Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

31 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 For the likes of the BBC, Universal, Dior, and Estee Lauder, the Observatory team designs animations which flexibly adapt to fit different technologies to give multiple output options. In doing so, they keep the creative concept at the heart of each project, and work with immersive technology partners such as Igloo Vision, Musion, and Green Hippo to maximise the audience experience. In the past, clients might have hired several companies to manage different media, whether that be print, online, or film. The Observatory team utilise a unique and optimised workflow to build a more cohesive and unified campaign with a collection of different experiences, and the content can live flexibly across all of these spaces. The main focus for the company is staying ahead of the curve. Observatory have strong partner relations with a number of providers who lend them technology for testing, and a social media schedule to monitor new developments. They put consistent effort into keeping their fingers on the pulse of the industry and as such have recently expanded their team with an interactive designer, who specialises in Unreal Engine, Unity and TouchDesigner. Observatory are very aware of the increasing development in video production towards Unreal Engine, which allows video content to be controlled in real-time. Film productions are using LED virtual production studios instead of green screen studios to conduct their shoots so that less post-production is required and more of the scenes can be shot in real-time. This saves a lot of money for clients and will probably become the standard in the future outside of just the film industry. During the pandemic, Observatory worked alongside Ceremony London and Pixelmappers on a production for Dua Lipa and her American Music Awards performance. Initially, Dua was supposed to travel to the US, but her team needed to execute her appearance in the UK due to the travel restrictions imposed at the time. Behind closed doors at the Royal Albert Hall, Observatory worked with its clients to design a cylinder of LED. The team created and delivered 360-degree content to give Dua and her dancers an immersive stage to perform within. Currently, the Observatory team is playing around with motion capture suits and looking at ways of integrating these into real-time solutions, so that Jul22215 Most Immersive Content Creators 2022 in the future, performers and audiences can more easily interact with real-time virtual characters as part of an event experience. The team hasn’t seen this done in this way before and have a partner who seems to be interested in taking this forward to a stage scenario. Watch this space! Company: Observatory Creative Ltd Contact: Ben Sheppee Email: Website: Observatory is a team of visual content creators that utilise innovative technologies to execute distinctive animation for live events, broadcast, sport, and brand experiences, having delivered content for the likes of Dua Lipa, Jay-Z, 5SOS, and Tiesto. They focus on content for emerging technologies, and build memorable experiences in the form of projection mapping, 360 domes, augmented reality, and stage LED structures.