Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

Brookeland Coaching aims to help people to create a clear life vision and a detailed action plan to bring it to fruition. We find out more from the company Owner, Brooke McGowan as it is recognised in the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023. Most Outstanding Lifestyle and Personal Development Coach 2023 Established by business and life design mentor, Brooke McGowan, Brookeland Coaching provides its customers with a plan and a proven structure and process to follow, which involves goal setting and habit tracking, in order to turn the theoretical into the practical and gain incredible results to put people back on track. “We empower people who feel stuck in society's average standard and ready to break-free and realise their immense potential,” enthuses Brooke. “We do this by creating a self-designed life, through creating their own customised life blueprint, from internal core values of who they want to become to the external manifestation of the life they want to create.” Brooke set up the company after her own journey led to her feeling lost in a world where everything seemed like it was perfect from the outside. She felt trapped, and, although she had goals, Brooke knew she needed a new vision of life in order to bring all the separate areas together and create her own blueprint to live by. She did this in the name of serving others once she had climbed out the well herself, and the intention was always to help others do the same. Today, Brooke is very conscious of developing a process to help others and she truly believes in walking her talk. Over the last two years, Brookeland Coaching’s core values of service, synergy, and self-responsibility have been at the heart of every client interaction, and Brooke claims they are the reason for the firm’s 100% success rate of guaranteeing all clients a crystal clear vision of the life they want and a detailed plan to bring it into being. The simple yet powerful process for creating a life on its clients’ own terms is completely personalised and becomes a decision-making framework in a world of unlimited opportunity that can often make people feel paralysed to make decisions. Being able to measure progress against a measurement scale helps clients to stay motivated to reach their chosen goals, as well as navigate unexpected challenges with ease. “It’s not a one-time programme,” Brooke says. “It's a life vision that is living and decided by the individual who learns how to follow and adapt and has a process for life.” Brooke has witnessed a lot of coaches emerging of late due to an increase in demand for these services and she is behind this every step of the way. She elaborates on why she believes there has been such an uptick in activity over the last few years. “We're taught physics in school, the history of the Tudors, when to use a colon and a semi colon, but we don't get taught how to live our own life,” she states. “The problem is most are realising in their 30s and 40s that they are unfulfilled with no sense of purpose or freedom. Having a coach and mentor to pull them out of society's default design to finally live life on their own terms is much needed.” Brooke goes on to describe how redesigning their lives looks for many people. It could be creating a business of their own, or having a career that inspires them, but the idea is to create purpose, fulfilment, and freedom which can ultimately serve all areas of life. The staff at Brookeland Coaching are as dedicated as Brooke to client success and the overriding goal, and the reason the company was formed, is to change people's lives for the better. Both externally and internally, the company aims to empower people who feel stuck and make them realise how much they're capable of. The staff not only understand this objective but Brooke empowers them in this same manner so they can realise and reach their own potential. Recently, for its commitment to its clients, Brookeland Coaching was named Most Outstanding Lifestyle and Personal Development Coach 2023 in the Greater London Enterprise Awards. Understandably delighted, Brooke lets us in on the latest developments within the business, as well as the plans for the future, which revolve around a new Rise Of The Entrepreneur Academy programme for those wanting to take control of their own business and finances without getting stuck in another trap. The academy focuses on business whilst incorporating all areas of life to live a life of purpose, freedom, and fulfilment,” Brooke elaborates. “Even when people know what they want, their biggest challenge is starting and their second biggest challenge is having the courage to continue without any guarantee of success – This in itself, IS what guarantees success and is the mindset we cultivate on the programme to overcome these two biggest challenges.” Contact Details Contact: Brooke McGowan Company: Brookeland Coaching Web Address: