Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

44 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 smoking. We all know that there are a whole host of toxic elements in cigarettes but the main health benefit of a vaporizer is the fact that it avoids combustion. The act of burning produces carbon monoxide and releases cancer causing fumes. Although they may look similar, dry herb vaporizers and vapes/e-cigarettes are completely different in the way they heat their chosen constituents and secondly, their intended purpose. Vapes or e-cigarettes are intended to vape a nicotine containing liquid. They use an atomizer/tank that heats up and vaporizes the liquid inside the tank, which is usually one made up from 4 main ingredients (propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavourings and nicotine). Dry herb vapes do not contain a tank nor are they not intended for nicotine, liquid and/or e-liquid. Dry herb vapes contain a heating chamber (essentially a mini The worldwide medicinal use of cannabis-based products is becoming increasingly popular. In 2018 the UK legalised medicinal cannabis to treat conditions such as anxiety, cancer pains, sleep disorders, arthritis and more. Nectar is a ground-breaking and progressive brand making a huge difference to the way people consume cannabis and CBD by developing products such as dry herb vaporizers which allow customers to utilise the benefits of cannabis products whilst eliminating the intake of toxics. Dry herb vaporizers are revolutionising our world by allowing us to utilise the benefits of herbs such as cannabis whilst removing the intake of toxics and carcinogens. Nectar is at the forefront of that revolution by improving the technology used in dry herb vapes and the accessibility we have to them. Founded in 2017, Nectar, the London based e-commerce brand began its quest to improve the products available on the market. They have since collaborated with a number of research teams to develop the technology used within dry herb products, particularly their dry herb vaporizers and rosin presses. They have shown true dedication to their work and their customers by providing reliable products made with premium materials and intended for medicinal use. They offer 24/7 customer service and a 2-year warranty on all their products which radiates confidence in their own products. Their reputation, particularly online has proved the same, having been consistently reviewed positively on their products and customer service across multiple reviewer platforms such a Trustpilot, Google and Yell. Nectar has recently introduced a 3-tier subscription model (Nectar Club) which has been intended to maximise the benefits of owning one of their vaporizers. Most impressive, they have designed it in a way where it pays for itself by giving out a value of goods and services higher than what the plan costs. The benefits of each plan vary and range from lifetime insurance, site-wide discounts, product refurbishment, an upgrade every two years and more. It’s important to note the difference between dry herb vapes vs vapes and why they’re preferred to Best Dry Herb Vaporizer & CBD Brand 2022 Aug22047 oven) where herbs and/or concentrates are placed and heated to a temperature below the combustion threshold (240C). The heat inside the oven is enough to activate the elements on the herbs such as CBD and/or THC, but not enough to combust the herb and hence avoid the release of carcinogens, meaning we can alleviate any harm that may be caused to our bodies through traditional smoking. Supplying all kinds of products such as dry herb vapes, a range of CBD products, smell proof bags, and more, you can be sure to find everything you require to suit your vaping needs. This world is ever-changing and Nectar is helping it change for the better. Contact: Mario Gabriel Company: Nectar Medical Vapes Web Address: