London based pedigree, it has since expanded out to Sydney, Australia with this new subsidiary established in 2021. Frontier are in the process of incorporating a third subsidiary in Lisbon to allow it to transact European business. The founders have much bigger plans with more local subsidiaries planned to open in coming years to service its growing client base and capital providers. Critically, its senior staff boast a wealth of industry and underwriting experience between them. This has allowed Frontier to cultivate a deep level of trust in their market segment, as it has generated a reputation for reliability and expertise unrivalled anywhere in the industry. With a commitment to laser sharp discipline in everything they do, Frontier has consistently delivered unrivalled returns to its capacity providers while at the same time providing its brokers and clients world leading risk transfer and insurance solutions. This has allowed them to forge stronger, longer lasting relationships that result in more profit for all parties. Insureds who engage Frontier for specialty insurance solutions can see the immediate benefit of the partnership and remain staunchly loyal return customers from thereon out. The decades-old client-partner relationships that its staff have already built, therefore, have been able to continue in this manner since the inception of Frontier, and it is excited to give them a better and more supported infrastructure in which to keep serving their clients with the best service in the industry. The goodwill it has generated is completely unique to Frontier, in this manner. With a proven track record of successfully underwriting through market cycles, choosing its clients in a selective manner to avoid systemic exposure, it has made itself a reliable and credible cornerstone of the market, as well as a clear pack leader in its field. Moreover, each professional within Frontier is an expert in the classes and processes that they underwrite, using the highest levels of diligence and professional rigour to maintain the highest levels of quality and discipline throughout all of its work. At its core, Frontier are experts at risk assessment and selection. Part of what makes it such a trusted business partner to its clients is the fact that it will only ever decide on a course of action with the client’s best interests at heart, choosing the best clients in their respective sectors and ensuring market leading returns on their portfolios. With the ability to understand complex, misunderstood, and oftenmisrepresented business models; its expertise allows Frontier to compete on knowledge, service, and solution as opposed to price; indeed, it doesn’t compete on price ever, making it uniquely attractive to capacity providers. Frontier remains ahead of the pack at all times, keeping an industry leading eye on the changing sands of the wider global market in order to adapt alongside complex, hard to understand risks or the provision of innovative, cutting edge new solutions. Being a go-to market in the Financial Lines sector, recently, Frontier has extended its offering to include the emerging industries of cryptocurrency, digital asset trading, blockchain, cannabis, and hallucinogens. Furthermore, it seeks to enable the participants of such markets – the quality companies that make up the topmost percentage of them – to prosper and shine, allowing them to attract the much needed capital and human resources that they need to secure themselves as market leaders and foremost corporate movers and shakers. Frontier are experts at risk assessment and selection. Part of what makes it such a trusted business partner to its clients is the fact that it will only ever decide on a course of action with the client’s best interests at heart

Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 | 7 Most Innovative Insurance Provider 2022 Right now, the Financial Lines market is seeing great change due to these emerging industries and sectors. With the time now being right for Frontier and its supporting capacity providers to capitalise on its growth, it has created itself the opportunity to propel itself to further success, able to forecast a long-term vision of being a global leader in Financial Lines underwriting. These changes, and further future changes, will require underwriters who are not only at the top of their field but ahead of it. Frontier prides itself on identifying trends ahead of time and assuming the knowledge required to service these new and emerging industries and risks better than their competitors. Indeed, lack of experience and discipline generates the worst underwriting results. Profit driven underwriting creates better processes for professionals, better outcomes for clients, and more effective services for brokers, providing a complete turnkey solution for capacity providers to deploy their capital in a disciplined and profitable way. Moreover, Frontier’s staff are a diverse and international bunch, boasting people who have lived in and travelled in everywhere from the Caribbean to the Middle East, North Asia, Africa, and Europe, granting Frontier a truly mixed bag of backgrounds and perspectives that ensure its services and solutions are not pigeonholed to one region. Protecting, enabling, and assisting, it aims to be the leading global underwriting specialist by 2025, showing its clients that the language of risk is universal, and that with its help, all clients will prosper. Company: Frontier Global Underwriting Limited Contact: Joel Pridmore, Sophie Fraser Website:

