Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

It’s not uncommon for our bodies to lack nutrients from time to time. We may not know it, but we could all benefit from the usage of supplements, and 4e Nutrition is on-hand to ensure that you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. By combining quality with ethically sourced ingredients, 4e Nutrition has managed to cultivate a catalogue of supplement blends that’re targeted towards specific health concerns and issues. Most Innovative Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturer 2023 Initially operating as nutritionists and fitness professionals, the wonderful team behind 4e Nutrition became uncomfortable with the notion that a client’s health and wellbeing may be dependent on third party supplements. 4e Nutrition feared that these supplements may not be what they said they were, and therefore set out to ensure that it could recommend products that it wholeheartedly trusted. The result is 4e Nutrition’s catalogue of high quality, vegan friendly, organic, kosher, and ethical supplements. However, in some circumstances, vegan options aren’t available. Despite this, 4e Nutrition has devised a solution that allows it to deliver the most ethical Whey Protein alternative possible. Since Whey Protein is categorically a dairy product, 4e Nutrition concocted its own formulation unlike anything else on the market thus far. It utilises only the highest grade, hormone-free milk - sourced form EU and British cows - in order to forge a supplement that’s completely free from GMOs. As a result, it’s easily one of the most ethical dairy protein supplements available. Thanks to the team’s background in nutrition and fitness, 4e Nutrition was in the perfect position to analyse the industry from a completely new perspective. It started to question if most supplements were genuine, and concluded that the only way to answer this query was to try creating its own. During the process, 4e Nutrition came to a sudden and shocking realisation – most supplement brands were using the same ingredients from the same suppliers, simply repackaged with different labels under the guise that they weren’t one in the same. Following this blow, 4e Nutrition set out to make a difference. Now, it’s heralded as a supplement brand that supplies a niche array of products that’re all unique in their makeup. No two supplement choices are the same, with each individual ingredient carefully chosen to achieve the desired result. Thanks to its tireless efforts, 4e Nutrition acts as a means to provide supplements with transparency at their core – something that had been sorely excluded from the industry up until this point. 4e Nutrition’s supplements are completely unique – not only are they ethically crafted, but they have a scope of usage that’s utterly unparalleled. If you need it, 4e Nutrition most likely supplies it, and does so through combining various natural ingredients. The result is a catalogue of blended supplements that’re able to tackle specific health challenges. These include, but aren’t limited to, weight loss, menopause, energy deficiencies, digestive issues, immune health, and many more. There truly isn’t another company like 4e Nutrition within the UK. Its approach towards delivering the best of the best to its clients, all whilst adhering to the most eco-aware and ethical practises, makes it a cornerstone of the current industry. It’s set the standard on what individuals should expect from supplement brands, and does so whilst minimising its carbon footprint and promoting vegan-safe alternatives that have been previously overlooked. This all culminates in a company that’s more than deserving of its award title. It recognises the responsibility that it holds as a supplement brand, upon whom multiple clients rely to improve their health and wellbeing. Thankfully, 4e Nutrition holds an immense dedication that has not once faltered since its inception. We’re sure that 4e Nutrition is going to continue to make waves within the supplement industry, and we can’t wait to see how. Contact: Ben Mckimm Company: 4e Nutrition Web Address: