Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

22 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Music is loved and celebrated here. Emerging artists come to London to springboard their careers. Artists that are big in their home countries may already have a huge following in London. Being based in London, we’re in a position to bring these amazing talents to this wonderful city for their fans.” Vox Music is a small independent company. Staff work as a close-knit team and are all passionate about world music and delivering breath-taking shows. From the announcement of a new show through marketing and promotion, production planning and the show day itself, the team are Venue booker and promoter, Vox Music Limited, is bringing world music to London. Based in Covent Garden, the company provides a wealth of services to the entertainment industry. Since its incorporation in 2018, Vox Music has been instrumental in getting some of today’s big names, in the Afro Beats genre, their first big breaks. Company director, Rowland Gbedemah, tells us more. The core business of Vox Music is venue booking, promotions, and show box office provision. The London company also offers talent booking, tour management, production services, help with visas and work permit applications and a promotional content graphic design service. With over 20 years’ experience in the events industry, Rowland Gbedemah has built a formidable network of industry contacts. He tells us a little about what separates Vox Music from its competition, “We have a 360 overview of every show we’re involved with. This means we can provide a complete service from the start to the completion of any show. Our strong industry relationships mean we can overcome obstacles that many competitors struggle with.” When Vox Music launched in 2018, Rowland and the team were heavily involved in the emergence of Afro Beats in the UK. But even though some artists championed by the company went on to become superstars, Vox Music refused to be pigeon-holed into one musical genre. Rowland says, “The Afro Beats market soon became saturated. We made a decision to transcend genres and cultures. We decided to look to the global music scene. Because of the diversity already present in London we knew it would be a success.” So far, Vox Music has worked with its international partners to bring some of the biggest artists from countries such as France, Pakistan, Ghana, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Nigeria, Turkey and Portugal to London. Soon, the company will be bringing over artists from Latin America, Cuba and the USA too. Rowland explains the significance of London on the global music scene. He says, “London Most Entertaining Venue Booking Company - London Jul22371 hands-on to deliver the highest quality standards for both artists and venues. For the future, Vox Music is looking to expand on its existing relationships for even further opportunities. Rowland adds, “Although we struggled through the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve seen our client base grow in the first half of 2022. We’re looking to build on that and form more global partnerships in underrepresented genres. We relish the opportunity to work with artists and promoters who are new to London and looking for expert advice.” Contact: Rowland Gbedemah Web Address: