Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

38 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 specialising in how to get groups of people to ski resorts around the world. Their knowledge includes the internationally renowned and the hidden gems of the sector which are often overlooked. No matter what you need, this is a team that is not only committed to delivering, but more than able to each and every time. The team’s detailed knowledge of the ski industry means that they can offer an experience that is truly exceptional. Every ski resort they recommend comes with support staff who know how to get the best out of each resort, as well as offering a guiding hand throughout your holiday. The Organising holidays can be stressful, but experts like the team at The Ski Company can make that stress disappear without a trace. Following their success in SME News’ Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022, we dig a little deeper into exploring how this London-based business can give you the opportunity to slide down the slopes. When you go on a ski holiday, you don’t want to go with the thoughts and worries of what might be, and what needs to be done hanging over you. You want to go safe in the knowledge that when you come back, you’ll have memories that will last a lifetime and the wish to do it all over again. The team at The Ski Company know how to make your dreams come true. When it comes to putting together a package for a holiday, it pays to turn to a team that’s done it all before. The team at The Ski Company have a wealth of experience, Best Group Winter Sports Holidays Provider - Europe Jul22513 team at The Ski Company are ABTA and ATOL protected, giving you the security you need to know everything will be fine. If you want a restful and relaxing experience, where peace of mind is absolutely paramount, this is the way to go. The team’s knowledge of the industry makes them the ideal partners if you’re taking a group out to the slopes. It can be incredibly pressuring trying to organise a trip, but the team at The Ski Company make the process as easy as possible. You are guaranteed a personal ski trip assistant, on hand to help you when any challenges arise. Their passion for the mountains drives them to deliver an incredible experience each and every time. It’s little wonder that so many of their clients continue to come back to them year after year after year. Naturally, there are many options when it comes to skiing, with Switzerland, Italy and Austria being some of the most popular that the team offers. Each brings unique flavours to this stunning experience, blending authentic local culture with the latest in modern attitudes to hospitality. Because the team take a personalised approach, you can be certain that wherever you go, it’ll be just the right fit. You can be assured of a friendly arrival when you partner up with The Ski Company, because they know how important it is to you, and your happiness is crucial to them. Skiing is a wonderful opportunity to let lose and enjoy yourself in a totally different environment. When you work alongside The Ski Company, you work alongside a team of people for whom skiing is a passion. It’s something they love and they want to share with their customers. This is the secret behind their success. It puts people first, by putting people forward. It’s little wonder that they have been able to thrive so easily over the last thirty years, and are likely to continue thriving for the next thirty. Company: The Ski Company Name: Gerald Shirt Email: