Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

Finding Strength and Support: A Journey to Well-being Previously, in 2006 Diane was given twelve weeks to live, In 2006, Diane was faced with a dire prognosis, given only twelve weeks to live, and presented with the daunting prospect of a full neck dissection. Holding steadfast to her belief in the power of holistic interventions, Diane's journey took an extraordinary turn from the moment of her diagnosis, leading her to become a beacon of light for holistic approaches to overall well-being. A squamous cell carcinoma in her main aorta artery threatened to limit Diane's life, with no conventional solution available, turning to holistic interventions that Diane found her lifeline. Today, with immense gratitude, she shares her personal journey of unwavering determination, resilience, and profound transformation. As a holistic mindset wellbeing therapist, Diane understands the paramount role of our mental landscape. "Mindset shapes our lives, yet traversing its terrains alone can be challenging. A robust support system can guide us through life's complexities, making our journey more manageable." Diane empowers individuals to rewrite the narratives of their minds, breaking free from patterns that keep people locked in loops, who may be living a life or phase in life which they have outgrown. Diane's story illuminates the essence of holistic well-being – a tapestry of interconnectedness that treats the individual as a whole. She attests, "Reflecting on my life's trials, I recognize that without holistic professionals supporting my recovery, I wouldn't stand here today, thriving." Returning to the UK in 2015, Diane was surprised to discover a void in the realm of dedicated Holistic Wellbeing platforms. Fuelled by her passion for well-being, she established the Wonderful World of Wellbeing (WWoW), driven by the belief that "Outer Changes Always Begin Within." WWoW presents a curated range of offerings that cater to individual business owner needs, equipping them with a toolkit and interventions that elevate lives. WWoW has united trusted holistic wellbeing professionals under one umbrella. Diane's commitment has fostered a vibrant community that reaches beyond her own holistic therapy. Since the launch of WWoW in 2017, their offerings have broadened with an educational academy, online wellbeing resources, live festivals and online educational seminars. Corporate wellbeing in the workplace is a strategic investment that goes beyond the surface, aiming to enrich employees' lives holistically. Holistic education and immersive experiences create profound impact, nurturing a sense of individual care and support with a person-centred approach. By equipping employees with tools for mental, emotional, and physical well-being, we empower them to navigate challenges with resilience and vitality. This empowerment not only benefits employees as individuals but also forms the bedrock of enhanced productivity and a harmonious work environment. As employees feel truly supported, they contribute to a culture of wholeness, fostering personal growth and well-being, which in turn translates to a more thriving and engaged workforce. Join us on this remarkable journey of empowerment, self-discovery and healing prospects for personal or business development. Explore the boundless potential of holistic living, where inner transformation induces positive external change both short and long-term. Experience the transformative power of holistic interventions, and let us guide you towards a life illuminated by well-being. Diane offers a complimentary consult as a gateway to explore personal and business development. You are in good hands while exploring your unique needs. WWoW empowers individuals to enhance their lives holistically. The recent recognition as the "Most Innovative Holistic Health and Wellbeing Company 2023" bolsters Diane's tireless efforts to revolutionize the Wellbeing Industry. Experience Holistic Wellness with WWoW. Discover Your Potential Today. Diane Mitchell: Founder; Wonderful World of Wellbeing Complimentary consultation: Email: Telephone: 07522760068 Wonderful World of Wellbeing has been recognised as the Most Innovative Holistic Health & Wellness Business 2023. Founder Diane Mitchell is relentless in her pursuit to integrate Holistic Health and Wellbeing into the lives of all generations since her return to the UK in 2015. Most Innovative Holistic Health & Wellness Company 2023