Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

42 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 models to be adaptive, flexible, and tailorable to whatever a client may require of it. With permanent, contract, contract-to-hire, bulk hiring, specialist hiring, team building, executive or leadership sourcing, and non-IT hiring all thoroughly within its wheelhouse, it has been able to make a name for itself by the creation of its huge internal database of various services. In this, a client finds a huge number of choices. Moreover, said choices can be further tailored to suit; with each of its database’s items being examined and validated, and then re-examined later, it ensures that it is kept up-to-date to fit the various trends of a growing industry. As an expert in the strategic recruitment of IT and engineering, SkillRecruit is a company of fantastic people working with fantastic customers. Many of them are front-runners in the fields of innovation and skill development, with SkillRecruit boasting both start-ups and Fortune 500 Companies within the ranks of its clientele. Nominally, it specialises in Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Build-Operate-Transfer models, helping clients to set up their businesses in India and the UK both by way of technologically enabled and utterly top-of-the-line strategies. SkillRecruit is a company that has built its reputation based on helping its clients to attract the most skilled, qualified, and eager people to their ranks, using a wide range of strategies that it develops alongside said clients. Fundamentally, by providing recruitment outsourcing and various models through the development and implementation of various recruitment strategies, SkillRecruit has made itself an expert in solutions that span a variety of different technologies, domains, and industries. It serves its clients with diligence that remains constant no matter the scale or complexity of the solutions required, having created its recruitment Best Global IT & Engineering Recruitment Agency 2022 Jul22168 After all, with certain processes becoming obsolete in terms of recruitment with the onset of the pandemic, and certain other ones pushing to the fore in their place, it has had a lot of change to remain abreast of. Its dedication and tenacity have helped it to achieve this, making for a specialised and unique approach with a quick turnaround time between when a client communicates their demands and when these needs are successfully met. Nominally, no matter what position needs filling and how soon, SkillRecruit hopes to be the company that delivers on a consistent and dependable basis to an exemplary degree, filling a client’s ranks with high-value employees who will benefit them hugely for the majority of their business’s lifespan. Thus, it has time and again grown through client referrals and word-of-mouth advertising. This has meant it has no need for an internal sales crew, instead able to funnel all its internal operations into using each of the talents of its staff in tandem with the wider team so that the company can reach the fullest extent of its potential. Therefore, it wishes to extend its thanks to each one of its staff members for their constant diligence in the face of challenges such as Brexit, AWR, and Covid-19, especially in the aspect of increased demand for trained automation personnel. In its teams, its dedication to meet this demand is made possible through a prevailing attitude of ‘Clients and Associates are Gods’ to ensure that each of them is getting the exact service they need. Thus, the staff are proud of what they offer and great at offering it, looking forward to expanding from its home base in London into Romania and the Netherlands, heralding years of growth at twice the existing rate, enjoying the challenge of the current prevailing market conditions. Company: Skilliantech Ltd trading as SkillRecruit Contact: Sudheer Devulapally Website: