Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

16 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 Jul22634 Most Outstanding Digital Media Experts Company 2022 “Pure alchemy”- That’s how Daphne Diluce explained the success of Roar Media Creative. It’s an apt term, one that paints an enticing image of magic and science. Of creativity and innovation, with the drive, focus and precision to achieve results. In many ways, Roar Media Creative is alchemy incarnate: a product of perfect synergy. Sometimes two elements come together and something extraordinary happens. A catalyst for excellence. By all regards, Stephen Gillen and Daphne Diluce are these two elements – seeming for all purposes to be opposites, defined by vastly different backgrounds, approaches, experiences and perspectives. Yet, together they forged Roar Media Creative, and worked as two sides of the same coin to distinguish themselves in the greater media and creative arena. But let’s start at the beginning and paint an image of our own. This is the story of how a canvas of two swirling personalities, enriched from experience and elevated through expertise, created a media powerhouse. They both bring equal energy and value into Roar Media Creative in different ways. Stephen is all too aware of the appeal of his personal story. It’s one of those oft-stated extremely tough stories but given life and breath. This isn’t fiction, it’s real life. Overcoming great adversity from his early years and now an inspiration for people all over the world who in 2019 was nominated for an International Peace Prize, Stephen’s story is a refreshing reality, showcasing what drive and ambition can offer to those with the talent and opportunity no matter what their past. Now a media personality & successful Executive producer whose specialty is developing people’s life-stories into TV Series & film, PR and exploding businesses & brand profiles, his own life journey depicted from his bestselling book “The Monkey Puzzle Tree’ is optioned to be a major film in 2023 with a budget of £36M. Ultimately, Stephen is in many ways the bombastic force behind Roar Media Creative. He lives by the idea of “just getting it done”, and delights in a constant forward momentum. Onwards. Onwards. You can see this attitude reflected clearly in the company’s greater ethos of achieving results, as Stephen explains. “Other companies don’t get it done. They often get lost in the bushes of analytics, analysis, or busyness. Roar Media Creative is focused on results. Saying that, Daphne, I & the Team work long hours. We’re passionate about the quality of what we do and how we do it for our clients.” Daphne describes him as the “face of the company, the front man”, and while this is largely true, it would be remiss to gloss over her considerable presence in everything the company has achieved and does on a day-today basis. It would perhaps be best to describe Daphne as the creative heart. If Stephen provides the raw drive and strategic framework, Daphne is the dynamic flow, ensuring that the company always innovates and creates incredibly beautiful pieces that depict world-class, powerful messaging. She understands the business behind the art too, knowing that a piece or project – regardless of beauty – is arguably worthless if it doesn’t convert. Daphne is, ultimately, all experience. If Stephen brings the verve, inspiration and energy, Daphne brings the stories, the lessons learned, the honed expertise. With over three decades of this experience behind her, and a history that extends across the design, film, media and PR world, Daphne’s skillset is impressively varied and only adds vital tools to Roar Media Creative’s Roar Media Creative & Co-Founders Stephen Gillen and Daphne Diluce