Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

24 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 generates, on average, increased campaign response rates by 20%. There have been some significant challenges along the way, for various economic reasons, where at one point the team came very close to the wall. However, they put an ambitious growth plan and strategy in place in 2019, and in the last three years, the company has experienced strong and stable growth (tripling its size) and continues to go from strength to strength. Charlotte comments, “We’ve built up an amazing team and this is being reflected in the awards we’re winning and the customers we’re working we’re working with.” The culture at Ice Blue Sky is one of openness and collaboration, but more importantly one where everyone steps up to help each other, and this translates directly into everything the company does, from who the team works with as customers and partners, to its hiring processes. When interviewing, the company looks out for people who smile, who are helpful in their attitude, and who have a curiosity in the world and people around them. These qualities make the perfect agency marketer. Also, Charlotte has a particular anathema for the toxic agency culture of working evenings and weekends, and overloading people with accounts and tasks. She says, “This we have worked hard to avoid in our agency, and I’m happy to say that while very occasionally the pressure is on, generally people work sensible hours. If they don’t, then that lies within the management. You won’t find any arrogant people at Ice Blue Sky!” And the team continues to work hard to engage B2B buyers, despite the fact that this has grown more difficult recently. As people work in increasingly hybrid environments, turn off more and more to cold sales approaches, and are overwhelmed by digital noise, it is becoming harder to engage them. Ice Blue Sky is an award-winning B2B demand generation agency priding itself on a results-focused, transparent team who have big dreams – for themselves and importantly, for their clients, too. The company has always had these values, and always will – marketing has to be about real results, not ticking boxes. Ice Blue Sky’s key focus has always been on helping people achieve their goals. The objectives may shift and change as marketing and selling become more challenging in the B2B environment, but the company’s focus is always on people. This includes the people it is targeting, as much as it includes its customers, such as tech brands, Cisco, BestPath, Antalis, CACI, Laybuy, Sorted, and SD Worx. Located in London, the Ice Blue Sky team is able to connect and collaborate within what is a hub for technology companies, and it gives them easy access to other important regions such as Manchester and the Thames Valley, too. CEO of Ice Blue Sky, Charlotte Graham-Cumming states, “We work with some incredible companies, from the very large to mid-sized. We love working with innovative companies that really appreciate the value of creativity, innovation and personalisation in marketing.” The Ice Blue Sky team have deep industry knowledge, both of the technology sector, but also the industries that the tech sector targets. This has been a focus from the inception of the company and means its team can advise heavily on strategy, ramp up fast, and work without lots of handholding once the initial plan is underway. Not only is the team focused on marketing, but also sales, an approach which allows effective lead generation. Charlotte says, “Marketing in sales should be an ecosystem – it works best for your company and for your prospects, as selling becomes more collaborative and more focused on the buyer.” Ice Blue Sky’s ABM Sales Accelerator programme transcends demand generation, ABM, sales enablement, and partner marketing. This personalised, tailored and seamless approach is closely aligned and Most Innovative B2B Marketing Agency 2022 & Excellence Award in Tech Marketing 2022 Jul22167 COVID-19 definitely accelerated this trend, but as Charlotte says, “We love it,” continuing, “As challenging as it can be (Forrester Research says 27 touch points on average are needed to close the deal), it really does drive home the need for personalised, tailored marketing, and closer working between marketing and sales.” The team also considers itself lucky that the technology sector has grown, and continues to, despite some economic concerns. While a recession is expected, those companies that stand out creatively and focus on delivering relevance to their prospects will always win. Now, Ice Blue Sky continues to grow year on year, with forecasts for this year showing good growth as planned. Charlotte shares, “We’ve invested significantly in the business this year, recruiting some heavy weight ABMers and sales enablement professionals. We’ve also invested in the accounts and delivery teams, as well as technology to drive efficiency and ease in the business. The idea has been to invest in stable growth, building a foundation for planned expansion next year.” Company: Ice Blue Sky Ltd Contact: Emily Graham-Cumming Email: Website: Ice Blue Sky Ltd