Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

32 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 best of nature, focusing on offering variety in both herbal content and the form the herbs take, from powder to capsule, juice, oil, resin, and soap. Its powders and juices can be taken with hot water as a kind of tea, with honey, or mixed with a juice or smoothie in order to boost the vitamin content of their diet for the day. Moreover, the herbs can be attained in capsule form, which are to some more palatable, as DevSatya hopes to provide a herbal brand that can cater to all tastes, even the most picky eaters and those with the most specific standards. All different forms of supplement that it offers have been created with the customer in mind above all else, after all, striving for the best product taste, smell, presentation, labelling, and overall experience, hoping to be one of the frontrunning companies that can help herbal remedies put their best foot forward. DevSatya wishes to protect the environment with its work, too; ensuring all its bottles are recyclable, it hopes to reduce its own carbon footprint as much as possible in order to reduce its impact on climate change. Indeed, this, alongside its core philosophy of client focused supplements, has allowed it to become a unique and trusted market leader for 100% authentic herbal supplements, with handpicked herbs that are potent, safe, and natural, combining the ancient art of Ayurveda with modern technology and technique. Competing in its crowded market by bringing tradition into the 21st century, it has been pushing through the challenges of the pandemic by going above and beyond for its customers. Fundamentally, it expedited its development of its new Ayush Kwath formula to support immunity, released it onto the market in good time, and Having seen the changes in the market over the last few years in response to the pandemic, DevSatya has been aiding its changing market segment by giving them access to healthy and effective natural food options. Beginning with herbal food supplements, it was born from the want to help its clients fill nutritional gaps in their diets with affordable options that don’t compromise on quality, slowly increasing its portfolio by popular demand. DevSatya, a health supplements company with over 100 products now available across its many lines, has made a name for itself with its high quality, effective, and affordable solutions. Boasting several different supplements such as Aushadh, Ayushya, Divyaherb, Organio, SimplyHerb, Black Gold and more, the brand’s portfolio of available products has made it a front-runner in its industry, using the concepts of simple herbs and traditional formulas to bring the simplicity and excellence of nature back into the diet. Thus, it allows its customers to enjoy the Best Ayurvedic Food Supplements Company 2022 Jul22087 ensured that the prices of it remained reasonable throughout, doing an exemplary job of showing its clients that they have put their faith in the right company. With London providing a diverse range of people from all walks of life to serve, it is excited to continue growing and innovating in the future, helping its clients – and it peers – face the challenges of a changing future head on. Company: DevSatya Ltd Contact: Priyanka Patel Website: