Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

Cask Whisky Ltd is a brokerage that both offers and advises on investing in premium whisky casks. It sources its casks from leading distilleries in Scotland including Speyside, The Highlands, The Lowlands, Campbelltown, and Islay. All areas famous and distinguished as fine purveyors of the water of life. Cask Whisky Ltd is growing at pace, and has recently been delighted to open up a new office in Hong Kong. The value of whisky casks is rapidly climbing, making them a most attractive and profitable investment opportunity. According to a Knight Frank Wealth Report, over the past 10 years rare whisky prices have gone up by 582%, so there’s never been a better time to start investing in this commodity. Cask Whisky Ltd is a company that prides itself on its excellent customer service, and on providing a bespoke investment journey for its clients. Thanks to the valued relationships it has forged with Scottish whisky makers it is able to ensure clients of top-level advice, assistance, and excellent value for money. Distilleries need private investors as the cost of providing secure storage for its millions of pounds worth of whisky casks is huge. It includes insurance fees, the capital laid out to purchase grain, wage costs, the import price for barrels, and the costs of distillery overheads. Help from investors is integral to the distilleries’ abilities to be able to afford cask maturation. This is especially important when it comes to smaller or newer distilleries, who simply couldn’t afford to do it without investment. Cask Whisky’s reach includes all the major whisky producing regions in Scotland. Speyside is home to the largest amount of distilleries in the country, including Glenfiddich, Cragganmore, The Glenlivet, and The Macallan. The predominant flavours of the whiskies in this region vary, but are generally known to be deeply complex, smoky, and with hints of apple, nutmeg, and vanilla. The Highlands features over 30 distilleries, spread out more than Speyside, and known for their notes of peat, honey, dried fruit and heather. Famous names include Glenmorangie, Jura, Oban, and Talisker. The Lowlands is famous for use of the triple distillery method, which increases alcoholic content but leaves the final whisky with an overall lighter character. Cambelltown is home to just 3 distilleries, known for single malts that contain briny, smoky notes combined with toffee and vanilla. Finally, the famous whisky producing island of Islay is home to 9 distilleries, including Laphroaig, and is known for whiskies with strong smoky, earthy tasting notes. All of these regions are supported by Cask Whisky Ltd in terms of multiple investment opportunities. Cask Whisky Ltd is a London based company, which is important as the capital is of course a major financial hub, and the company trades with clients all over the world. Interested clients will often fly into London for whisky tasting events and meetings too. It is the perfect place to conduct such hospitality, and offers easy access to Scotland. The main challenges being faced by Cask Whisky at the present time concern the UK inflationary pressures, which have been putting stress on homeowners in Britain due to increased interest rates. Cask Whisky has still managed to thrive, however, and has been able to show its clients good returns because not only are its cask investments tax efficient but it offers many exit strategies. International trade is also flourishing for Cask Whisky Ltd. Cask Whisky’s staff are all finance professionals, or professionals who have worked in the whisky industry. Staff have all studied with the Edinburgh Whisky Academy, and have ongoing training and development in line with market changes. Looking to the future, in the coming year Cask Whisky plans to hold events in London this September, and has work underway to open a 3rd office in Singapore soon. The firm has recently been recognised as the Most Innovative Whisky Investment Company 2023 in the Greater London Enterprise Awards. Well done to it for championing opportunities in this distinguished and elegant area of investment marketing. Company: Cask Whisky Ltd Web Address: Contact Name: Craig Arch Investing in cask whisky means that you are buying into a spirit that’s still on its journey to maturation. The Cask Whisky company can help clients to source quality single malts and rare casks, whilst providing an end-to-end service to assist in the purchase, storage, bottling, and sale of premium whisky. Most Innovative Whisky Investment Company 2023