Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News is pleased to announce the return of the Greater London Enterprise Awards. Now entering the seventh year, this annual awards programme aims to celebrate and to display the very best of our capital’s businesses and enterprises. The Greater London Enterprise Awards is a beneficial awards programme that demonstrates the continued success around each London-based business and showcases what they have achieved over the past year. The previous couple of years have created a challenging market for many businesses, but recovery is now in the sights of many business owners. making now the prime time to celebrate all the continued hard work and future success. With London being our beloved capital of England and also the largest city, this region has become home to remarkable businesses that are all innovative in their fields. From hospitality to banking to the creative arts and everything in between, London is the pivotal destination to be to showcase your business. The nation’s capital is a centre for thriving businesses that have remained resilient over the past few years, including new startups that have emerged and are benefiting from the bustling marketplace. Scientific companies are leading the way for top London companies, closely followed by Retail and Administration. London is a melting pot of industries and sectors and perfectly represents the diverse nature of the UK. The Greater London Enterprise Awards is therefore a fantastic opportunity to accurately represent the diversified landscape of London businesses. About our Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: Sofi Bajor Editor