Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

Since its inception, MJS Simply Play has dedicated its time and resources towards crafting an environment for the young people of South East London to spend their time away from home. It’s worked tirelessly to ensure that, not only are children able to empty their systems after a long day of school, but they’re able to do so in ways that encourage positive connections between other youngsters and adults alike. Whether this is through its extensive range of sports, arts and crafts, drama, roleplay, and cooking activities, or its willingness to provide work experience to teens between 12 and 16, it’s wholly focused on uniting younger people with a happy and healthy environment. Following almost two decades of brilliance, MJS Simply Play has evolved from being a standard after school club. No longer is it just a place for children to play – it’s an opportunity for young ones to feel confident in themselves. They’re encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings, granting them the unique chance to express themselves completely free of judgement. Children are actively supported in their quest to be themselves, be it through simply enjoying their time at the club, or having direct input in how to make MJS Simply Play feel even more like a home away from home. As a result of its supportive and gentle nature, MJS Simply Play has a wonderful internal culture that truly helps children to open up about negative experiences that they may have had in terms of potential bullying. This could be children who have been bullied, or have been the bullies. In both cases, MJS Simply Play has been capable of creating a space safe enough for young ones to be honest and truthful. In turn, this fosters an unapologetically comforting environment; one that’s filled with individuals who truly have the wellbeing of each and every child at the heart of everything they do. MJS Simply Play prides itself on the opportunities that it presents to children, and is beyond grateful for the environment that it’s been able to forge as a result of its staff’s tireless efforts to provide a safe space in which young ones can flourish. It’s clear that childcare is the resounding passion that underpins the entire collective, which is effortlessly displayed, not only throughout its attitude towards its work, but towards seeing the children in its care grow up to be upstanding individuals who know that they can be themselves, no matter what. When speaking with us, MJS Simply Play expressed a huge thank you, not just to the parents that have entrusted their children to its care over the years, but to the children themselves. It’s thanks to them that MJS Simply Play is able to continuously present new chances for a variety of children. We’re beyond proud to offer the title of Best After School Care Service 2023 - South East London to MJS Simply Play. Its absolute dedication to presenting a loving environment built on the foundations of brilliance is incredibly inspiring, and we’re sure that it’ll continue to mould the confident young minds of the next generation through its fantastic after school clubs. We’re excited to watch as it celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2024. Contact: Matthew Johnson Company: MJS Simply-Play @ Christ Church (MJS Simply Play Limited) Web Address: We can’t be with our children 24/7. It’s an impossibility, whether this is due to studies or work commitments. As such, you need to be sure that the people that you’re entrusting your children to are trustworthy, kind, and have their best interests in mind. MJS Simply Play offers all of this and more. As an after-school club, it provides a safe and stimulating environment that’s set to support any children in its care, and we explore how it helps encourage your children to flourish in their own unique ways. Best After School Care Service 2023 - South East London