Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 | 9 Most Compassionate Psychology Practice of the Year 2022 360-degree service from its compassionate and professional staff, providing easy access and easy booking through its website, managing the workload of each staff member, and ensuring that there is always someone on hand to help clients during opening hours. The effort it has put into ensuring that its staff are happy and supported during their work is also an impeccable element of Resilient Wellbeing Clinic’s business model. It constantly is thinking of how best to support them in helping its service users, and makes sure that they have everything they need, including any assistance they themselves might need. Part of the care for its clients has involved implementing an easy-to-use online therapy option over the pandemic, ensuring that even in isolation, everyone has access to the best help. Resilient Wellbeing Clinic plans to continue being a shining beacon of hope and progress for the industry, forever pushing for betterment across the board and working hard to make mental health help a reliable, accessible, and – most importantly – normal thing. Company: Resilient Wellbeing Clinic Contact: Dr Norma Scevoli Website: