Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

Maake provides end-to-end solutions with bespoke fabric print and sewing services. It aims to streamline production processes for clients with a partnership programme to manage artwork, material selection, production, and final delivery. Additionally, it offers the maakeAcademy, a concept that exists within the corporate world to help nurture textile design brands with maake’s specialised experience and business skills. Best Custom Fabric Printing Company 2023 & Most Ethical & Sustainable Fabric Company 2023 Maake began life as an on-demand digital textile printing service, providing fabrics by the metre. Clients were able to submit their own concept, or choose from the company’s pattern library of over 10,000 individual designs. The beauty of this method is that every talented designer featured on maake’s books receives a commission if their work is chosen. As the company grew, it recognised that customers often had broader needs, and so it incorporated sewing services into its operations, and later its partnership programme. This initiative is focused on providing a holistic approach, with its team of experts ensuring that projects flow seamlessly from design idea to end product. It aims to minimise potential misunderstandings/ miscommunications, and enable brands to concentrate solely on quality and creativity. Maake has a desire to provide a comprehensive service for clients, prioritising their unique needs and working hard to ensure a deep understanding of their market preferences. It is focused on maintaining a human touch in an industry that has all too often assumed a depersonalised approach. The fabric collection Maake promotes is renowned for its variety, sustainability, and inspiring nature. It’s curated from a meticulous selection of well-vetted mills, with Maake committed to sourcing fabrics that yield the very best print outcomes. Sustainable alternatives have begun to make up a significant proportion of Maake’s fabrics too, and it is a staunch believer in the importance of local sourcing, even if that sometimes means the margins are narrowed. Maake has a mission that truly sets it apart, and that is to revitalise UK manufacturing by serving visionary designers and entrepreneurs who resonate with its own ideals. It seeks to forge a space where creative minds can manifest their dreams. The textiles industry is currently moving away from fast fashion, with brands embracing the small order paradigm. Maake is ideally placed to in this regard, with its speciality on demand digital textile printing playing a pivotal role. Clients can order as and when required, with no minimum order restraints. As Maake is based in London, the epicentre of fashion and design, it occupies a front row seat to the industry’s evolution. It also has proximity to pioneering brands aiming to redefine design sensibilities. Additionally, London's vibrant ecosystem encompasses high concept small and medium batch manufacturing, and facilitates a local supply chain for such. Therefore, partnering with Maake significantly reduces the distance materials are subject to travel, post-processing. Maake is also ultra responsive to market demands and can meet urgent requirements with same-day collections, enabling brands to remain agile when servicing customer needs. A recent initiative that Maake has been involved in, and which encapsulates its commitment to change, is the maakeLess fabric waste project. This concept was designed to mitigate waste and champion recycling in the textile industry. One way it does this is to offer upcycling bags to students or businesses (or other enthusiastic persons) with up to 15kg of fabric for free. The fabric is obtained from production runs, and would otherwise make its way to landfill, so this project is a welcome environmental improvement. It also fits with the culture at Maake, where honesty and integrity are embraced, and camaraderie reaches beyond professional relationships to shape the daily actions and decisions taken. Maake sees itself as more than a company, but as a community. It extends this community notion further still by outsourcing its considerable skills to the MaakeAcademy. This venture, dedicated to business coaching and growth, has gained significant traction since its inception. Maake co-founders Alexander Wills and Artemis Doupa are particularly important elements to the success of Maake, as they live and breathe the industry, forging a space where creative minds can dream big with unique designs, admirable ethos, and sustainability aspirations. Alexander has helped over 10,000 businesses to use digital textile printing, and is a technical whizz. Artemis enjoys notable acclaim as the author of ‘Design and Grow’, a book that encourages designers who are transitioning into business ownership. This is what makes MaakeAcademy such a valuable avenue, allowing creative brands to find inspiration and a helping hand. Multi-title award winning Maake has been recognised as Best Custom Fabric Printing Company 2023 & Most Ethical & Sustainable Fabric Company 2023 in the Greater London Enterprise Awards. Congratulations to such an outstanding and dynamic business. Company: maake Web Address: Contact Name: Alex Wills