Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 | 17 Most Outstanding Digital Media Experts Company 2022 already burgeoning offerings. Yet, her passion remains vibrant and clear, beating strong in every conversation. “A design and brand story without love is not worth telling. We’re incredibly strong with regards to elevating the message and bring the creative elements to the forefront so clients & businesses can monetize more and elevate. Our work is impactful, and potent,” Daphne explains. All of this is somewhat avoiding a discussion on how Roar Media Creative undergoes any project. It will be no surprise to readers that the company provides a masterclass on client centricity, creating a captivating symbiosis of Stephen and Daphne’s essences. On one hand, a resultsfocused approach. On the other, a uniquely bespoke, artistic outlook, as Daphne expands. “We work hard to understand the people, the backstory, the brand. What do they do? What do they want to do?” “We tailor a project entirely to the client, reverseengineering packages to suit the client’s visions and needs to create growth. We also ensure that they are, by the time we’ve finished, already exponentially growing into the next levels of their business. We give them the tools and support them to grow and succeed. Any business, start-up to IPO – at some point in their lifespan – will need the processes that Roar Media Creative offers. Any business at any level, any brand, as use of our services. It is evergreen in that sense. Look at our clients. To date, we have supported over 400 businesses and brands. We are contractually signed to global distributors and work alongside many of the worlds ‘majors’ – Netflix, Amazon, Sony, Samsung etc”. Stephen adds. Then there’s the team that perfectly reflect the two heads of the company, as Stephen continues. “We have a real committed, conscientious, focused team. They are super talented, and work seamlessly together as a whole. They always go the extra mile, they are results focused, project and brand lead and always prepared to do that bit of over-servicing to get the client the results they need. This is how we’ve built the company. Client, quality, time-management & results. That is the core, fundamental elements of the team.” Because of this conscientiousness, Roar Media Creative is a pacesetter. There really is no other way of describing the impact of the company in what is – in all markets - an incredibly competitive industry. “When the rubber hits the road, our results are obvious. In the last two quarters alone, we’ve had over £150,000 investment into Roar Media Creative. People know we have a strong team, ethos, and a company with a bright future,” Stephen states. It’s all too easy to see how Roar Media Creative has reinforced its enviable position in the industry working with the big names and brands they do. With Stephen and Daphne at the helm, Roar Media Creative has become a true paragon, a framework for all others to follow. Stephen Gillen, CEO & Co Founder of Roar Media Creative. Best Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker, PR & business strategist. Stephen is also an Executive Producer/Director & writer consulting companies, small business owners, startups, and mentoring celebrities/ millionaires. An Awarded Peace Ambassador, in 2019 he was nominated for the SUNHAK International Peace Prize. Daphne Diluce, COO & Co Founder at Roar Media Creative & Global Branding and Design expert, PR & Business Strategy Specialist working with clients across the globe designing & building unique brands and business models. Daphne is also a talented Film Director & Producer, creator of Brand Clever & Awarded Peace Ambassador. / Roar Media Creative Website: “Roar Media Creative is represented by three pillars. Production. Presentation. Servicing.” - Stephen Gillen, Co-Founder