Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

20 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 Jul22047 Most Innovative Multidisciplinary Creative Agency 2022 KGK Genix is a multidisciplinary agency providing creative, print, project management, and installation solutions. With creative design at the forefront of its operations, the company creates graphics and display solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands and retailers such as Nike, Superdry, TikTok, Selfridges, and Apple. KGK Genix co-founder, Ken Pitts has devoted his working life to the advertising and print industries. He developed one of the largest provincial advertising agencies, before seeing a gap in the market for a large format print supplier capable of operating to the service levels of an advertising business. It was two decades ago when Ken and his family (his wife, Gail and their three sons, Graham, David and Daniel) founded KGK together after he could not locate a printing operator to provide a service with high delivery criteria and quality standards. Then, following introduction to Genix Imaging Ltd as a KGK client, Ken saw this London-based company as a business with a strong client portfolio, but it was lacking the production resource to fulfil demand. A strategic partnership was formed, marrying the Genix sales expertise with the KGK production capabilities, and in 2019, the group was rebranded KGK Genix to reflect the combined skills of the two entities. Following Ken and Gail’s retirement, Graham has taken the role of Group Managing Director, supported by David and Daniel. Also, the group employs more than 55 people who are based at sites in Hertfordshire, Central London, and Essex. Now, KGK Genix is a leader in its field, providing visual marketing solutions for a wide range of markets including retail, building and construction, events and exhibitions, hospitality, museums and attractions, leisure, corporate interiors, and sports. Its vast range of solutions include retail design and graphics, visual merchandising, window displays, exhibition stands, building wraps, signage, bespoke printed wallpaper, lightboxes and illuminated displays, construction site hoardings, pop-up shops and retail booths, floor graphics, logo design, brand development, illustration, and graphic design. Underlying the delivery of these solutions are core values that are fundamental beliefs of the organisation and they provide the guiding principles that shape its culture, inspire its employees, and help determine the brand. The team are ‘committed’, striving to generated superior value and service for clients; they are ‘creative’, using their combined talents for imagination and original ideas to craft exciting solutions; they are ‘reliable’, with clients trusting in their ability to perform consistently well; and they have ‘passion’ and drive to combine their innovative ideas and high quality delivery in maintaining a successful business. For such outstanding service and solutions, KGK Genix has in the last couple of years scooped industry awards from POPAI and the VM & Display Awards. Also earning the company positive attention is it achieving carbon neutral status, as well as having developed and launched a dedicated range of ECO alternative products to the market. KGK Genix chose to lead sustainable innovation for its clients. The demand for sustainable and recyclable materials has grown exponentially over the last few years and until recently, alternative materials were limited in choice, underperformed, and were generally expensive. As a newly developing innovation within the industry, KGK Genix had the choice to either wait and allow its competitors to take the lead, or grab the bull by the horns and lead change. It chose to reposition itself as the leader and supplier of choice for sustainable display materials. Indeed, sustainability is super important to KGK Genix, especially as a manufacturer in what’s typically known as a throw-away industry. To put this into perspective, it was estimated that in 2018, the events industry alone would see around 100,000 tonnes of display waste ending up in landfill. The team at KGK Genix knew they had to take drastic action. It was during the pandemic that the company started to develop an exclusive ECO range, a portfolio of sustainable and/or recyclable alternatives for all its most commonly used materials. It actively educates and encourages its clients on the sustainable alternatives available by sharing content that addresses and appeases key concerns such as cost or compromises on print quality. KGK Genix aims that by 2023, it will have a sustainable alternative to all its traditional display materials. Consumers are also leading the way and demanding more environmentally-friendly product alternatives, encouraging major brands, retailers, and leading organisations to embrace change. Pressure from consumers is channelled onto the client and then onto the supplier, so from this, KGK Genix knew it needed to make changes across the business to keep up with demand and remain competitive in the marketplace. By establishing its buyer personas and understanding the needs and wants of its clients, the company has repositioned itself as environmental experts, offering guidance and support on making sustainable choices. With the support of the dedicated environmental team, KGK Genix is now perceived by its clients as the chosen partner for environmental displays, with the testimonials to prove it. Its dedicated environmental team ensure a consistent