Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

35 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 This multi-award-winning, familyowned headhunting firm has earned its impressive reputation for results. When making decisions at C-suite and management level, it pays to find the right people. That’s what Stephenson Executive Search excels at. Their advice has supported many professionals in taking exciting steps up the professional ladder, whilst offering companies the answers they need in order to navigate change in leadership. Year on year, the Stephenson Executive Search team has managed to achieve continuous growth both in terms of turnover and profitability. This is due, in no small part, to the attitude which drives the team forward. They prioritise reputation over profitability, aiming not to be the most profitable headhunting firm but to be the most admired. All of the firm’s consultants are immersed in the various markets in which the team operate, allowing unique insight into how best to advise clients when it comes to finding fresh faces and new ideas. Of course, it’s not just about knowing the market when looking for the right candidate to fit the right opportunity. The team at Stephenson Executive Search know better than most the value of connections, both professional and personal, and it is the team’s extensive network that enables them to offer the guidance and support that their clients and candidates need. The team’s work requires them to have an in depth knowledge of the specific market in which their clients wish to hire. For one assignment, the team at Stephenson Executive Search produced a 20,000 word report detailing the research on a shortlist of 95 companies, alongside a detailed overview of over 100 candidates that had been considered for a role. For the client, this meant they had access to a detailed resource of the talent pool available to them and could make an informed decision. With such impressive resources available to clients, it’s little wonder that the team has retained many blue chip clients. Many of these clients engage Stephenson Executive Search on an exclusive basis, offering consecutive assignments as a result of continued success. Needless to say, the results that the team are able to secure have led not only to repeat business, but to numerous referrals and recommendations from clients and candidates alike. Their satisfaction at what Stephenson Executive Search provides has been a major factor in the impressive reputation the firm has been able to celebrate over the years. Looking ahead, growth, diversity and charity are likely to be at the heart of the decisions made by the Stephenson Executive Search team. They will continue to evolve, making more hires and positioning the firm as one of the finest in the Jul22054 Legal & Financial Services Headhunters of the Year 2022 industry. Maintaining a diverse mindset is key to this, with the team leading from the front when it comes to getting the best people involved in leadership positions. It’s this commitment to people, and to ensuring the right people find the right jobs to grow, that has resulted in team being able to celebrate continually profitable years. The work the team have done so far is exemplary, with results that truly speak for themselves. We cannot wait to see how Stephenson Executive Search intend to continue thriving in the future. Company: Stephenson Executive Search Name: Jessamy Edwards Email: Finding the brightest and best is no easy task, but the team at Stephenson Executive Search know how to deliver the appropriate appointment every time. In the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 from SME News, the team at Stephenson Executive Search earned tremendous success. We take a closer look to discover the path to their achievement.