Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 | 21 Most Innovative Multidisciplinary Creative Agency 2022 approach and development of environmental initiatives, meeting monthly and sharing new innovations across the group. The company chose to offset its carbon and achieved carbon neutral status by working with Carbon Footprint. It was assessed from 1st April to 31st March and as a result, planted 138 trees to offset 138 tonnes of CO2e. Included in the assessment was building energy, company cars, van travel, commuting, public transport, and homeworking. So, how about the future? A key focus for the company will be business development and growth. It will continue working on building brand presence in existing markets as they re-emerge from crisis trading restrictions and expand into a wider range of sectors to grow the business back to pre-pandemic levels and initiate further growth. Next, after successful redefinition of its production facilities across two centres, the company will aim to streamline its productivity, efficiency of operation, and improve communication between sites. Also, research and development will be implemented with supply chain partners to expand the company’s sustainable solutions for introduction to the market, including the expansion of its ECO product range which will facilitate the attraction of new clients with similar needs. This will also underpin its carbon neutral status with the replacement of vehicles by low/ zero polluting engines. And to further enhance its eco-friendliness, the company will continue to invest in ‘green’ consumption machinery that delivers higher quality, multi-layer printing with reduced power consumption. All of this will be supported by developing its team and encouraging a broader spectrum of services. It will increase training in order to expand knowledge coverage for account managers and further develop its work from home policy with careful management of work-life balance. Ultimately, it is very clear to see how KGK Genix has come to be crowned Most Innovative Multidisciplinary Creative Agency 2022 in this issue of SME News. Its dedication to providing top-notch solutions and service paired with its proactiveness and commitment to the environment makes it truly deserving of praise. We are rooting for it as it continues on to keep bettering itself and heading towards continued success. Company: KGK Genix Contact: Sarah Davis Email: Website: