Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

72 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Most Trusted Design & Build Firm 2023 Modus Workspace Ltd (Modus) is the UK's leading office design company and specialises in creating extraordinary workspaces with cutting-edge design, innovation, and quality. We find out more from Toby Benzecry as the firm gains notable recognition in the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023. Providing tenants and office occupiers with complete refurbishment and/or relocation packages and solutions, Modus Workspace Ltd focuses on workplace trends, efficiency, cost management, and a unique perspective on what is essential to organisations in order to help them be productive, grow, and get the best out of their environment. From effective space planning and interior design to workplace consultancy, furniture procurement to technology integration, and from fit-out and construction to project management and aftersales support, Modus can manage the entire operation from start to finish. “The seamless way in which these services are integrated has, as a result, meant that many of our customers have been using Modus for 10 years or more,” explains Toby Benzecry, the firm’s Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer, who continues to tell us about the company’s unique selling point. “There is a virtuous circle at the heart of our business. We have objective, empirical evidence that our clients’ businesses perform better when they move to the new spaces we create for them,” he adds. Over the last 30 years, Modus has designed and delivered office space that around half a million people work in. It has the power to make working life better for people and can transform the prospects of the businesses that employ them. “These ideas and our reputation attract a certain type of person to work with us,” Toby continues. “In an industry that is otherwise largely transactional, we have succeeded in assembling a team that wants to behave differently.” It is Modus’ focus on client performance, rather than profits, that has been the key to its success, and it has only been achievable through the unique culture that Toby has helped to create. Creating a persistent culture has been a key strategy over the years: it is carried by management but transmitted by the many colleagues who have made their longterm careers at the firm. In fact, many of the extraordinary people who work at Modus have been colleagues for 10 years or more, with the staff turnover rate being extremely low. “Modus is quite unlike any other company in the sector,” elaborates Toby. “We are a business of high integrity and mutual respect. We don't really believe in hierarchy, and instead, aim to empower individuals to do their best work.” In terms of the workplace itself, Toby and the team at Modus have been seeing an increasing number of clients focus their attentions towards creating spaces that cater for neurodiverse communities. Whilst the firm has always encouraged the creation of spaces that support a variety of individuals to do their best work every day, Toby tells us that it is fantastic to see clients now adopting the same mindset, and he believes it will allow Modus to tap even further into the future of work, pushing boundaries and breaking out of the norm. In terms of location trends, London has successfully reinvented itself as a global centre for digital, life science, and creative industries. It houses major digital companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Netflix, attracting significant investments. The city is also part of a leading life science cluster, with renowned institutions and the presence of companies like Astra Zeneca, GSK, and MSD. Additionally, the creative industries in London contribute billions to the economy and support various sectors. These thriving sectors are expected to fuel London's growth and potentially revive the office market, thanks to their younger workforce living closer to the city centre. “This makes for an incredibly exciting time to be working in the office sector, right in the centre of such tremendous change,” Toby enthuses after learning of Modus being named Most Trusted Design & Build Firm 2023 in the Greater London Enterprise Awards. “In 2023, we became a certified B Corp, meaning we have joined the global force of businesses who together are shifting our economic system from profiting only the few to benefiting all, from concentrating wealth and power to ensuring equity, from extraction to regeneration, and from prioritising individualism to embracing independence. “It’s the start of an exciting chapter to make impactful plans for the next year and beyond to continue doing business better.” Contact: Ella Batkin Company: Modus Workspace Ltd Web Address: