Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Most Strategic Windows & Doors Business 2023 Kyle Hollyomes founded KBH Building Services Ltd (KBH) in 2014 as a one-man operation and small-scale provider of building services to the residential and commercial sectors in East London. Today, the company is still wholly owned by Kyle, and it has grown into a leading contractor to the largest housing associations and construction companies in the UK, now working with over 100 employees, operatives, and sub-contractors, and turning over £17m per year. Now seeing well-deserved success within the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023, we speak to Kyle to learn more about his award-winning firm.

SME News is pleased to announce the return of the Greater London Enterprise Awards. Now entering the seventh year, this annual awards programme aims to celebrate and to display the very best of our capital’s businesses and enterprises. The Greater London Enterprise Awards is a beneficial awards programme that demonstrates the continued success around each London-based business and showcases what they have achieved over the past year. The previous couple of years have created a challenging market for many businesses, but recovery is now in the sights of many business owners. making now the prime time to celebrate all the continued hard work and future success. With London being our beloved capital of England and also the largest city, this region has become home to remarkable businesses that are all innovative in their fields. From hospitality to banking to the creative arts and everything in between, London is the pivotal destination to be to showcase your business. The nation’s capital is a centre for thriving businesses that have remained resilient over the past few years, including new startups that have emerged and are benefiting from the bustling marketplace. Scientific companies are leading the way for top London companies, closely followed by Retail and Administration. London is a melting pot of industries and sectors and perfectly represents the diverse nature of the UK. The Greater London Enterprise Awards is therefore a fantastic opportunity to accurately represent the diversified landscape of London businesses. About our Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: Sofi Bajor Editor

Contents 6. KBH Building Services Ltd: Most Strategic Windows & Doors Business 2023 10. Frain London Ltd: Most Innovative Bespoke Fitting Kitchen Business 2023 12. Merit Wellbeing Centre and Laser Clinic: Best Beauty Treatments Clinic 2023 14. Trafalgar Risk Management Ltd: Best Nationwide Insurance Broker 2023 16. Dr Elif Clinic: Most Trusted Dermatologist 2023 - Westminster 18. DF Solicitors: Best Nationwide Immigration Specialist Law Firm 2023 20. TG and Co Properties: Most Innovative Property Investment & Management 2023 22. JSWeb Ltd: Web Development & Design Agency of the Year 2023 - Central London 24. Lewis Paris Fitness: Best Personal & Group Fitness Trainer 2023 - Central London 26. Intercorp International Ltd: Most Innovative Financial Consultants 2023 28. Sofia Fields Ltd: Best Medical/ Technical Writing & Language Services Company 2023 30. LB Jewellers: Most Exclusive Diamond Jewellery Retailer 2023 32. Natalie Ford Coaching: Dating & Relationship Coach of the Year 2023: Natalie Ford 34. Advanced Cosmetic Procedures: Best Clinical Beauty Treatment Provider 2023 - Central London 35. 4e Nutrition: Most Innovative Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturer 2023 36. True Ambassadors: Best Community Support Enterprise 2023 - East London 37. Home Me Mortgages: Most Client-Focused Mortgage Brokerage 2023 38. Woodland: Best Independent Real Estate & Letting Agency 2023 - Redbridge 39. Desi Lunch Box: Best Made-To-Order Indian Food 2023 – Marylebone 40. London Beauty Clinic: Best Luxury Private Aesthetics Clinic 2023 41. The Diamond Box: Best Luxury Watch Retailer 2023 42. The Apartment Network: Best Corporate Housing & Apartments Service Provider 2023 43. Moving Off: Driving Instructors of the Year 2023 44. Venture Corporate Finance: Leading ICT Business Sales Experts 2023 45. Wonderful World of Wellbeing: Most Innovative Holistic Health & Wellness Company 2023 46. HNC Empire Estates Limited: Most Comprehensive Property Procurement Service 2023 47. Hard Rock Cafe Piccadilly Circus: Best American-Style Cafe 2023 48. Lithos Digital EE: Best Global SEO Company 2023 49. Cask Whisky Ltd: Most Innovative Whisky Investment Company 2023 50. Adapt Ability Limited: Most Innovative Mobility Solutions Provider 2023 51. Alchemy Career & Business Coaching: Career Coach of the Year 2023: Emilie West 52. Ice Blue Sky Limited: Most Innovative B2B Marketing Agency 2023 53. The Loftroom Specialists Ltd: Loft Conversion Company Of The Year 2023 54. Sensical Services Ltd: Best Cloud & Network Services Provider 2023 55. maake:Best Custom Fabric Printing Company 2023 & Most Ethical & Sustainable Fabric Company 2023

56. Fusion Professional Ltd: Fusion Professional Ltd: Excellence in Haircare Distribution 57. Dr Elif Clinic: Most Trusted Dermatologist 2023 - Westminster 58. Addworks: Best Full- Service Signage Company 2023 59. Ed Grande Tuition: Most Trusted School Tutoring Business 2022 - South East England 60. Soulplay: Best Wedding & Event Band 2023 61. MJS Simply-Play @ Christ Church (MJS Simply Play Limited): Best After School Care Service 2023 - South East London 62. Naked Nation Ltd: Most Stylish Sustainable Lifestyle Brand 2023 63. It Just So Happens Ltd: Best Remote Digital Agency 2023 64. Sapience Communications: Best Data-Driven PR & Communications Consultancy 2023 65. Elissa Gold Events: Best Event Curation & Production Company 2023 66. Nhes Care: Most Compassionate Domiciliary Care Agency 2023 67. THE PINNACLE GRP LIMITED: Most Client-Focused Wealth Management Company 2023 68. Gregory Micallef Associates Limited: Best Family-Run IT Support & Telecoms Business 2023 - South East England 69. SAJ Legal: Best Solution-Driven Law Firm of the Year 2023 - Central London 70. The Lyceum School: Most Nurturing Co-Educational 4-11 Independent School 2023 - Central London 71. Brookeland Coaching: Most Outstanding Lifestyle and Personal Development Coach 2023 72. Modus Workspace Ltd: Most Trusted Design & Build Firm 2023 73. smartKYC: Most Pioneering RegTech Provider 2023 74. Aspire Attestation: Best Document Legalisation Specialists 2023 - Central London

6 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Most Strategic Windows & Doors Business 2023 Kyle Hollyomes founded KBH Building Services Ltd (KBH) in 2014 as a one-man operation and small-scale provider of building services to the residential and commercial sectors in East London. Today, the company is still wholly owned by Kyle, and it has grown into a leading contractor to the largest housing associations and construction companies in the UK, now working with over 100 employees, operatives, and sub-contractors, and turning over £17m per year. Now seeing well-deserved success within the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023, we speak to Kyle to learn more about his award-winning firm. KBH Building Services strives to be a leader in its field, providing an array of outstanding construction services extending from maintenance and void refurbishments through to fire safety works. With core values of ‘honesty’, ‘ambition’, ‘empowerment’, and ‘caring’, it is a medium-sized business dedicated to delivering best-in-class services, whether it’s in the quality of work or the administration behind the scenes. Its team strives to achieve complete client satisfaction by consistently completing all projects – no matter how big or small – on time, within budget, and to the highest possible quality. Since its establishment, KBH has expanded to incorporate its own manufacturing sites in the UK and Bulgaria, from which it produces industry-certified door sets and windows under its own name. It manufactures and installs fire doors and windows, and carries out refurbishment works of kitchens, bathrooms, and general voids; fits safety flooring; provides fire stop solutions; as well as completes other general works such as decorating, plastering, and internal wall insulations. Within KBH’s offering, it is simply not enough just to make profit; it is devoted to making sure it really adds value to everything it does, as Kyle explains, “When replacing an old door set with a new one, we always make sure the product we are bringing would keep the resident safe in their home. We know we have achieved that when someone has tried to break into a client’s home and the door set – due to its certified design, manufacturer, and lab-tested performance – withstands the attack and prevents entry. We are happiest then, not because of the incident occurring, of course, but because our product kept someone safe in their home. “We definitely believe that our work has a duty to be carried out well, as ultimately it is our community members who suffer from poor fire safety and security measures, and we can contribute to that not being the case. That, together with our social responsibility programme, ensures that the social bottom line is also “profitable”.” As part of its social responsibility, the company is also dedicated to working as environmentallyfriendly as possible, by reducing waste; recycling materials; replacing old vehicles with newer electric ones; using IT algorithms to optimise

schedules and routes of operatives to reduce travel for work; and always keeping an eye on its supply chain for more sustainable materials. Additionally, KBH is currently in the process of adding solar panels to all its manufacturing sites in the UK and Bulgaria, so that all energy used in manufacturing is green. With regard to the IT aspect, Kyle feels it is very important to bring this technology into the SME end of the construction industry. KBH has created an order creation tool which allows a product “passport” containing all information including a 3D image, QR code, and details about materials used to be instantly generated at the time of survey onsite – and with a simple click of a button, all orders can be sent to manufacturing automatically. “The tool has increased the speed with which an order goes from survey at site to manufacturing, therefore reducing lead times and at the same time creating a product record which can be measured and checked for compliance, quality, and proof of order,” explains Kyle. “The tool also allows database creation which supports management decisions, as being able to generate tables easily with all past orders and all their details allows a data analytics team to spot trends, such as what materials to stock more or less of, what client preferences are, and evaluation of exact time from survey to order to installation. And, of course, for future reference and maintenance, by simply scanning the QR code on the product, we can obtain all this history and know exactly which part or component we need without even attending site to check. “This IT tool is the foundation for a much larger technology project under development currently.” Highly evident is KBH’s innovativeness, and it comes hand in hand with being able to forecast what the future holds. In Kyle’s words, “KBH has a long-term vision in an industry full of short-sighted competitors.” The company seeks to identify risks and challenges in advance of them happening, and looking into a solution or contingency before any issues can materialise – all in order to achieve the goal of never letting the client down. Contributing to this is the firm’s ability to manage its finances responsibly, so it can save cashflow. This enables it to buy materials in bulk and store them should periods of shortages arise, allowing it to continue its operations and not delay works. It also endeavours to control its supply chain by investing in logistics, vehicles, drivers, equipment, and tools, so it can guarantee to clients that its products and staff will arrive each day and deliver service on time and on budget. KBH invests in itself and its staff, too, so that proof of competency can be provided to clients, such as NVQs for its operatives in their respective fields, and quality, environment, and health and safety procedures to ISO standards for its policies and procedures. This is in addition to product certifications from industryleading UKAS-certified bodies for Certifire, Certisecure, BM TRADA Q-Mark, Enhanced Security, and Secured by Design. Together, these show the client that the quality and safety of its products and their installation and fit are not only a target for a company, but are pillars of its strategy and vision. Not only this, but this year, KBH was certified to PAS2030 and is one of the only three (at the time of writing) companies in the UK which manufactures and installs doors and windows for retrofit projects that require measurable improvements in energy efficiency. With Kyle at the helm, KBH cultivates a strong, loyal, and reliable workforce, very much believing in the value of each staff member and coming together as one team. Kyle gives us an insight into how this is the case. “The triple bottom line approach is that anyone who is part of the KBH team is fully supported by the company at all times,” he begins. “It really supports every member of the team to achieve their personal life goals alongside its own business goals. This is something that is not present in many much bigger companies and truly sets KBH apart. “An example of this in practice is offering employees and connected parties the opportunity to get professional independent financial advice, the cost of which is covered by the company. The company not only uses its financial resources to provide this, but also often educates its staff on the benefits of such a service. As the company performs well, it grows, invests in training and competency and its employees, thus is able to do more and earn more. “With proper financial advice, they are able to save, plan better for their pensions, children’s futures, and structure their home finance in a way that, until this programme, was elusive to most staff. This is something that I have been involved in personally and it makes me very proud when I see our team members reduce their mortgage costs, or optimise their pension provisions, or just generally keep a positive credit history due to proper handling of personal tax returns. “The result of this is a company culture which ensures phenomenal success and a happy workforce. No one has left the company in the past three years and the team keeps on growing.” With such robust management and employee care in place, KBH is set up to succeed – even as an organisation amidst very tough economic conditions. KBH is an example of how, despite these tough economic conditions, if a company has the right strategy and a clear vision of what is important and valuable to its market and customers, it can double its revenue year on year, add new verticals to its operations, and make substantial investment in key areas that truly add value. Ultimately, it has become very clear just how deep the core value of ‘care’ really runs in KBH Building Services, whether it’s for its quality of work, its team, its clients, or the environment. And it extends beyond the company, with it also being very committed to the communities it works with. KBH has multiple sponsorship programmes ranging from grass roots sports programmes to social works to communal projects. There is no denying the way this organisation shines and how it is so very deserving of its award win and the bright future that lies ahead. Now, as Kyle and the team take a moment to bask in the glory of their award win, he shares his closing comments: “The quality of our doors and windows, the commitment to the end-user (the actual resident), as well as the client (the housing manager or association) are unparalleled in my view. People are safer

8 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 in their homes, due to companies like KBH actually caring about the quality and performance of its products. The company cares because it is from the community, and we always think if we were the client, what would we like to experience and see from the service and product?” Contact Details Company: KBH Building Services Ltd Contact: Kyle Hollyomes / George Karaargirov Email: Website:

10 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Most Innovative Bespoke Fitting Kitchen Business 2023 Frain London Ltd. is an innovative interior design studio that delivers bespoke kitchens and furniture, designed and crafted based on the client’s needs and personality. The company’s team work to create spaces that strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, bringing the user’s visions to life. SME News Greater London Enterpruse Awards 2023/ 10

Operating across London and Essex, Frain London’s mission is to craft beautiful and functional spaces that fit any vision and budget. It aims to help people transform their homes into a sanctuary where they can fully enjoy every aspect of their day-today lives. From initial concept to design to manufacture to installation, the company works hard to compose high-quality, custom-made kitchens, wardrobes, and specialist joinery for living spaces, kids’ bedrooms, and bathrooms. Whilst its portfolio consists of all types of spaces, Frain London is known in particular for its bespoke fitted kitchens. For many people, between cooking, cleaning, dining, entertaining, working, and playing, the kitchen is the room in the house where they spend most of their free time during the day. Serving a range of purposes, a good kitchen must be highly versatile and packed with practicalities. Frain London creates kitchens that have all the important features necessary for convenient functionality, whilst simultaneously boasting a pleasant appearance and making an impressive interior statement. The company strives to design, hand-make, and install high-quality, bespoke kitchens at prices that don’t break the bank. When clients choose to work with Frain London, their kitchen will be created by a talented team of industry experts who provide nothing less than an excellent standard of service from start to finish. Its experienced interior designers can transform any property, elevating its interior appearance by implementing their bespoke solutions to the highest of standards. The company ensures that every aspect of every project is completed with the utmost attention to detail, resulting in a final product that is made to last. On top of this, its sophisticated and seamless joinery is an exquisite addition to any space. The team at Frain London do not just create a beautiful kitchen. They listen to the client’s vision and accurately craft every detail of their dream designer kitchen, providing solutions and suggestions to help them achieve the results they are looking for. They dedicate time to gaining a complete understanding of what they’re looking for and why. Then, they work to bring their visions to life. For this reason, Frain London offers a range of styles, colours, materials, shapes, and sizes, enabling clients to maintain the utmost control and flexibility when it comes to the appearance of their kitchen. The company commissions custom cabinetry to ensure that the client’s every desire is met. No two kitchens by Frain London are the same; each of its designs are truly distinct and tailored to the preferences of the client. Frain London’s team are also committed to helping clients maximise their use of the space they have. To this end, it ensures that every inch and corner of the room is utilised effectively, offering them custom storage solutions. This enables them to make the most out of the contours of their home, whether they have sloping eaves or curved walls. Frain London offers a complete projectmanaged service, providing an endto-end finish that never fails to exceed expectations. The process begins with an initial consultation in which one of its consultants visit the client for a detailed brief of their needs, expectations, style, colour preferences, and the intended use of the space. The consultant will bring a selection of material samples to help them make these important decisions. Once Frain London’s team member feels that they have gained a good understanding of the client’s vision, they will measure up the space so that a sketch can be drawn up. From this, an accurate quote will be provided, including a detailed cost breakdown of the cabinetry required. For bespoke kitchens, this cost may include worktops and appliances. At this stage, the team will suggest adjustments and alternatives that could make their design better align with the client’s budget. If the quote is accepted, Frain London can start further developing the client’s design by producing 3D drawings and annotations. Its expert design team will prepare a layout and design proposal to convey the configuration and context of the space, generating two to three options that the client can choose from. Frain London will then arrange a followup meeting with the client to review these options, exchange thoughts, answer any queries, and make any tweaks. Once they are completely satisfied with the design and drawings, the company will amend the quote accordingly and send it to them for approval and order confirmation. After the order has been confirmed, a member of Frain London’s highly skilled installation team will remeasure the space to double check that the dimensions match the plans. The approved drawings and annotations will then be sent to the factory to initiate bespoke production. Lastly, when the bespoke pieces have been created, installation will commence. In this, the team’s priority is to ensure that every element is fitted flawlessly. They also check that everything looks and functions exactly as it should. Once the project is complete, Frain London will provide the client with information about how they can properly care for their cabinetry to keep it in the best condition possible in the years to come. Since its inception, Frain London has received a number of positive reviews for the services it has provided, resulting in its impressive four-star rating on Trustpilot. For example, one states, “Inga and the team have been superb end-to-end, from the first engagement to understanding our taste to designing the most suitable solution for our space to the delivery, follow-up, and installation process. Moreover, the price is very competitive when compared with any other bespoke design, build, and fit service. All things considered, I can comfortably say Frain London will always be my first choice.” As a result of its continued excellence, Frain London has been awarded Most Innovative Bespoke Fitting Kitchen Business in the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023. We are thrilled to congratulate the company on this exceptional achievement and look forward to seeing what it goes on to accomplish in the future. Contact: Inga Brokeviciene Company: Frain London Ltd Web Address:

12 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Committed to providing a selection of the very best beauty treatments and healthcare advice, Merit Wellbeing Centre and Laser Clinic (Merit Wellbeing) puts clients first to ensure excellence within the London beauty industry. We speak to Clinic Director, Mitra Hajizadeh as the firm gains notable recognition in the prestigious Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023. Merit Wellbeing Centre and Laser Clinic offers a selection of beauty treatments and healthcare advice by professionals, including facials, massage, radiofrequency treatments, laser hair removal, laser pigment removal, laser tattoo removal, laser fine vessels, HIFU, Mesotherapy, skin boosters, Botox, fillers, permanent make-up, and chemical peeling. Dedicated to achieving excellence in the field of beauty treatments in London, Merit Wellbeing holds itself to the highest standards of professionalism, treating all clients with the utmost respect and honesty. In turn, clients place their trust in the clinic, relying on its expert advice and witnessing the transformative results of the treatments on offer. “We take great pride in our reputation as a high standard provider of beauty treatments in London,” explains Mitra Hajizadeh, the Director of the firm. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional service to each and every client.” As a specialist doctor with more than 30 years’ worth of experience and having been a laser therapist for over 20 years, Mitra tells us she is honoured to serve as the proprietor of Merit Wellbeing Centre and places a premium on earning the trust and loyalty of her clients. “We strive to work with the most advanced equipment while maintaining a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation,” she continues. “Our warm and inviting atmosphere ensures that our clients feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their time with us.” As a clinic, Merit Wellbeing is committed to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving field of beauty treatments and it continuously updates its services to provide clients with the latest and most effective treatments available. “This dedication to innovation has enabled us to expand our client base and cultivate a loyal following,” Mitra adds. When it comes to differentiation within the industry, Merit Wellbeing’s unique selling point has to be its personalised approach to each client. Mitra and the team firmly believe that every individual is unique and has different needs when it comes to beauty treatments. Therefore, all staff members take the time to understand a clients' concerns and goals, and tailor the treatments accordingly. Communication is key and in order to ensure that this approach is upheld, Merit Wellbeing ensures that clients are involved in the decision-making process at each and every step of the way. “What makes us stand out against the rest within our industry is our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and creating a relaxing and welcoming environment for our clients,” enthuses Mitra. “We believe that building strong relationships with clients is the key to their satisfaction and loyalty, and we strive to exceed their expectations with every visit.” The team at Merit Wellbeing comprises highly trained professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional service to all clients with integrity and reverence. It is important to ensure that the therapists have the necessary qualifications and experience in the field, such as passing beauty therapy NVQ level 3 and 4. Mitra tells us that this reflects positively on the brand image as it demonstrates a commitment to providing high-quality services and investing in the development of staff. However, the therapists need more than qualifications in order to join the dedicated team, and Mitra looks for qualities such as excellent customer service skills, attention to detail, creativity, and a passion for beauty therapy when she is recruiting. “To ensure that all staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients in the field of beauty therapy, ongoing education and training is provided,” she elaborates. “This can include attending aesthetics events and workshops and participating in online courses.” As London is a hub for the beauty industry, with numerous trade shows, events, and networking opportunities available, it is relatively easy for beauty therapists to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques and to connect with other professionals in the industry. However, being based in London as a beauty therapist has several other benefits for Mitra and her clinic. London is a diverse and multicultural city, which means that beauty therapists have the opportunity to work with clients from a wide range of backgrounds and with different beauty concerns. This can be both challenging and rewarding, as it requires beauty therapists to be adaptable and flexible in their approach. Also, London is a city that values quality and innovation, which means that there is a demand for high-quality beauty treatments that offer real results. As a result, beauty therapists who are able to provide exceptional customer service and personalised treatments are likely to thrive in this competitive market. “The most significant challenge in our field is competition,” Mitra states. “There are many beauty therapists and salons in London. We tried to transform it into an opportunity for growth by differentiating ourselves through exceptional customer service, personalised treatments, and unique offerings.” Another challenge that Mitra faces is the cost of high-quality products and equipment. But by investing in high-quality products and equipment, Merit Wellbeing is able to provide superior results, which can lead to increased client satisfaction and loyalty. There are several current and key developments in the beauty treatment industry that are specific to London too, which Mitra has noticed emerging of late. One of the most notable trends is the rise of natural and organic products, as consumers become more conscious of the ingredients they put on their skin. Another trend is the increasing popularity of non-invasive treatments, such as laser rejuvenation and LED light therapy, which offer effective results without the need for surgery or downtime. Recently, in recognition of their customercentric approach and dedication to the latest innovative treatments, Mitra and the team at Merit Wellbeing celebrated success by being named Best Beauty Treatments Clinic 2023 in the Greater London Enterprise Awards. Best Beauty Treatments Clinic 2023

Committed to continuing to provide highquality treatments and uphold the core values of complete customer satisfaction, Mitra is also hoping to expand the clinic’s services to offer more advanced treatments and options, including the addition of a permanent make-up artist and a plan to buy new machines, such as fractional laser and lipolysis radiofrequency. “We take great pride in our work,” she adds. “We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in the field of beauty therapy.” Contact: Mitra Hajizadeh Company: Merit Wellbeing Centre and Laser Clinic Web Address:

14 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Since its formation in 1995, the specialist City of London insurance broker says it is proud to have delivered competitively priced, comprehensive policies for a wide and growing range of professional classes of business insurance. According to the broker, application for cover is easy to complete and all policies are tailored specifically for the individual policyholder’s profession or trade. According to managing director Kelvin Wheat, TRM’s original core business was in the provision to IT contractors, SMEs and affinity group members of insurance products including professional indemnity (PI), legal expenses, public liability (PL), employers liability (EL), cyber (CY). He says, “We began 28 years ago with a focus on providing muchneeded PI cover for the IT sector, notably for IT contractors, before growing to embrace a far wider range of general contractor and SME markets including dental nurses, accountants, and most lines of professional engineers. He adds, “In recent years we have extended our portfolio to include the provision of other everyday insurance products, such as office insurance, all at highly competitive rates.” Today TRM provides professional contractors and business owners spanning nearly 200 trades and professions. Its most popular insurance policy is PI insurance which, Kelvin explains, enables tradespeople and professional practitioners to go about their work confident they are covered in the event of a claim for professional negligence. A successful PI claim pays out for both damages and costs, he says. He says he believed there are two key reasons why they won the award. “First of all, distinguishing us positively from the competition from the start has always been the fact that we ask a minimum level of questions before providing cover,” he says. “We can usually deliver a policy online from starting the questionnaire to providing payment details to emailing the insurance certificate to the policyholder in around just five minutes.” He stresses, “I’m a former insurance underwriter, so I know just what details are necessary to underwrite most risks." Kelvin says TRM’s wide-ranging client-base includes dental nurses, accountants, and engineers, all of which he says use the same quick, efficient online application and quote process.” He says he knows that time is a premium for any potential client, so he has used his expertise to save considerable time for anyone completing an application. “This ethos is a hallmark of TRM, which aims to keeps all clients up-to-date with every piece of relevant data, whether it be renewals information or a drop in monthly direct debit owing to a fall in insurance price,” he says. “Some professionals, such as bookkeepers and accountants for example, favour our PI policy over others on the market for the very reason that the administration process is swift and efficient and policyholders quickly gain peace of mind that they are fully insured in the event of a charge of professional negligence, whether founded or unfounded,” he claims. The other key reason for TRM standing out as award-winners, he says, is the success of the company’s Insurance Café, an online destination for professionals browsing for their own personal purposes. Operations director Siobhan O’Callaghan says it is here that professionals, such as dental nurses or sound engineers can go in their spare time to share views in threads with fellow professionals, as well as to find the best rates on offer for domestic policies, such as, pet insurance, gadget cover, or home cyber cover. She explains, “When it comes to insurance cover, busy professionals are all after the same thing: the best and most comprehensive policy at the most reasonable price. “We know the market well and we are quite aware that our policies, all of which provide complete peace of mind, are competitively priced against most if not all of those sold by the competition. So we created and launched an online site, the Insurance Café,” she says. Specialist London insurance broker Trafalgar Risk Management (TRM) has won the coveted award for Best Nationwide UK Broker in this year’s Greater London Enterprise Awards, from SME News. Best Nationwide Insurance Broker 2023

She adds that further discounts have been specifically arranged for members of certain professional trade bodies and these can all be found on the site of this website. The Insurance Café is also one place where Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance can be bought, she says. A lesser-known form of insurance cover, it may appeal to visitors to the site who are thinking about buying themselves a vehicle. Siobhan explains, “If this vehicle is then stolen, or if they are involved in an accident and their motor insurer deems the vehicle to be a write off, this added value cover will compensate the policyholder concerned to the amount that the vehicle was worth at the time of the loss - also known as 'market value',” she says. “Because of depreciation, this will be lower than the price originally paid. GAP insurance covers against this, essentially filling the 'gap' between the vehicle's market value - or what it would have cost were it to have been put on the market just before the accident - and the vehicle's value when it was purchased. In the event of a valid claim, the GAP insurance cover will also pay out on any outstanding finance debts, if applicable,” she explains. Visitors to the Insurance Café can also post job or contract opportunities onto message boards, where members of their own or other professional groups may be able to assist directly, according to Siobhan. “Existing or potential policyholders can browse a growing range of competitive personal insurance products that we hope will be of interest to them. In many cases, further discounts have been arranged on already highly competitive policies on behalf of dozens of classes of trusted professionals including dental nurses, engineers, accountants, company secretaries and speech therapists, as well as for members of certain professional trade bodies,” she says. Plans are afoot to widen the scope and appeal of the café in the coming months, she says. “The Insurance Café is already proving to be a great destination for new as well as existing clients,” she adds. While serving professional clients throughout the United Kingdom, TRM attributes much of its success to the location of its offices, right in the heart of the insurance market in the City of London, situated just walking distance from some of the world’s finest, most competitive underwriters. Kelvin says this means his team members can meet at short notice face to face with those insurers who are ultimately the ones who can provide cover, as well as to discuss new terms with others, and to come up with the highest possible quality of insurance products for their clients. “TRM’s considerable experience in the insurance market, combined with the trust we have built up since the mid-1990s, mean that we have access to the best and most established insurance providers,” explains Kelvin. “It enables us to negotiate for some of the most competitive rates and for the most comprehensive available insurance cover for our customers.” Furthermore, he claims, historically TRM has always been ahead of the rest of the London insurance broking market when it comes to the practical deployment of digital technology. He explains, “We were one of the very first professional indemnity brokers to move onto a complete, end-to-end online trading platform. Our achievement is in the provision of a fast, easy to use system, ensuring that those applying for insurance spend as little time as possible in securing the correct cover for their needs, at the right premium. We do this by only asking questions seeking information necessary for insurers to quote - and nothing more.” He adds, “The popularity of our insurance schemes is testimony to the fact we have struck the right balance between the formality of application and the delivery of sound insurance cover.” For the last five years, the cyclical insurance market has been going through a tough period, or a hard market, as it’s known in the trade. Such a condition is brought about by an upswing in the insurance market cycle when the cost of insurance premiums rises, coverage terms are restricted and capacity for most types of insurance decreases. But Kelvin says, “We have ridden the storm well and we have come out stronger than ever, not least by minimising costs for all concerned.” As TRM accepts its SME News award, reports have been coming in of a softening in the market led by certain sectors, chief among them in the cyber insurance field. “This is great news,” says Kelvin. “It means our leading cyber insurance product is set to become even more costeffective for policyholders. As the rest of the market softens it will be more good news all round for everyone,” he concludes. Contact Details Contact: Company: Trafalgar Risk Management Ltd Web Address:

16 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Dr Elif believes it is essential to find the most natural, perfect fit when it comes to beauty, and that is what she keeps in mind when performing any enhancements involving medical aesthetical procedures. Her goal is always to give clients the most honest and natural outcome possible. She believes this kind of honesty brings out the best in her clients’ beauty, allowing their genuine, gorgeous, true selves to shine for the whole world to see. An admired and skilled doctor, she recently co-founded the new dermal filler injection known as the 2 Point Jawline technique™. This procedure, much loved by Hollywood celebrities, helps to create a more youthful facial structure. She explains how when this technique is performed using the classical method, it requires more than 20 injections on each side of the jaw. As you can imagine, this causes massive post-procedure bruising, swelling, and oedema, taking a good two weeks to subside and allow patients to return to normal life. Instead, using her new methodology the 2 Point Jawline technique, Dr Elif uses an apparatus known as a cannula. The procedure, as its name would imply, is done by entering just one point on each side of the jaw. This technique minimises bruising and swelling, which only occurs very rarely, and allows patients to resume their normal lives within just 30 minutes. She believes this technique will be the biggest trend of the future, as it achieves a sharper and more attractive definition to facial features, especially with the addition of jawline filler, which helps to create a more defined line between the jaw corner and the tip of the chin. Jawline filler can be used to great effect for both men and women, and lasts for at least a year. The Dr Elif Clinic creates experiences for patients that are highly tailored, personal, and unforgettable from start to finish. Along with the 2 Point Jawline filler, it has also patented procedures such as Rhinolift, and Endoskin, and will ensure that to work with patients to achieve the ideal solution for their personal needs. Dr Elif Benar graduated from one of Turkey’s top universities, and soon became a member of the European Academy of Dermatolgy and Venereology, American Academy of Dermatology, Turkish Dermatology, and the Turkish Medical Association. She strongly believes that it is important to remember that aesthetic treatments are not just about going for a quick fix. She thinks it is more realistic to think of it as a journey, taking time to reach the final destination. With this in mind, Dr Elif strives to create a personalised route, guiding her patients towards their desired outcome with skill and care. She helps clients to craft the perfect look for them, one that has always been envisioned, with a service that is seamless throughout. "“Aesthetic procedures can be described as a long journey. In this journey, you should find the right doctor who walks side by side with you. -Dr Elif Benar" Being based in London is a distinct advantage for the Dr Elif Clinic. Of course, there is the renowned prestige that comes with having a Harley Street clinic, and knowing the long tradition of high-quality aesthetic treatments this area is phenomenally well-regarded and known for. A London home base also enables patients from all over the world to travel in for treatments, as it is easily accessed from everywhere. The internal culture at the clinic is extremely important and welcoming. Dr Elif and her husband Dr Hasan Benar are the owners, and could be described as a true power couple. Dr Hasan Benar graduated from medical school at the Hacettepe University School of Medicine in Turkey, and he then went on to complete his fellowship in Dermatology. He is a consultant dermatologist at the clinic, where brings over 15 years of extensive experience in dermatology and the aesthetics industry. In the past 10 years, he has attended more than 40 scientific congresses to keep up to date with technology in the field, and he also has many published articles under his belt. Dr Hasan Benar is a speaker and advisory board member of many pharmaceutical companies. He is also a member of Turkish Dermatology Association, Turkish Medical Association, Cyprus Medical Association, European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, and the General Medical Council. He is the co-founder of the 2 Point Jawline filler™, and Rhinolift™. Dr Hasan has an excellent understanding of the way people’s appearances and self-confidence are supremely inter-related. He is delighted to be able to help improve a patient’s appearance, knowing the effect that this is likely to have on their overall wellbeing and quality of life. Dr Hasan specialises in lower face rejuvenation and skin tightening treatments. The family atmosphere in existence at the clinic also extends to its patients, who are welcomed into the fold and treated as if they were family members themselves. This is evident in some of the outstanding feedback patients have posted about the Doctor Elif Dermatologist clinic. For example, Sabrina Vegilate writes “Extremely friendly and would most definitely recommend anyone to choose Dr Elif.” She goes on to explain, “I have been coming to the clinic for over a year and have always been so pleased with my results. I had a double chin problem and I could not get rid of it even after losing over 10 kilos. However, Dr Elif did fat dissolving injections and I am delighted with the result. it boosts my self-confidence.” Another 5-star review comes from Michael Said, who praises the company by saying, “Dr Elif is absolutely the best. Her attention to details is amazing and her advice is always for my best interest. I visit all the way from Texas to go to her and will continue to do so.” The progression of the Dr Elif Clinic continues, with new treatments being regularly added to its portfolio, and a brand-new clinic having recently been opened that features 9 rooms over 3 floors. It is also regularly featured in up market magazines such as Vogue and Glamour Magazine, where Dr Elif advises readers about such subjects as collagen supplements, and winter skin care regimes. On top of this, the company has also recently been announced as the Most Trusted Dermatologist 2023 – Westminster in the Greater London Enterprise Awards. We are thrilled to see the incredible work this amazing clinic is producing, and look forward to seeing it continue its upward trajectory at pace. Company: Dr Elif Clinic Web Address: Contact Name: Hasan Benar The Harley Street clinic of Dr Elif Benar is a business focused on aesthetic and dermatological procedures. It offers treatments such as Botox, fillers, laser treatments, fat dissolving injections, body shaping treatments, and dermatologic consultations and facials. Dr Elif is a medical doctor and dermatologist with over 10 years of experience in medical aesthetics. Most Trusted Dermatologist 2023 - Westminster

18 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Best Nationwide Immigration Specialist Law Firm 2023 With over 20 years’ experience in UK immigration, nationality, and human rights, DF Solicitors is a leading law firm equipped with a team of the country’s top immigration solicitors. The company has experienced significant growth over the years but has remained committed to its provision of exceptional UK immigration solutions, tailored to the needs of the client. SME News Greater London Enterpruse Awards 2023/ 18

In all countries, immigration law is complex and continuously evolving. As a specialist firm, DF Solicitors exclusively deals with immigration matters, guaranteeing genuine expertise across the full range of immigration services. Its team of knowledgeable solicitors help clients to gain an understanding of the various immigration rules whilst providing them with useful guidance from the Home Office. Delivering honest and practical advice, DF Solicitors is widely trusted to help clients achieve the results that they, their families, and their businesses require. Established in July 2006 by Owner Dorcas Falode, DF Solicitors was initially focused on grassroot immigration law. Since then, it has undergone a transformative journey under her leadership, adapting to the dynamic legal landscape. As the firm has expanded, it has worked to develop and enhance its expertise in the provision of various immigration and human rights’ legal services. Furthermore, it has become more inclusive and innovative, embracing technology to enhance efficiency and accessibility. Notwithstanding these changes, DF Solicitors has remained true to its core values of excellence, integrity, and a client centered approach. In addition, it has continued to prioritise its goal of ensuring access to justice for all. These factors have not only guided the firm’s various decisions and interactions but also shaped its approach to client relationships, fostering both trust and open communication. DF Solicitors sets itself apart from other specialist immigration law firms by taking a personalised approach to each client’s journey. The firm recognises that every immigration case is unique, so it offers tailored solutions to each client matter. To ensure that clients feel that their circumstances are truly understood and that their concerns have been heard, DF Solicitors meticulously assesses their case, holds indepth consultations creating a collaborative atmosphere in which results can be achieved. The team at DF Solicitors are experienced, skilled, and equipped with specialised expertise. In hiring, the firm seeks individuals who demonstrate strong legal acumen, cultural sensitivity, and the ability to effectively communicate. In addition, it is a requirement that, they must share the firm’s core values. These factors all enable them to forge meaningful connections with clients from diverse backgrounds and provide exceptional immigration solutions. At DF Solicitors, staff are encouraged to communicate openly and collaborate with each other to exchange insights and expertise. This allows them to craft innovative strategies that address the distinct challenges faced by clients. Furthermore, they are committed to ongoing professional development, the firm provides staff with regular training sessions, workshops, and access to the latest resources so that they can remain knowledgeable about the evolving immigration laws and regulations. This ensures that every client receives the highest standard of bespoke guidance, maximising the chance that their immigration matters will be successful. Based in London, DF Solicitors is located at the heart of a global financial and cultural epicentre that attracts a diverse array of people, families, and businesses seeking immigration solutions. Whilst the city’s diverse demographic raises challenges related to family reunification and sponsorships, the firm works to continue providing up-to-date and accurate advice, creating tailored solutions to solve these issues. Moreover, a benefit of operating in such a dynamic environment is that the firm can tap into a vast network of international clients, fostering an enriching exchange of experiences and perspectives. In addition, London’s central location means that DF Solicitors can easily access key government offices and Courts, facilitating its efficient communication and engagement with immigration authorities. The firm’s presence in the city also means that it can keep a close watch on the latest legal developments and industry trends, ensuring that its clients receive the most current and informed advice. Operating within the ever-evolving landscape of UK immigration, DF Solicitors is witnessing the development of several noteworthy industry trends. Firstly, in a post-Brexit world, various factors continue to impact immigration policies, leading to increased demand for expert guidance as people struggle to navigate these new regulations. To remain at the forefront of such important developments, DF Solicitors has worked to address clients’ concerns effectively by streamlining its internal processes and intensifying its legal research efforts. Furthermore, the immigration landscape is currently undergoing largescale digitalisation in order to increase accessibility to important immigration services and advice. DF Solicitors was compelled by this industry trend, as well as the pandemic-driven shift towards remote working, to enhance its digital capabilities. This has facilitated its provision of seamless virtual consultations and enabled it to allow remote document submission. Embracing this change has not only confirmed the company’s resilience but also positioned it to provide more comprehensive and accessible services. In combination, these challenges have driven DF Solicitors to innovate, invest in technology, and foster even stronger client relationships through regular virtual interactions. It has gained clients’ trust by consistently demonstrating its ability to adapt to changing circumstances and deliver excellence even in the face of challenge. In the coming months and years, DF Solicitors is positioned to achieve continued growth. There is no doubt that the immigration landscape will continue to evolve and change, so it plans to stay ahead of regulatory changes and industry trends. No matter what the future holds, the firm and its team remain committed to providing innovative solutions that are tailored to the client’s needs, all the while upholding its core values. Finally, DF Solicitors plans to expand its educational initiatives, providing clients and the wider community with key insights into immigration matters. It is also looking forward to further strengthening its partnerships with various stakeholders and fostering collaborations that contribute towards holistic immigration solutions. As a result of its continued excellence, DF Solicitors has been named Best Nationwide Immigration Specialist Law Firm in the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023. The firm looks with optimism to a bright future. We offer DF Solicitors our sincere congratulations on its success in this awards programme and look forward to seeing what it goes on to accomplish. Contact: Dorcas Falode Company: DF Solicitors Web Address: Email: