Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

18 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 Jul22138 Best Hospitality Business Development Consultancy 2022 As a group of business mentors and advisors, LCL Group takes its job of guidance and direction very seriously. Working with its clients, LCL helps them thrive by sharing its experience and knowledge, preparing them for business success with its clear communication, expert collaboration, and ability to boost a company’s bottom line, resulting in a greater and more sustainable rate of growth. Over the years it has been in operation, it has developed itself into providing these services in a way that adapts to the needs of the modern professional. LCL Group, a team of business owners – past and present – is made up of people who genuinely want to see their fellow professionals succeed. Always happy, willing, and raring to go when sharing advice and experience with clients who come to it for business development consultancy, LCL Group is composed of experts and trainers, all of whom have invaluable knowledge to pass on. Nominally, it promises that its consultancies and guidance will bolster a client’s revenue stream to greater heights. This allows it to become a true partner to its clients over time, with the staff of LCL Group becoming a support network and friend to its professionals. Moreover, the 18 years of experience in doing so have allowed it to track the process of the wider industry – both socially and economically – learning alongside it to ensure that the advice its consultants give today is perfectly suited to the changes and developments that have formed the modern ecosystem. Deciding to continue its passion for hospitality by helping the professionals in this sector specifically, its mentoring services effectively and efficiently serve business owners in navigating their entrepreneurship journeys. Indeed, its regular sessions allow them to discuss the difficulties they are experiencing, the changes they have in mind, and the goals they wish to strive for; the resulting work focuses on streamlining and bettering each of these, working in tandem with the client’s existing structure. Helping professionals see their business from a fresh perspective, LCL Group’s expertise and empathy ensure that clients never feel lost in their business. Even though the modern hospitality industry is fiercely competitive, LCL Group will always be able to help it find its niche and establish a way to thrive within it, its business development giving them a way to reconsider their business concept development, branding, positioning, research, business plan creation, interior concepts, project management, and funding assistance, amongst other things. Additionally, its specialised hospitality work has meant that it can also help with food and beverage specific development, such as creating new recipes, menus, and supplier links; it can also help with identifying the actual costs of menu items and the best sources to use depending on the client’s location and budget. Regarding operations and profit, its efforts focus on ensuring the health of a client’s bottom line. Its operations efficiency review will give clients a contemporary and up-to-date view of where they are losing money and why. This provides the client with actionable solutions to fix this and where things can be improved. Moreover, its training and evaluation help clients to review their internal assets and to ensure that everyone working within their ranks has the relevant training to operate with the utmost excellence, allowing the client to push towards a better future. With a strategic marketing plan and valuation available to each of its clients that will aid them in putting their best foot forward within their market segment, be they an established business or a new face on the block, clients will be able to cultivate a good reputation. This lets them hit the ground running in providing the services they wish to provide, serving the hospitality industry in the manner they want to. This is done through digital marketing and benchmarking, ensuring that clients can always accurately see where their money is being spent and what they are working towards, with clearly defined goalposts along the path to success. Indeed, a client’s achievement of such milestones is also appropriately celebrated every time they are achieved. The client’s success is our success is the attitude practised within LCL Group at every turn, fostering a true sense of mutual pride. Therefore, its clients – mostly small to mediumsized hospitality businesses – include cafes, restaurants, event management organisations, and other food service businesses. Each of them, over time, has come to trust, respect, and rely on the advice and consultancy LCL Group