Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

44 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Leading ICT Business Sales Experts 2023 “There are no compromises when it comes to your satisfaction.” Gary Smith, Managing Director of Venture Corporate Finance, knows what makes his company a standout institution in the highly competitive space in which it operates. Through this, used as a mantra, plus a plethora of other distinguishing factors, Venture Corporate Finance has cultivated an incredible reputation. Let’s take a closer look. Selling your business can be – and more often that not absolutely is – a stressful thing to do. Juggling the uncertainty with a veritable minefield of challenges and obstacles, it’s a time of considerable upheaval and stress. So, it helps to have a helping hand. Someone to guide the way, and lift the load. Enter Venture Corporate Finance. Founded by a group of experienced ICT business sales experts and business owners, the company have thrived through an innate understanding of every step of the selling process, as Gary explains further in his opening comments. “With some of our team having been through it themselves, and years of guiding entrepreneurs through the sale process, we understand the complex feelings tied up in selling your business. That’s why we provide a transparent service with less of the smoke and mirrors. It starts with a free, tailor-made transaction readiness report that evaluates your exit potential and includes our honest valuation and advice on your best next steps. “There are no upfront fees; our team is fully invested in your vision and driven to deliver on your goals. It’s a shared risk that puts you first. From research and marketing to ongoing transactional support, our team’s IT, tech, and telecom expertise helps you maximise the value of your exit, with industry insight that lets you know you’re getting the best possible deal. It means a smoother sale and the freedom to focus on what’s important: keeping your company running.” As promised from the outset, Venture Corporate Finance aims towards total client-centricity. After all, no two businesses are alike, and each client requires a bespoke touch to ensure an efficient sale. There’s no cookie cutter path to success here. Just due care and attention to what makes your business special, what makes it tick. “Your business isn’t just another sale on the pile. It’s the culmination of decades of hard work, and you should be rewarded for that. But it takes time, effort, and compromise when all you want is to move on to the next chapter of your life. We understand that because we’ve been through it too. That’s what first inspired us to look at market success rates, completion times, and shareholder satisfaction, only to find they weren’t where they should be. So we’re here to change that,” Gary adds. Ultimately, the market is competitive at the moment, with no sale being easy or seamless to acquire. Higher interest rates with political uncertainty make for a potent combination for slow sale progression, and notable hesitancy from buyers. Yet, that’s not always the case when it comes to ICT-focused businesses. After all, the technology and IT sector is in a prolonged period of growth and interest – with no signs of slowing down. It’s a market of potential, and Venture Corporate Finance is keeping ahead of all opportunities to ensure the team deliver the best possible service to clients. “With the shifting market to a buyers’ market we are seeing more off market opportunities combined with sellers looking for direct approaches. Combined with the development of platforms means that we are seeing a portion of the market drifting away from advisory to selfsupport and connection with buyers. Looking to the future, we feel that specialist support in the transaction will still be a necessity but access to who are actively buying and business preparation will become less of a fee payable solution.” This essentially plays into the team’s plans for the rest of the year and beyond. With ten transactions under their belt so far, they hope to finish in a position of strength and in place to build momentum over 2024. “2023 still looks very strong and, with the development of technology leading the next stage, we see sell side advisor being a more commoditised solution with specific requests and less end-to-end support. We remain the go-to place for ICT deal making in the UK and we would consider this to continue in 2024 and further develop software and sector penetration.” Company Name: Venture Corporate Finance Contact Name: Gary Smith, Managing Director Address: 13 Hanover Square Mayfair London W1S 1HN Web Address: Contact Email: Telephone Number: 0203 6330346