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Start Your Own Business After Redundancy Rather Than Joining an MLM Scheme
Anyone facing redundancy in the wake of COVID-19, who’s considering becoming an MLM rep, would be far better off creating
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What is a PEO and How Can They Benefit Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises?
When acquisitions go wrong, it’s because of a failure to look after the people involved, and there are none more
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empty shop
1 in 3 Businesses Say Customer Engagement is Their Biggest COVID-19 Challenge
One in three businesses say customer engagement is the biggest challenge they face during COVID-19, with the retail sector the
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10 Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Business
Attracting new audiences with marketing is crucial for the growth of a business as it can lead to new business
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web design
5 Ways SEO and Web Design Go Together
Do you consider SEO and Website Design as two separate elements of your website? You shouldn’t. There is no point
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Tesco Mobile is The Only Network to Help Feed The Family For Less
Tesco Mobile puts spotlight on unique money saving opportunities at Tesco with latest ambitious multi-channel campaign.
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Latest Issues

SME News Q2 2020 cover

Q2 2020

Welcome to the Q2 issue of SME News. And so we’ve reached the re-opening stages of this lockdown, tentative though it may be. With the next few days bringing about a host of business-related openings there is the expectation that we’re truly emerging out of the other side. Albeit, without many of the ‘normal’ expectations we have. It’s been a baptism of fire for businesses new and old, in a truly unprecedented situation that no one could really predict or wholly prepare for. This issue will then focus on the optimism presented by the unknown future. Even if we do have to backtrack and return to more distant times, we will be more prepared and knowledgeable about what to expect. We’re experienced now in it all. Lessons have been learned, and companies up and down the country will be better equipped to grow and thrive in less-trying times. Onwards and upwards. So, whenever you have the time, sit back and take a look at this issue. We’ve focused on a select number of SMEs that are looking at becoming better, more resilient and more robust in the months and years to come. In the meantime, we hope you stay safe. We’ll be here next quarter to give you the latest in UK SME news.

SME News Q1 2020 cover

Q1 2020

But, the focus of this issue isn’t the pandemic. In light of International Woman’s Day, which already seems like a lifetime ago, SME News wanted to spotlight the work of women-owned companies who are driving industries and shifting paradigms. So, let us focus on something positive. Let’s look at the female pioneers and disruptors who are shaking the world of UK business and beyond.

SME News Q4 2019 cover

Q4 2019

Genius Marketing, our front cover for this edition, has swiftly gathered a burgeoning client base through its creative and compelling services. Marketing companies are seemingly everywhere these days, all promising ‘best in class’ solutions to a whole host of prevalent problems. For SMEs it can be difficult to figure out how a marketing firm can benefit their operations. Genius Marketing dispels concerns in an instant with actionable, achievable and effective brand solutions for SMEs, regardless of where they are on their ‘business journey’. We profiled the firm to find out more.

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