Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

42 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Best Corporate Housing & Apartments Service Provider 2023 The Apartment Network (TAN) is a small team of extended stay experts, delivering accommodation solutions to a global network of clients. Hotels are not the only option available to discerning clientele, and TAN works hard to offer the best accommodation on the market. We spoke with Sam McMillen, Director of Marketing, to find out more on the back of the team’s recognition in the awards. While hotels have long monopolised the extended stay landscape, there’s a burgeoning sub-sector within the industry that is gaining incredible momentum with each passing year. After all, hotel rooms can only go so far when it comes to presenting a facsimile of a ‘lived in home’, something welcoming and seamless. As an ever-growing trend for business leaders and leisure bookers alike, TAN has become a standout element when it comes to serviced apartments and temporary housing, as Sam explains in more detail. “Apartments provide guests more space, privacy, and flexibility in how they stay, and modern travellers prefer them. TAN delivers reliable, professionally managed accommodation in serviced apartments and temporary corporate housing, all over the world. It’s TAN’s vision to connect people with enjoyable spaces to live in, however long their stay.” TAN’s approach and client centric mission has proven a potent combination, with the company achieving impressive growth over the last year. With that growth, comes expansion into new markets, with a natural service extension to serve relocation teams, project teams, film and production crews, and – on the back of the COVID pandemic and a rise in remote working – digital nomads. All in all, while the market slowed to a crawl during the pandemic, it has since exploded once more. And with that revival comes a wealth of opportunity. Sam says, “2022 saw a revival in business travel following COVID related concerns and restrictions. The serviced apartment sector recovered faster than hotels, with self-contained, fully furnished, and flexible accommodation options very much in demand. The ‘travel less, stay longer’ trend is picking up speed as businesses access the value of business travel and look to make the most of every trip. This trend is fuelling demand in the apartment sector as business travellers look for more flexibility and a home-from-home feeling. “The hotel and apartment sectors are, like most sectors, experiencing price rises, which is in turn pushing up nightly rates. This is challenging travel buyers whose budgets are either static or in some cases, being reduced. A trend none of us can ignore is that of environmental sustainability. It’s a big talking point in the travel and hospitality industry. It’s worth noting that apartments are often a more sustainable way to stay, and apartment providers offer a wealth of benefits in this area.” But TAN’s services extend beyond what you may imagine from the outset. The team have a history of solving problems, whatever the unique challenges presented to them. Sam takes a moment to discuss how TAN aims for client satisfaction in all that it does. “We are solutionists. When a new client came to us recently, the traditional serviced apartment model wasn’t going to work. We had to take a different approach to deliver the solution they needed, to accommodate different guests, checking in and out, over an extended period of time. By looking at the opportunity differently and using their knowledge, the TAN team delivered accommodation that suited the need, remains flexible and cost-effective, and importantly, takes the pain of booking away from the client.” A truly crucial part of TAN’s success comes down to the internal culture, leadership, and the greater team. Its expertise, values, and vision come from within, trickling down from the top with a clear goal that every employee works towards. This cohesive approach has distinguished TAN from an industry which is only growing more competitive with each passing year. “Our leadership gives us direction, honesty, drive, determination, and experience. Marcos Isaac, TAN’s CEO, would not ask any more of his team than he is prepared to give himself,” Sam tells us. “In leading by example, our work ethos keeps us connected and inspired. We work hard, we are trusted, we are respected, and we are responsible. TAN offers a flexible working environment that suits our remote working team. We have fun together. Our trusted network helps us deliver great solutions for our clients. It’s about teamwork, partnership, trust, and communication. We are client obsessed. We work together with our clients to complement and support their business objectives.” But let’s focus on the future, and what TAN has in store as it moves through the rest of 2023 and beyond. Here Sam concludes on the team’s efforts to expand and develop their services. “The Apartment Network is expanding organically with a new office in Germany to support the DACH region and a new office in North America. We support the Coalition for Green Mobility as our industry strives towards a greener and more planet friendly future. We have a strong focus on providing accommodation that is a safe place to stay and will work closely with ISAAP to promote this message.” Company Name: The Apartment Network Contact Name: Sam McMillen, Director of Marketing Address: 85 Great Portland Street London England W1W 7LT Web Address: Contact Email Telephone Number: +44 (0)20 3743 7336