Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

54 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Best Cloud & Network Services Provider 2023 Established in 2002, today Sensical is a boutique MSP in the City of London, with a growing team of dedicated specialists. By adapting itself to the technological evolutions and requirements of the market, year on year Sensical embraces innovation whilst remaining true to its core values – reliability, integrity, and elegance in simplicity. We take a closer look at the services that Sensical offers to its happy clients, and how said services have directly contributed towards its star-studded reputation. Following its inception in the early 2000s, by the time a few years had progressed, Sensical saw the need to adapt. As such, it transitioned from providing products to focusing on managed services. This was mainly due to an influx of client demand for advice, implementation, and support services throughout the IT lifecycle, and Sensical sought to offer all of this and more. Now, it provides a comprehensive range of expert services to both UK and international organisations alike, be it cloud computing, managed networking services, security consulting, or 24/7 support. As a product of its shift into a new and exciting direction, Sensical has built a solid reputation as a versatile organisation with a plethora of in-depth experience and talent behind its name. Its clients vary in size and span from government, legal, and service sectors, or are more involved in media and charity. Sensical believes in real, tangible values. Above all, Sensical is committed to quality and integrity: no matter the brief, Sensical will combine each requirement to achieve a steadfast IT system they can be truly proud of and will continue to reliably assist them along their journey. As a nimble and flexible organisation, Sensical is devoted to delivering the best value and solution, all whilst recognising the importance of budgets. Pricing in the IT sphere can be tricky, but Sensical have managed to strike just the right balance, all whilst fostering a strict ‘no cutting corners” mindset. In addition, they have long since come to terms with the fact that the IT can be puzzling jargon even for the most technologically savvy. Sensical forges practical proposals, fully aligned with the technical needs of its clients, while keeping each step clear and understandable. Another tangible sign of the company’s expansion is the further growth of its team. For another year in a row, Sensical not only invested in training and development, but it also brought additional talents onboard. The current make up is a close-knit team of specialists in the fields of Support, Network, Infrastructure, and Security who are truly passionate about what they do. With the usage of more complex technology on the constant increase, almost every company, big or small, is looking to develop their IT departments into a well-oiled machine. Sensical acts as a means to reach this goal, and it does so with such an ingenious flair that it’s impossible to look anywhere else. The handling that it has over its area of expertise is nothing short of masterful – something that clients of all types will notice from the very beginning of their partnership with Sensical. As the world changes, Sensical will be there to ensure that your IT operations are prepared to change with it. Contact: Company: Sensical Services Ltd Web Address: