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Q3 2020

Welcome to the Q3 edition of SME News magazine.

These past few months have been a challenging time for many, with restrictions being eased then implemented, it has tested the capabilities on how firm’s handle unexpected obstacles.

Which is why in this issue of SME News, we cast a light on a number of businesses, both big and small, showcasing how they have blossomed during these uncertain times, and found innovative ways to continue providing their services and deliver an impeccable customer experience.

With some expanding the range of products they provide, to others finding alternative ways to deliver their services, these businesses have turned these unprecedented times we find ourselves in into opportunities to further establish a solid reputation within their respected industry.

Whilst this is just a small glimpse of what is featured within the pages of this inspiring issue, we hope that this edition provides you with an insight into what is possible, despite the challenges.

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SME news Q2 2019 cover
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You might have noticed that SME News has a new and improved look. Like many of our inclusions, we realise
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