Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

41 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 Finding a positive spin on events is not always easy, but it has been at the heart of Edworkation since the very beginning. When Cassandra Hamilton was made redundant, she knew she wanted her next job to have a more positive impact on the world. Her move into preparing people for the complexities of the working world was the decision that has brought her such success since 2019. When Cassandra founded Edworkation, she was bringing together the challenges of the working world with those who might have just left college or university. “I work with candidates who are graduates looking for their first step on the career ladder,” she tells us, “and, since the pandemic, established professionals who find themselves wanting a change or driven to make a change in their career due to the pandemic.” For many, the COVID-19 pandemic made people much more aware of how much time they spent at work, and how they wanted more than just a job. “We want a connection, excitement, belonging, a sense of contribution, we want to feel valued, we want to make a difference with what we do,” Cassandra explains. Given where Edworkation comes from, it’s clear this is a distinction Cassandra understands deeply. “An employer wants someone who is excited, motivated, driven, engaged, positive, who is going to proactively contribute to the growth of their business. For that reason, it is important that I understand each candidate as well as each employer.” This means that what Cassandra does is not so much recruitment as matchmaking. “What makes me unique is my drive to match the right Jul22652 Best Careers & Recruitment Consultant of the Year 2022: Cassandra Hamilton employer with the right candidate which is not just about filling a vacancy,” she admits. “I always ask what a candidate is looking for, and what is important to them. Then, I sell them the company Change is never easy to deal with, but Cassandra Hamilton has made a change in her life into one which has had an incredibly positive impact on others. Her firm, Edworkation, has supported so many to find jobs that fulfil their needs. In the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 from SME News, Cassandra was recognised for her achievement, so we caught up with her to find out more about her journey to success. first and the job second. If they like the company, what they do, what they stand for, culture etc, the interest in the opportunity is natural.” This carefully developed process is one which puts people first in a world which has become increasingly overwhelmed by automation. Being based in London has opened many doors to Cassandra, with London acting as a hub for start-ups and SMEs. “Even though the new world of work means you can work anywhere, London is still a central leading hub,” she explains. “It is a connector to trade and commerce, with a wide supportive network of entrepreneurs, experts and huge growing market.” As the world of work continues to evolve, it’s clear London remains a major part of the UK’s economic success. Having established herself as a vital part of the hiring process for many, the future looks bright for Cassandra. We asked her how she plans to grow the firm as time goes on. “I want to continue to progressively impact the businesses and hiring managers I work with, the candidates I represent and the journeys I help initiate,” she tells us. “Long-term, I want to work on matching more senior roles within the HR, DE&I space. These are exciting times and I am looking forward to the many successful matches I setup and the journeys I help influence.” From the ashes of her old career, Cassandra has built a business which has not only allowed her to thrive, but others too. When it comes to starting your career, or sidestepping into a new one, her perspective is always worth seeking out. Company: Edworkation Name: Cassandra Hamilton Email: