Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

26 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 ‘Principled’ means the team is always looking to do the right thing; they are conscientious, polite and friendly; they aren’t afraid to speak out; and have a ‘challenge accepted’ way of thinking for the greater good. They are also ‘motivated’, always looking for creative ways to overcome obstacles and move forward to ensure excellence. Lastly, the team always works to be ‘understanding’, realising that everyone is only human. Everyone makes mistakes, but they work to learn and grow. They have empathy for each other, and help each other when it is needed. Fluid is a complete all-in-one project, programme, meeting, and productivity management tool that provides one single ecosystem for project work. Enhancing their productivity at work using Fluid’s platform include the likes of Herbalife, Santander, Investec, Old Mutual, Walmart, and more. Fluid is a one-stop shop for full project delivery. It has a single interface for managing every aspect of a project such as reporting, financials, resourcing, planning, risk management, document management, timesheets, and more. In addition, it brings the full offering of Kanban and Sprint boards into one system with the user’s project workspace and has a full meeting management module that automates the manual admin around project meetings. Fluid also has a built-in chat functionality which allows users to collaborate in context on any given item. Users find a reduction in emails, a reduction in meeting times, a reduction in manual reporting due to the system’s automation, and just overall ease of use. The focus for Fluid is on what is best for its users – what will make their lives easier, and what will benefit them the most. Its great team focuses on client service and works with clients to make sure they get the most out of Fluid, whether it’s standard functionality or innovative custom builds. CEO, Jared Whitaker says, “There is no secret recipe, it’s purely down to having such a fantastic team, culture, and drive to deliver top quality service.” The culture at Fluid is fantastic, with everyone loving to play hard and work hard to achieve the same collective vision. Contributing to this culture are core values of ‘people first’, ‘transparent’, ‘principled’, motivated’, and ‘understanding’. For ‘people first’, the company’s staff and clients come first always. The team lives by this value by treating everyone with respect, providing great service, and going the extra mile for anyone. In terms of ‘transparent’, the team strives to talk openly and honestly with everyone, both internally and externally. Any issues, big or small, are raised and dealt with together. The company is also always sure to keep its team in the know with everything that is happening within the company, meaning everyone can move in the same direction together. Best Business Improvement Technology Provider 2022 Jul22089 And these core values will continue to play a large part as the company moves towards a future defined by growth. Having completed a round of funding in March 2022, the goal for Fluid now is to scale and grow. It has a lot of new hires coming on board over the next year, and will be enhancing its marketing and sales functions dramatically during the remainder of the year. It also has lots of exciting new features on its product roadmap! Company: Fluid Business Solutions Contact: Jared Whitaker Email: Website: