Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

is conditioned to remember things that represent danger, so we can try to avoid them in the future to survive. However, this can also massively hold us back from living our best lives.” The shadow work which Natalie guides her clients through works wonders for their personal empowerment, and she uses her techniques to not only free them from their shackles of insecurities, but to reprogramme their belief system to support them in shaping their lives in precisely the way they wish. For Natalie, shaping lives comes as second nature as she not only prepares women for the forever love of their lifetime, but she gives them all the tools needed for a full energetic transformation. “So many of us get caught up in the ‘people pleaser’ archetype – where it’s impossible to create genuine connections. It takes extreme courage to be authentic, speak your needs, and uphold healthy boundaries – and all of this is necessary to cultivate a meaningful relationship. True connection is the most important thing in the world.” Even though Natalie works remotely, she nurtures her own personal connections with great love and care. She regularly spends time connecting with friends around the world, seeing family and visiting coworking spaces. Natalie’s down-to-earth attitude about her work is truly refreshing as she continues to support and hold her clients in a safe space, where they can grow and develop skills for creating the relationships and lives they long for. Natalie understands that the women she works with are not the type to settle for less than they want and deserve. She helps determined women to find extraordinary love and teaches them how to create a strong, harmonious relationship that can last. Natalie notes that empowered couples can often clash, so she shows women how to navigate these situations and supports the couple to learn to trust each other at a deep level, work as a team, and thrive – creating a masterpiece of a relationship between them. Her intricate, intuitive, and compassionate work has won her the title of Dating & Relationship Coach of the Year in the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023, and we are sure to see Natalie help countless more women to truly step into their power, raise their vibration, and attract the supreme love of their lives. As the future beckons, Natalie is preparing for an exciting 12 months ahead. She is set to run her ten-week Soul-Aligned Love group programme from the end of September, which will equip participants with all they need to call in the man of their dreams. This programme is a group empowerment and manifestation workshop which helps participants to eradicate insecurities, learn the steps of manifestation, and bring forth Natalie’s tried-and-tested strategies for time-efficient dating. Natalie enthuses, “It’s going to be a potent virtual room of exceptional, highcalibre women who’ve done the majority of their empowerment work and are now ready to call in their dream partner. A powerful group is already building of women who will encourage, support, and champion each other to find love. We’ll be working with cutting-edge shadow work techniques to clear an energetic path for successful manifestation.” Also working 1-1 with clients, Natalie’s Authentic Committed Dating programme supports women through the first 6-18 months of a new relationship, to help them lay solid foundations of trust, team-work, communication, and intimacy for forever love to grow. She helps women stay in their power throughout the early stages of dating and forming a new relationship, where they can feel safe to process emotional triggers, be reminded of their value and highest self, and receive guidance to cultivate an authentic, loving, healthy relationship. Natalie adds, “My Authentic Committed Dating programme helps women to master the skills for clear, calm, and compassionate communication executed with grace. The final piece of healing for many of the women I support is to let down their defences, trust fully, and learn to lean on their partner so they can build a strong relationship for their ongoing future.” For women who are still working on feeling worthy of calling in a magnificent love, Natalie offers her Own Your Magnificence programme for which there is currently a waitlist for the next iteration due to start next year. Natalie has a number of free masterclasses available to all women who are looking for a taste of her magic. This is a great way of getting to know how Natalie works before diving into a full programme or working with her 1-1. If you’re ready to clear insecurities and blocks to love so you can attract the love of your life, contact Natalie today for more details. Contact: Natalie Ford Company: Natalie Ford Coaching Instagram: @natalieford.datingcoach Facebook: YouTube: Web Address: