Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

The eminent jewellery business takes its services very seriously, priding itself on treating everybody like a VIP client. Many jewellers will only travel out to clients when there is a celebrity involved, however LB Jewellers goes that extra mile for every single customer. However, there is also a huge emphasis on the quality of the jewellery produced. “Creativity is what separates ‘us’ from ‘them’,” enthuses Lamar, elaborating on the ethos behind his luxurious, premium brand that he has worked hard to build up over the years. “There’s an art in this game that is often ignored. It’s not just about buying and selling; it’s about being an innovative designer and making pieces that will be iconic. We pride ourselves on our designs and our craftsmanship. Quality is key. When somebody walks into a room with an LB Jewellers’ custom-made piece of jewellery, we want everybody in that entire room to know and understand why this is so special!” Likewise, it is of the utmost importance that LB Jewellers recruits quality team members to help run the prestigious brand, and Lamar looks for people with both general and jewellery knowledge as well as customer experience. “Jewellery has different sectors,” he continues. “It’s important to be tuned in to the hip-hop community as this will help with ideas and day-to-day work. However, every role within this field its important and having staff that can think fast and efficiently, solving problems as and when they arise, is required.” Over the years, the industry has seen its fair share of challenges and one of the most challenging hurdles that Lamar has experienced is often simply getting his foot in the door and building a relationship or partnership with another established and prestigious brand. The fact that LB Jewellers has established a good strong name for itself, with celebrity endorsement behind it, has meant that it has become a wellknown, trusted brand that is renowned for producing quality items. “You really have to turn on you’re a-game because you need to stay relevant and you're not going to want to be left behind,” Lamar states. “Then there’s trust. Trust is in two departments: your clients and the trade you're in. In this game, your name is everything – it’s the most important currency and it’s worth more than money.” Recently, in recognition of its dedication and commitment to its clientele, LB Jewellers was successful in the Greater London Enterprise Awards and was browned with the prestigious accolade of Most Exclusive Diamond Jewellery Retailer 2023. Now, the rest of 2023 looks very promising for LB Jewellers. The brand is forever growing and expanding and, currently, it is undertaking a project to build serviced apartments which will be ready for the first quarter of 2024. The new LB Jewellers’ store will also be opening in 2024, plus a line of exclusive accessories has been launched which consists of watch cases and jewellery travel sets. “Anyone can sell jewellery but not everyone can be a jeweller is also the belief and driving force behind LB Jewellers’ success,” Lamar quips. “LB’s bespoke pieces provide a peek into the mind of an aesthete who thrives on designing pieces which mean as much to the client as they do himself, and the quality is never short of sheer excellence.” Contact Details Contact: Lamar Berko Company: LB Jewellers Web Address: