Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

23 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 growth map directly on our website to get a glimpse of what we’d like to suggest and implement!’ Contact: David Odier Company: Launch Mappers Web Address: Launch Mappers is bringing something new to the table. Rather than using antiquated techniques, Launch Mappers is at the forefront of digitisation, utilising advanced technologies to leverage growth for its clients. The company works with start-ups and SMEs to unveil their path to growth through a step-by-step map – this bespoke strategy is then implemented by Launch Mappers’ on-demand growth team. ‘Since day 1,’ David explains, Over the past three years, Launch Mappers has effectively established itself as a major participant in product launches and go-to market strategies. Consequently, the business has been able to identify a unique methodology designed specifically for go-to-market that centres on laying the groundwork for rapid growth. In 2021, for example, all its clients were successful in obtaining a +2M£ funding round, and one of them was acquired. In terms of the company’s approach to recruitment, David comments, ‘We are innovative as an agency in many ways, and the most considerable uptake is our recruitment strategy. Today, the best specialists are going freelance and are entirely focused on their specific expertise. Rather than fighting it, we’re completely embracing this shift in how talents want to work today. That’s how our team is made of specialists who can cover the whole growth marketing spectrum, from SEO to CRO, performance marketing, and product design, should they be full-time or freelance.’ After all, the team is at the epicenter of Launch Mappers’ success thanks to their devotion to the company’s mission. As the founder, David has handpicked the experts and generalists that Launch Mappers works with, and they have been chosen because of their experiences, mindset, and drive. Furthermore, each member of the team brings with them a different background, and therefore, the company possesses a diverse skillset. In an industry that has evolved greatly over the past decade, this is an exceptional advantage. ‘I would say that today, businesses and decisionmakers are more aware and knowledgeable about growth marketing. It also coincides with COVID-19 as the global market is now looking for sustainable ways to grow. Translating that into plain English means that companies are now looking more than ever to make marketing/ growth a source of profits for the business vs a pure investment. […] I believe that we have now entered a new economic era with a stronger focus on profits than before, which I’m looking forward to both personally and professionally,’ notes David. Consequently, the business plans to continue growing sustainably to meet the new wave of demand and the needs of the market. Launch Mappers is enthusiastic about providing its employees with a healthy work-life balance, henceforth, its upcoming products will be designed to sell with little to zero people intervention. David concludes, ‘founders and executives who want an extra boost to their growth can start their Jul22206 Launch Mappers Growth is fundamental to a business’ success; however, the path towards growth can often be difficult to navigate. Launch Mappers guides you and your business – step by step – towards sustainable growth. Join us as we talk to the company’s founder, David Odier, to discover more about this innovative company… Start-Up Growth Marketing Firm of the Year 2022 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 ‘our core and constant value has been to put our client’s success at the forefront of our operations. We always structure defined and measurable objectives when onboarding a new client. Still, most of the time, it’s focused on increasing the number of leads, increasing the conversion rates from lead to customer, and ensuring that marketing/growth is a source of profits for the business!’