Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

62 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Most Stylish Sustainable Lifestyle Brand 2023 Based in the London Borough of Barnet, Naked Nation is a retail brand offering a selection of sustainably made and packaged necklaces, bracelets, earrings, clothing, socks, and gifts. Each of its signature pieces are beautiful, comfortable, meaningful, and made with love by the Naked Nation team. Here, we speak to Karla Sifontes, the company’s Founder, to find out more about its past, present, and future. Karla, like many others, was inspired to realise her dreams of entrepreneurship during the Covid-19 pandemic. She emptied out her garage and set up two desks with laptops, where she brainstormed ideas about how she could create a brand that makes a meaningful difference to people’s lives. “It all began with my grandmother, Julia,” Karla explains. “Back in Venezuela, she ran a little shop from her home in the town of San Cristobal, where she made and sold beautiful jewellery and pyjamas to the local community. I used to love going there and seeing the care she would put into creating her goods and how everything had a personal touch, from the product itself to how she was with the locals who came to her home.” With experience as an environmental engineer and fashion designer, Karla was inspired to take her grandmother’s local approach and expand it to reach a global scale. She created Naked Nation, a sustainable, outwardlooking British brand with a focus on building a community of like-minded people. Since its days in Karla’s garage, the brand has grown significantly. It now has its own office as well as a full team of amazing people. At the heart of Naked Nation is a mission to reach people with love, happiness, and comfort. Through its products, the company strives to make a positive difference in the lives of its customers, enabling them to feel happier, more in control, and better able to cope with the peaks and troughs of life. “I aim to ensure that all of our products and services help you feel the same way my grandmother’s customers felt – full of happiness and belonging,” Karla comments. As a London based business, Naked Nation takes inspiration from the individual and personal styles of its local audience. Karla explains, “We resonate with the city's diversity, and as Naked Nation, we present a unified brand featuring various styles while remaining dedicated to our core values of love, comfort, and sustainability.” Whilst emotion and style are important in their own right, Naked Nation understands that quality is key. Every beautiful product it makes is subject to rigorous inspection and quality control measures. As part of this, its dedicated team assess every stitch, fabric, and detail. “By maintaining strict quality checks, we guarantee that our products are built to last for many years,” Karla elaborates. “We want our customers to have a durable and comfortable experience with our products, confident in the knowledge that their clothes and jewellery will withstand the test of time.” Over the years, many customers have left positive reviews for Naked Nation on platforms like Trustpilot, praising the uniqueness and quality of its products. The company values the time they take to do so and works to take their feedback on board. Furthermore, Naked Nation is a sustainable business at its core. Karla believes that, in order to make progress as a society, every business should embrace sustainability as a key focus. The brand is currently transitioning from the use of recyclable to reusable packaging and has partnered with an agency to support this change. While establishing a system for a circular economy has come with challenges, Naked Nation has worked tirelessly with its partners to develop solutions and overcome hurdles. In the years to come, Naked Nation will diligently expand its range of products and create new partnerships to incorporate innovative technologies that utilise waste as materials, enabling it to have a more substantial positive impact on the environment. In its creation of new products, Naked Nation intends to maintain its commitment to classic design, ensuring that its products blend into any wardrobe, no matter the season. By avoiding the wasteful practices of the fast-fashion industry, the company keeps its environmental footprint to a minimum. In recognition of the high-quality, beautiful products it provides, Naked Nation has been awarded Most Stylish Sustainable Lifestyle Brand in the Greater London Awards 2023. The company looks towards a bright future as it plans to establish offices in new countries. We wish Karla and her team the best of luck in all their endeavours. Contact: Karla Sifontes Company: Naked Nation Ltd Web Address: