Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

32 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 With a trauma-informed background, Natalie Ford has adapted herself from supporting clients to get comfortable feeling and expressing their emotions, finding their authentic voice, and upholding healthy boundaries – to now focusing on elevating their self-worth and clearing out insecurities and limiting beliefs, so her clients can attract the quality of partner they long for. Natalie’s work has evolved to focus on helping courageous women on a path of healing and self-empowerment to attract men who match them spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and sexually in a soul-aligned relationship. Working within the world of manifestation, she promotes the potency of envisioning what you want, setting standards to support it, and making the moves to bring it into reality. She tells us, “I work specifically with women who are looking for the long-term forever love – but without the Disney fairytale slant of the heroic prince coming to rescue the disempowered princess. I support women to create a happy ever after that is rooted deeply in reality, and their own personal power.” With regards to finding a perfect partner, Natalie helps her clients call in the man of their dreams by clearing emotional blocks so they can become an energetic match for their ideal man and ‘magnetic’ in the process. This involves matching much deeper than just physical looks and common interests, but in personality, values, morals, intentions and desires. Natalie tells us more, “I have seen a lot of manifestation work out there, but it tends to put people in a mindset of thinking that purely by having a vision board and focusing on what they want that they’ll make things happen. I too previously got caught in this trap – but later discovered it’s actually one of the blocks to successfully calling in love. It leads you to believe you’re doing all the right things, when in fact you’re not actually taking the necessary action.” By working with courageous and highly-motivated women to break down the barriers caused by self-limiting belief systems and patterns, Natalie removes the constraints of what her clients previously believed was possible. The ‘Law of Attraction’ – a philosophy which suggests our thoughts and emotions either attract or repel situations in our lives – tells us that what we believe will come into fruition if we truly channel our thoughts and desires towards it. Natalie’s work is an extension of this – but goes deeper. Natalie believes in putting the work in to raise our vibration through elevated self-esteem and clearing out underlying low-vibrational beliefs that can stop the Law of Attraction from working. Going further than simply thinking positive thoughts, Natalie delves into trauma-healing work to clear any blockages within the psyche and energetic field, and increases women’s confidence, self-belief and accuracy when focusing on exactly what they desire. By doing so, Natalie has helped countless clients to find the love they’ve always wanted – turning their long-held dreams into a lived reality. Getting the results we want doesn’t mean purely willing something into existence; Natalie knows that we must set our intentions, put the spiritual and psychological work in, and seize the moment. Without identifying and clearing emotional, psychological and energetic blockages, women can become frustrated and start to believe that the type of man they’re searching for doesn’t exist. This can breed anger, resentment, and a lack of understanding between men and women. But, by becoming a match for the energy she wants to draw in, an empowered woman can attract the man – and life – of her dreams. Helping women to own their uniqueness and power, Natalie does this through shadow and manifestation work to liberate women across the globe. Natalie helps awakened women to gain exactly what they want in a romantic partner, working her magic so that they can successfully form a ‘forever’ relationship. Natalie is a firm believer that our most important relationship is with ourselves first, and from here we can find enriching, nourishing, and souligniting connections with others when we are clear what our needs and desires are. Helping women to awaken their inner goddess – by doing deep empowerment work – Natalie has become well-known for her dedication, passion, and magical guidance. “I offer a standards-based approach to dating where I help women get really clear on what they want in a relationship and partner, and call that in. We clear out limiting beliefs so she can connect fully with her desires and become highly magnetic. I then guide her to take the actions that attract the love she’s been looking for.” Of course, to grow and develop in any area of life, we need to practice healing the inner-child and clearing our shadows so that we can drive our desires from visions into actual existence. This kind of work goes back to deep psychotherapy roots where the theory of the ‘shadow self’ was born by Carl Jung. The shadow self can hold onto a lot of trauma and negative experiences, which determine a pathway for us before we’re even mature enough to understand our journey. Natalie explains, “Our psyche Helping women to find their dream man, and supporting them through the early stages of their relationship, Natalie Ford offers a unique service focusing on high self-worth, powerful feminine energy, and manifestation! We interviewed Natalie to learn more about her powerful approach as she wins her title in the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023. Dating & Relationship Coach of the Year 2023: Natalie Ford