Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

43 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 With a variety of services and solutions that have been made bespoke by its exemplary staff, Global BPO has developed its own solutions for cost effective and efficient legal work, especially where it relates to business process services and the like. Nominally, it cultivates a bond of partnership between it and its clients by helping them to resolve staffing challenges, as well as assisting them in handling financial pressures points, helping them to update and streamline processes, and supporting them in implementing better technologies. This has ensured that it has fast become a linchpin of its market segment, with client-led internal workings and a strict dedication to people above process. Critically, the highly personalised service that results from this is something that is constantly evolving and getting better, with a commitment to innovation that forms a throughline in all it does and brings its staff, clients, and shareholders together into a vast network of well informed and satisfied individuals. It channels this into helping it keep abreast of all relevant market trends as it continues to adapt to the emerging new epoch that has resulted from Covid-19 and increased digitisation. Indeed, in this manner, it has been able to mobilise quickly to support its clients with handling the increased pressure the outbreak wrought, being the additional support that customers needed whilst teams were on furlough. Another benefit to working in this manner is its ability to scale itself up and down accordingly. With current challenges mostly being found in recruitment, retention, and resource management, it has fast become the best supporter of its clients as they continue to alleviate the pressures of recruitment, onboarding, training, and management on its clients. Moreover, when it comes to recruiting and retaining the very best employees, its collaborative nature, high standards, and customer focus makes it a delight to work with and for. Thus, it is sure that a bright future is in store for it and its clients, broadening its range of legal and business solutions as well as seeing potential for risk and compliance management. It also hopes to add paralegal and lawyer support to this roster going forward, alongside document review – something that is rising in demand of Aug22197 Best Legal & Business Process Services Company 2022 late – and integrated claims for global insurance providers. Indeed, sometimes its clients come to it for a brand-new service that it doesn’t yet exist in its provisions, and in such a case, it is happy to adapt itself accordingly, and excited to be able to provide such things it finds itself deficient in later. Company: Global BPO Contact: Jan Scholtz Website: Founded in 2001, Global BPO takes pride in being a flexible, adaptable, and front-running legal firm. Providing its expertise to accountancy practices, corporations, law firms, and charities, as well as a wide range of other organisations, it has been able to deliver tailor-made legal solutions that are thoroughly bespoke, saving clients money without them having to sacrifice quality. With such significant benefits to offer its clients at every turn, it has made itself a cornerstone of its industry, able to help shape what it’s future will look like as a result.