8 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 Jul22071 Most Compassionate Psychology Practice of the Year 2022 As a private psychology practice, Resilient Wellbeing Clinic provides the highest standards of psychological therapy both in-person and online. This, in essence, is part of its commitment to ensuring that excellent psychological help is available and accessible, and it thusly takes great pride in the quality and ease of access of its services for all different kinds of people struggling with all manner of different things. The ‘gold standard’ that it has earned for its efforts has thusly propelled it to great renown in its field, something it has been using as a springboard to help people all over the UK. Resilient Wellbeing Clinic – a compassionate and deeply client committed psychology practice – has made its name by being a true instigator of positive change in the lives of its clients. Nominally, from the very first interaction that a client has right through to check-ins and regular services, it takes a personable and highly tailored approach to psychology at every turn, working hard to give a client the correct kind of attention and empathy that will help them overcome their difficulties. It understands that each person coming to it for psychological help is one of a kind and no one approach fits all, so each person will be supported in their unique journey of change. Thusly, it collaborates with its clients in order to help them find this path, giving them in-depth psychological support and providing evidencebased treatment on their journey between the different milestones that they are striving to hit in order to make their lives more fulfilling and complete. Such tools promise to increase safety, embolden confidence, and empower clients as they gain more control over their own lives and livelihoods, giving them the critical tools and space to achieve all manner of goals. When it comes to the identification, overcoming, and management of difficulties, Resilient Wellbeing Clinic knows that there is no quick fix and provides short, medium and longterm treatments depending on the clients’ unique needs and goals. Its therapists and professionals do this by treating clients with compassion, integrity, connection, competence, and resilience, working on developing a strong therapeutic relationship which is the foundation for positive change. It also works hard to try and reduce the stigma still present regarding mental health. Critically, it strives to normalise access to mental health services, hoping to make these as available as physical health services so that more people can access the help they need without feeling like they are going to be harshly judged or looked down upon for seeking such a thing. Having hand-picked each member of its team to reassure each client that they are indeed entering that kind of no-judgement atmosphere, its staff work with empathy and sensitivity towards its service users, encouraging an open mind and open heart by offering this right from the very first interaction. With the highest level of ethics and clinical practice in mind as standard, it has developed a significant pride in the team it has created. Each one of them, foremost professionals in their own rights, boasts the ability to build and maintain trust in a reliable manner by working with unshakable understanding, putting themselves in the patient’s corner in order to become their advocate and support system. With psychologists, psychotherapists, and counsellors available, it has a vast number of people available for service users to ask to see and is confident that it can help them match to someone who will be able to effectively work through their issues with them. Its clients are therefore from all walks of life. A diverse team has brought in a diverse client base, from junior to senior managers, directors, students, homemakers, the self-employed, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, older adults, teachers, and so many more, making itself the place where everyone can find acceptance and help. Additionally, it also works with teenagers and young adults, all of whom are more than welcome to contract its services and whom it will work hard to help progress towards a more constructive future. It takes a person-centred approach that covers clinical practice and admin, as it is able to see the person behind the numbers and information, being responsive and dedicated to meet its clients’ needs; this is such a critical part of the empathy it is known for, and what sets it apart from its competitors in the best way. This, effectively, is what allows it to offer such a

Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 | 9 Most Compassionate Psychology Practice of the Year 2022 360-degree service from its compassionate and professional staff, providing easy access and easy booking through its website, managing the workload of each staff member, and ensuring that there is always someone on hand to help clients during opening hours. The effort it has put into ensuring that its staff are happy and supported during their work is also an impeccable element of Resilient Wellbeing Clinic’s business model. It constantly is thinking of how best to support them in helping its service users, and makes sure that they have everything they need, including any assistance they themselves might need. Part of the care for its clients has involved implementing an easy-to-use online therapy option over the pandemic, ensuring that even in isolation, everyone has access to the best help. Resilient Wellbeing Clinic plans to continue being a shining beacon of hope and progress for the industry, forever pushing for betterment across the board and working hard to make mental health help a reliable, accessible, and – most importantly – normal thing. Company: Resilient Wellbeing Clinic Contact: Dr Norma Scevoli Website:

10 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 Jul22619 Best Family-Owned Insulation Business 2022 As one of the UK’s leading insulation specialists, Smartstone Energy Solutions provides its customers with the ability to reduce their energy bills and enjoy a warmer, cosier home as a result. Its services are empathic and sensitive, its staff willing to go above and beyond to help each of them find the energy solution that is right for them, and with a Government-backed grant now available to help families with the cost of such insulation solutions, it is working hard to ensure that no home is left out in the cold. With free home insulation grants now available through a government backed scheme, Smartstone Energy Solutions is able to provide a more accessible way to get a home insulated than ever before. Fundamentally, it works with homeowners, local councils, and leading energy providers in order to help Britain move towards carbon neutrality. Moreover, it strives to give people access to the educational resources of what insulation does, why it’s so important, and where and how a home loses energy, it promotes a better overall literacy rating regarding energy and its domestic loss through its intuitive and user-friendly website. With an in-depth guide, it goes through the most common places that perpetrate heat loss, giving practical and actionable solutions that will help a client to improve their insulation, reduce loss, increase efficiency, and save on monthly bills. Indeed, its free home energy audit helps customers to investigate this further. Far from just directing its customers to its expansive knowledge centre and leaving it at that, its diligent and dedicated staff are more than happy to go over things in-person, either on the phone, through email, or with its free Smartstone Home Energy Audit, something carried out by an independent PAS 2035 Retrofit Certified Assessor. This person being a third-party worker allows clients to build and retain trust in Smartstone as a company, as they can rest assured that the assessor has absolutely no reason to be upselling them in any way. This, alongside the transparent and highly clientfocused way it works in the macro scale, ensures the building of healthy client-company relations. In many ways, the third-party accreditations it boasts help it to build its client base, which earn it more third-party accreditations, which help it to grow even further as a result, creating a healthy and sustainable trajectory to the top of the industry that shows no signs of slowing. Stroma certified, ECMK accredited, and a member of the National Insulation Association, clients can trust the rigorous joining requirements of each of these governing bodies, and are often directed to look up the numerous glowing reviews and testimonials that past clients leave in order to see for themselves why it is such a sector cornerstone. With so many overtly difficult and bloated processes to wrangle when it comes to insulation, Smartstone recognises why so many customers never make it beyond the first hurdle when it comes to insulation. It hopes to be the company that makes these processes obsolete by operating in the way it wishes to see the whole industry do – in short, leading from the front – in order to handle everything from bottom to top, taking the stress out of the proceedings by taking on the brunt of the navigational work. Nominally, it has worked hard to make itself the simple, cost-effective, reliable solution, one that a customer can trust from start to finish, and without any additional unforeseen strings attached. With reduced energy bills as a direct result and a far cosier home, its customers constantly tout Smartstone’s client-focus and its exemplary staff as the reason they use it as their number one insulation solution, recommending it to family, friends, and peers alike in such a way that forms a solid segment of its advertising. It extends its thanks out to every customer who refers it in this fashion. Able to consider each unique aspect of a property, and with new technologies becoming available all the time, each measure opens up a new minefield for customers. It, in essence, takes the stress and complications out of these proceedings by doing all the relevant research for a client, presenting the findings in the context of the home in question in order to make the whole process far more simple, friendly, and undaunting. This also goes for such processes that seem uncomplicated on the surface only because they are hiding numerous hidden depths of overly bloated proceedings, and it hopes to save the customer the irritation, stress, and wasted time of going through finding such things out by only recommending what will work. All of this is handled in its simple 3-step process to bettered energy efficiency. When a client follows this, they will soon find insulation less of a minefield and more of a path, one paved by highly achievable milestones and actionable goals that Smartstone helps them with every step of the way. Firstly, it invites a client to get in touch. Its team of passionate and professional people work hard to arrange a day and time that is suitable for the client, working to their schedule as the utmost priority to figure out when an independent assessor can come around and get a good look at the house in question, giving a full assessment as standard. This typically lasts about an hour. This done, Smartstone will collate the data in order to discover the home’s vulnerable spots. Its auditor will be able to tell Smartstone exactly where the potential problems are, give recommendations specific to the property, and come up with cost estimations on what certain measures would be best and how much they would each be to implement. Smartstone will then present these findings to the client, with a costbenefit analysis of any installation costs against potential savings, again aided by the auditor who has been working with the client along the way. Then, all the client has to do is enjoy their warmer, more efficient, cosier home, and Smartstone’s work is done. Having aided many clients in this way over the years, and continuing to do so in the future, this company is excited to keep working hard for its clients, delivering the best insulation solutions with the lowest costs and least hassle. Company: Smartstone Energy Solutions Contact: Gary Hanson Website:

Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 | 11 Best Family-Owned Insulation Business 2022 “Gary and whole team did an amazing job with our room in loft . Well informed at all time. And really new the business. Reliable hardworking team with minimal disruption.” Room In Roof Insulation - Linda Ljewsky - London “We’d been looking into insulating or Victorian house for some time, and ended up getting totally confused as to what the best thing to do was. I found Smartstone online and sent an email - they responded really quickly and the surveyor who did the initial visit was very thorough, explained everything clearly and gave me full confidence that they would do a good job. The installers were polite, friendly, professional, and again, very thorough - and I feel reassured that the house is now as well insulated as it can be and that it energy bills will come down this winter.” Underloor & Pitched Roof Insulation - David McCleery - London “Gary was excellent and nothing was too much trouble. He took the time to explain everything in detail to both my wife and I separately. He knows his stuff and the work was completed on time.” Pitched Roof & Room in Roof Insulation - Joeseph Wyatt - Finchley “Excellent work, safe, tidy and professional. Turned up on time, well prepared, good quality tools and knew what they had to do. Faced a few challenges but overcame them and came back a day later to fill some more of the holes. Great team, good work and the right price. Recommended.” Cavity Wall Insulation - Stuart Phillips - Greater London “Very competent and hardworking operatives. Job completed very quickly and to full standards. Minimum of mess, but cleaned up afterwards and left everything tidy.” Pitched Roof Insulation - Stepehn Gittins - London “An excellent job from start to finish. House felt warmer and quieter particularly upstairs. Thermostat turned down so lower heating bills! Because I was not allowed in the loft for 48plus hours the installer took photos for me to see what had been done and sent then to my mobile. Everything clean and tidy up there. Traffic noise virtually non existent in the loft now.” Pitched Roof Insulation - Jane Roberts DONT JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, HERES SOME COMMENTS FROM OUR CUSTOMERS

12 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 Jul22113 Best Hair & Skin Lesion Removal Procedure Company 2022 Offering a variety of procedures that push the envelope in cosmetic treatment for the UK, Advanced Cosmetic Procedures is a diverse, inclusive, and experienced practice that has been in operation for over 25 years. Offering several front-running solutions, its hair removal, advanced skin lesion removal, and more all target the areas that a client may feel are damaging their confidence for whatever reason, stopping them from living their lives to the fullest. A company dedicated to boosting confidence, increasing self-worth, and giving clients back control over their lives by making them comfortable in their own skin, Advanced Cosmetic Procedures is a company committed to helping everyone who walks through its doors. With a deep commitment to client happiness and satisfaction, owner and sole practitioner Debbie Wilkins has cultivated a reputation for being a diligent and discrete professional who works hard to offer the right solution to the right person, attempting to make it as easy as possible for people to access the cosmetic solutions they need. Critically, one of the services it sees itself offering often as a result of its bridging of the NHS/ private care gap is electrolysis permanent hair removal. It offers this to men, women, and all those in-between, as well as PCOS sufferers and transgender people, leading from the front in this field so that patients feel supported and encouraged to move forward with their cosmetic journey, no matter what the path may be. It also made a name for itself by offering its advanced skin lesion removal services. In this service, everything from skin tags to warts, milia, facial thread veins, cherry angiomas, xanthelasma, age sports, seborrheic keratosis, verrucae, hyperplasia, and mole reduction can be corrected. In this manner, its aim is to help its clients to regain their zeal for life by helping them feel more like themselves, helping them to correct insecurities with empathic and helpful service at every turn. In this manner, it is always looking to grow and improve regarding the solutions it can offer. Recently, this manifested in the introduction of the Apilus Excell Machine, a solution that has helped Advanced Cosmetic Procedures to provide a service with minimal pain and faster results for its patients. Just one of many of the services it has improved over the years it has been in operation, it is proud to be a company Becoming a member of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis (BIAE) in 2013, it has continued this dedication to improvement by improving its oversight.

Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 | 13 Best Hair & Skin Lesion Removal Procedure Company 2022 that doesn’t rest on its laurels when it comes to bettering itself, instead compiling and acting on client feedback in order to continue growing and developing as a cosmetic care provider. Becoming a member of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis (BIAE) in 2013, it has continued this dedication to improvement by improving its oversight. Membership to this governing body allows certain assurances about its status as an elite member of the industry, using it to push forward towards better things for the cosmetic industry in the macro scale. Governing bodies such as this make for a better relationship of trust between the professional and the market segment and make it so that a client never just has to take a certain doctor or clinic’s word for it when it comes to how good they are at a certain thing. Indeed, the oversight of being included in third-party regulatory groups means that a client can look up the joining requirements and see the sort of thoroughly vetted assurances that such companies will have had to make in order to even be considered. As a cosmopolitan city, the modern cosmetic industry is thriving there. With a busy market to serve that is only getting busier by the day, it hopes to be able to continue helping as many people as possible as it moves towards the future, pushing past the recent trials and tribulations brought on by Covid-19 in order to maintain forward momentum. Of course, the outbreak did impact Advanced Cosmetic Procedures – as it did all industries from top to bottom – and it found itself having to circle the wagons in order to continue serving its clients with the level of care they deserve. This, nowadays, means assurances regarding hygiene and vigilance. By keeping alert, and keeping procedures strict in its clinic, it worked hard to ensure that it has everything in place for the re-opening after the lockdowns, including the maintenance of thorough cleaning procedures, health and safety PPE, and relevant internal oversight to ensure these things are abided by. After a long time of being unable to work with its clients thanks to the lockdowns, Advanced Cosmetic Procedures was excited to get started once again, welcoming customers new and old to its Harley Street location to allow them access to its roster of services. Going forward, Debbie wishes to continue upgrading and developing the company to keep providing the best and most front-running cosmetic surgery solutions. For the recognition she receives from this award, as with all of the accreditations under her belt, she wishes to thank every one of her clients, partners, peers, and family members, all of whom have made it possible. Company: Advanced Cosmetic Procedures Contact: Debbie Wilkins Website:

14 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 Jul22206 Best Emerging Security & FM Partner 2022 Having been established in the year of 2019, Lexnis Group is a relatively young company with an impressive pedigree already building. Indeed, the youth of the enterprise itself is subsidised by the experience of the people who work within it; led by professionals with cumulative decades of exemplary work in the sector below its belt, this emerging security and facilities management group has made a name for itself with its bespoke, cost-effective, and front running solutions. Lexnis Group – boasting a cumulative 30 years of experience between its professionals – is a company truly dedicated to the ethos of ‘one size does not fit all’. Indeed, Lexnis Group has brought quality and professionalism to its work at every turn, allowing its customers to gain an unblemished trust in it; said customers often go forward to recommend it to peers and colleagues after experiencing the in-depth and empathic security and events management it offers as a result. This is largely thanks to the dedication to innovation that runs through the enterprise from the bottom to the top. Fundamentally, its extensive understanding of what challenges its market faces allows it to serve it with impeccable effectiveness. In essence, it strives to make itself a costeffect, top quality solution – ensuring clients never have to decide between saving money and maintaining high standards – and this is something it looks forward to showing to yet more clients as it continues to garner a bigger reputation and further traction within the logistics centres of the UK specifically. Critically, its core market segment is warehouses in the UK, providing them with the best in security solutions, recruitment services, health and safety products, and maintenance services, building a long-term relationship model with its clients at its core. Nominally, it understands that no singular security or events management solution will fit everyone. It is something that must be strictly tailored to fit a client, their needs, and their requirements, if it wishes to be effective; Lexnis Group achieves this by truly throwing itself into the ethos of personable, empathic, and sensitive service, working hard to get to know its clients as people as well as businesses and professionals. Quality without compromise, after all, is its highest priority. Therefore, Lexnis Group’s bespoke services at competitive prices will always meet a client’s needs, as they have been built to do just that, and with its strict dedication to their satisfaction in mind, the amicable connection between it and its clients make for long-term professional relationships that have lasted since the very founding days. Firm believers in a ‘can-do’ attitude and a resoluteness of spirit, its team’s commitment to customer service allows them to approach all challenge with vim and vigour. Indeed, challenges enthuse and excite the staff at Lexnis Group, and they are always raring to go to implement the latest and greatest solutions in security for its logistics and warehousing clientele, plying its trade up and down the UK. Ensuring that its demands, requirements, and needs are met as specifically as possible, with a mix of insight and experience, it has benefitted from glowing recommendations from its clients past and present, who refer its work to others who are looking for similar. In the UK, the logistics industry is very well connected, and as a result, by making itself known through doing its job and doing it well, Lexnis Group quickly gained a foothold, and a niche within which it is thriving. Moreover, the swiftness of the action it can take has endeared it to its market segment, as its streamlined processes allow it to respond to clients needs and requests with quick and efficient work that gives the client total peace of mind. In short, Lexnis Group will always be there when a client needs it, no job too big, and no job too small, arriving with a determination to succeed and a level of commitment that is truly unparalleled. Having gone from strength to strength over the last three years, its progress is something that promises to continue a forward trajectory as it remains abreast of the latest and greatest breakthroughs in ingenuity that it can incorporate into itself. This keeps it as a front-runner, even in an industry where new solutions and products are being unveiled all the time, and the market fluctuates rapidly across short periods in line with social, economic, and political factors. Crucially, the management team it has assembled has been the driving force behind this, boasting the most incredible reaction times on client tickets.

Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 | 15 Best Emerging Security & FM Partner 2022 If a client ever has any issues with its services, it cannot stress enough how much it will go above and beyond to make things right. For Lexnis Group, a job is not done until a client is truly happy, and so it doesn’t sell a service, it sells a skillset; able to transfer this to achieve a myriad of different goals and adapt to fit the requirements of all sorts of clientele – all in a way that is constantly growing and adapting – its skills involve management, delivery, resolution, and management. Crucially, the management team it has assembled has been the driving force behind this, boasting the most incredible reaction times on client tickets. Having accomplished the successful completion of many a challenging job, its listening, observation, evaluation, and delivery abilities are extraordinary. Thus, Lexnis Group has been achieving the goal of its company with flying colours, putting the customer back at the heart of the security industry, and ensuring that warehouse operators across the country can have the utmost faith that their operations are well safeguarded. With a fully skilled team, a deep dedication to growth and change, and an excitement for the future, it is proud to say that it had achieved its 3-year targets in 9 months, and looks forward to bringing in a number of additional products – including health and safety solutions – in the near future. Company: Lexnis Group Contact: Munhib Syed Website:

16 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 Jul22634 Most Outstanding Digital Media Experts Company 2022 “Pure alchemy”- That’s how Daphne Diluce explained the success of Roar Media Creative. It’s an apt term, one that paints an enticing image of magic and science. Of creativity and innovation, with the drive, focus and precision to achieve results. In many ways, Roar Media Creative is alchemy incarnate: a product of perfect synergy. Sometimes two elements come together and something extraordinary happens. A catalyst for excellence. By all regards, Stephen Gillen and Daphne Diluce are these two elements – seeming for all purposes to be opposites, defined by vastly different backgrounds, approaches, experiences and perspectives. Yet, together they forged Roar Media Creative, and worked as two sides of the same coin to distinguish themselves in the greater media and creative arena. But let’s start at the beginning and paint an image of our own. This is the story of how a canvas of two swirling personalities, enriched from experience and elevated through expertise, created a media powerhouse. They both bring equal energy and value into Roar Media Creative in different ways. Stephen is all too aware of the appeal of his personal story. It’s one of those oft-stated extremely tough stories but given life and breath. This isn’t fiction, it’s real life. Overcoming great adversity from his early years and now an inspiration for people all over the world who in 2019 was nominated for an International Peace Prize, Stephen’s story is a refreshing reality, showcasing what drive and ambition can offer to those with the talent and opportunity no matter what their past. Now a media personality & successful Executive producer whose specialty is developing people’s life-stories into TV Series & film, PR and exploding businesses & brand profiles, his own life journey depicted from his bestselling book “The Monkey Puzzle Tree’ is optioned to be a major film in 2023 with a budget of £36M. Ultimately, Stephen is in many ways the bombastic force behind Roar Media Creative. He lives by the idea of “just getting it done”, and delights in a constant forward momentum. Onwards. Onwards. You can see this attitude reflected clearly in the company’s greater ethos of achieving results, as Stephen explains. “Other companies don’t get it done. They often get lost in the bushes of analytics, analysis, or busyness. Roar Media Creative is focused on results. Saying that, Daphne, I & the Team work long hours. We’re passionate about the quality of what we do and how we do it for our clients.” Daphne describes him as the “face of the company, the front man”, and while this is largely true, it would be remiss to gloss over her considerable presence in everything the company has achieved and does on a day-today basis. It would perhaps be best to describe Daphne as the creative heart. If Stephen provides the raw drive and strategic framework, Daphne is the dynamic flow, ensuring that the company always innovates and creates incredibly beautiful pieces that depict world-class, powerful messaging. She understands the business behind the art too, knowing that a piece or project – regardless of beauty – is arguably worthless if it doesn’t convert. Daphne is, ultimately, all experience. If Stephen brings the verve, inspiration and energy, Daphne brings the stories, the lessons learned, the honed expertise. With over three decades of this experience behind her, and a history that extends across the design, film, media and PR world, Daphne’s skillset is impressively varied and only adds vital tools to Roar Media Creative’s Roar Media Creative & Co-Founders Stephen Gillen and Daphne Diluce

Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 | 17 Most Outstanding Digital Media Experts Company 2022 already burgeoning offerings. Yet, her passion remains vibrant and clear, beating strong in every conversation. “A design and brand story without love is not worth telling. We’re incredibly strong with regards to elevating the message and bring the creative elements to the forefront so clients & businesses can monetize more and elevate. Our work is impactful, and potent,” Daphne explains. All of this is somewhat avoiding a discussion on how Roar Media Creative undergoes any project. It will be no surprise to readers that the company provides a masterclass on client centricity, creating a captivating symbiosis of Stephen and Daphne’s essences. On one hand, a resultsfocused approach. On the other, a uniquely bespoke, artistic outlook, as Daphne expands. “We work hard to understand the people, the backstory, the brand. What do they do? What do they want to do?” “We tailor a project entirely to the client, reverseengineering packages to suit the client’s visions and needs to create growth. We also ensure that they are, by the time we’ve finished, already exponentially growing into the next levels of their business. We give them the tools and support them to grow and succeed. Any business, start-up to IPO – at some point in their lifespan – will need the processes that Roar Media Creative offers. Any business at any level, any brand, as use of our services. It is evergreen in that sense. Look at our clients. To date, we have supported over 400 businesses and brands. We are contractually signed to global distributors and work alongside many of the worlds ‘majors’ – Netflix, Amazon, Sony, Samsung etc”. Stephen adds. Then there’s the team that perfectly reflect the two heads of the company, as Stephen continues. “We have a real committed, conscientious, focused team. They are super talented, and work seamlessly together as a whole. They always go the extra mile, they are results focused, project and brand lead and always prepared to do that bit of over-servicing to get the client the results they need. This is how we’ve built the company. Client, quality, time-management & results. That is the core, fundamental elements of the team.” Because of this conscientiousness, Roar Media Creative is a pacesetter. There really is no other way of describing the impact of the company in what is – in all markets - an incredibly competitive industry. “When the rubber hits the road, our results are obvious. In the last two quarters alone, we’ve had over £150,000 investment into Roar Media Creative. People know we have a strong team, ethos, and a company with a bright future,” Stephen states. It’s all too easy to see how Roar Media Creative has reinforced its enviable position in the industry working with the big names and brands they do. With Stephen and Daphne at the helm, Roar Media Creative has become a true paragon, a framework for all others to follow. Stephen Gillen, CEO & Co Founder of Roar Media Creative. Best Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker, PR & business strategist. Stephen is also an Executive Producer/Director & writer consulting companies, small business owners, startups, and mentoring celebrities/ millionaires. An Awarded Peace Ambassador, in 2019 he was nominated for the SUNHAK International Peace Prize. Daphne Diluce, COO & Co Founder at Roar Media Creative & Global Branding and Design expert, PR & Business Strategy Specialist working with clients across the globe designing & building unique brands and business models. Daphne is also a talented Film Director & Producer, creator of Brand Clever & Awarded Peace Ambassador. / Roar Media Creative Website: “Roar Media Creative is represented by three pillars. Production. Presentation. Servicing.” - Stephen Gillen, Co-Founder