Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

30 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Founded in 2013, LB Jewellers, based in London Moorgate, has consistently held the title of “number one jewellers” for exclusive watches and custom diamond jewellery for many years. Inspired by the sale of his first watch at the age of just 19, Lamar Berko, the firm’s founder, is committed to perfecting his craft which consequently led to him providing a high standard of quality tailored concierge services to his clientele, including going the extra mile such as travelling abroad for a next-day delivery option. Over time, the business has evolved and adapted as the world around it has changed, however its core values of providing quality along with great customer service have remained the same throughout the firm’s many years of operation. “With these two focus points at the heart of the business, no matter what happens within the jewellery industry, you will maintain you clientele,” Lamar tells us. “Everybody wants the best pieces in the shortest time, and time is very important within the jewellery industry. You cannot leave your customers waiting, and that is key!” Originally what made LB Jewellers stand out was its branding. Not that long ago, everybody believed selling jewellery was all about having a store presence on a high street in order to be seen and to be a successful jeweller. Now, society has changed and, with the rise and popularity of social media and online promotion, particularly postCovid, LB Jewellers has accumulated a following across a number of different platforms by appealing to the masses with a custom service which had not previously been available internationally. “LB Jewellers challenges the norms,” enthuses Lamar. “Breathing new life into an old industry by adapting to the rise of social media and offering an around the clock, on-demand service.” The jewellery industry is constantly developing, evolving, and changing, just like the fashion industry and clothing styles. Some trends may start elsewhere and slowly make their way across to the UK, such as the hip-hop culture which began in the USA and has now firmly embedded itself in this country, with London being well-known for hiphop and the associated jewellery that accompanies it. Being based in London, LB Jewellers is continuously rising to the challenge of always staying one step ahead of the game. “One of the benefits about being in London is there is a lot of competition so you’re forever making sure you're up to date with the latest trends, as well as creating your own trends,” Lamar explains. “It’s important you see the art side to jewellery as well, and view yourself as more of a creative designer.” London-based prestige jeweller, Lamar Berko, who is the founder and CEO of LB Jewellers, talks to us about what its like behind the scenes of his luxurious brand as the company celebrates success in the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023. Most Exclusive Diamond Jewellery Retailer 2023