Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

37 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 Many people talk about the gender pay gap, but not everyone considers what this means in a practical sense. Over the last two years, the development of women was set back by over ten years. More women lost their jobs than men, with the impact on the gender pay gap being accordingly large. If we continue in the same way, it will take 136 years to close the gap. Something needs to be done. Elizabeth Cowper founded Ludo after 25 years in HR. She is a recognised expert at driving a culture of inclusion to drive employee wellbeing and greater productivity in the business. To her, it’s clear that affirmative action is required to make a real difference to the gender pay gap as swiftly as possible. Many HR departments don’t have the right toolkit to drive a culture of inclusion, so that’s where Elizabeth started. Ludo offers curated content to support all employees through maternity, perimenopause and menopause. For line managers, this resource has the potential to be incredibly useful. The service is not limited to education, however, with a wraparound service to drive a culture of inclusion in the workplace generally. Being based in London has allowed the spark that inspired Ludo to first open its doors to have a major impact. As face-to-face meetings begin again, Ludo has been exploring new opportunities Aug22265 Rising Stars in Corporate Wellbeing 2022 and talking to new people. Located in the capital, it gives the team international credibility, and with global ambitions in mind, however, it’s little wonder that the team are always looking further afield. The future looks bright for this intrepid firm. With the launch of Ludo Menopause set for October 2022, following the success of the maternity module launched in 2021, there are already plans for Ludo Health, Ludo Parents and Ludo Fertility in 2023. The journey for Elizabeth and her team has only just begun. Company: We Are Ludo Ltd Name: Elizabeth Cowper Email: Web Address: Inclusion should be at the heart of how business works, with a diverse pool of voices providing the best possibilities for success. We Are Ludo Ltd delivers technology for this, focusing on women. This incredible HR tool is a hub for learning and has empowered many women. We take a closer look at this London-based example of excellence to find out more.