Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

Success in the wealth management industry demands an ability to achieve results. Clients expect those results, and anything less than meeting expectations can only result in stagnation – and, ultimately, failure. It’s impressive then that the Pinnacle Group has cultivated a rich reputation in this space, and continued to nourish a client-centric approach that has distinguished it among a highly competitive landscape. We spoke with Managing Director, Neil Fergus to find out more. Most Client-Focused Wealth Management Company 2023 While many wealth management firms utilise client-centric processes, few take clientcentricity as seriously as the Pinnacle Group. It forms the crux of the firm’s services and approach, defining its central ethos and mission. The team work diligently every day to serve the best interests of their clients, to learn more about their long-term financial goals, and create a real return on investment that has swiftly marked them as among the very best in the business. This has been the case since the very beginning of the Pinnacle Group and is permeated through a trickle-down system that stems from the very top. The team see themselves as partners in an ongoing relationship with their clientele. It’s not just a case of a simple, distanced transaction – it’s a partnership, with Pinnacle Group’s experts dedicating significant resources to secure the best results for those that engage with their services. “We introduce opportunities at the request of certified investment individuals, families, institutions, and professional companies globally and help them achieve their wealth goals, always with a standard of excellence and guided by our core values. We focus on their success and remaining committed to helping them grow their wealth and pursue their financial goals.” “At Pinnacle, clients come first.” Beyond this undisputable dedication to clientcentricity comes a potent focus on ‘excellence’ and ‘commitment’ which further generate a peerless wealth management service within the middle market. The Pinnacle Group’s team has a proven track record for a breadth of expertise across a multitude of industries and global markets. Partner this with a true depth of knowledge within each sector, and even the largest of institutions struggle to keep apace. Further, the Pinnacle Group enriches its pacesetting position by capitalising on incoming trends and larger industry movements. While it is far from an ‘incoming trend’ today, the Pinnacle Group has become known for its robust approach to corporate responsibility, as Neil explains succinctly. “Our vision of corporate responsibility is defined by an adherence to a fiduciary culture that embraces core ethical values – and that is supported by rigorous risk management foster an inclusive, diverse, and collaborative environment that offers a world of opportunity to build rewarding and sustainable investment business and portfolios. We endeavour to make our operations more sustainable and provide investment solutions for a better tomorrow.” These values have long placed the Pinnacle Group as a crucial element on the greater wealth management landscape – Its future is one of continued growth, and clientcentric services. THE PINNACLE GRP LIMITED Address: 85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London, W1W 7LT Telephone: +44 (0) 204 502 1590 Email: