Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

24 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Though it was founded in 2019, all of the pieces of Lewis Paris Fitness were firmly put in place several years prior in 2016. There, Lewis realised that there was an urgent need for a holistic approach to fitness and wellness that tackled all elements of health. This focus on mindset, exercise, education, and nutrition has helped solidify and reinforce LPF’s considerable and burgeoning presence in the greater fitness industry. It’s a reputation that continues to develop and expand as more and more people realise that what Lewis and his team offers is something different, something extraordinary. “We look to always bring out the best in our clients. By partnering with them, we focus on facilitating their growth and not forcing it.” Which, it has to be said, is no small feat when you consider the rate at which the greater industry is moving forwards. To stand out speaks volumes of the quality of the service offered. So, with all of that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how LPF was formed from the person who built it brick by brick. “LPF continuously aims to deliver a five-star customer service – and you can see that we have achieved just that with our client testimonials. In January 2016, I started working for FitMiBODY (now OUTRIVALS) as an intern receptionist as well as working as a receptionist/fitness instructor for Motive8. In time, the owner of FitMiBODY saw my potential and offered me the opportunity to be the FOH Manager and then Head of Operations within the same year. Alongside these roles, I hosted small group fitness classes, one-to-one personal training, mentored fitness instructors, and managed personal trainers all under the guise of LPF.” He continues, “From early 2018, I went on to expand my knowledge of the fitness industry and joined David Lloyds Clubs as the gym manager and then Total Fit as the general manager of a five-star residential gym and spa. Humbled to have been given the opportunity to work for these companies, I wanted to develop and make my mark in the fitness industry as a freelance PT. In 2019, I launched LPF fully as its own company and currently train clients at UNTIL.” To say that Lewis’ rise has been meteoric would almost be an understatement. Today, the team are working with and alongside Red Bull UK, Red Bull Racing Esports, Youngs Sports Academy, Guild Esports, Auster Fitness, Optimum Nutrition, Fresh Fitness Foods and have worked with Facebook, Superdry, and ITV News, among many others, to deliver next-generation results for their clientele. Results-driven, yet utterly clientcentric, LPF’s approach has been lauded for changing the way the fitness industry approaches wellness. It’s not a case of simply getting people to increase their fitness levels – you have to change the mindset of the person you’re training, and ensuring their diet enhances, and not limits, their efforts. “We believe that we coach mindsets just as much as bodies. This helps people understand why they’re doing what they’re doing – ultimately inspiring as opposed to dictating.” All in all, the future of LPF looks to capitalise on the company’s reputation in the industry to further enhance and expand its offerings to cater to an ever-changing market. While few offer what LPF offers on this landscape, stagnation comes from complacency and a failure to continually adapt to movements in the space. Naturally, LPF is in no danger of stagnation – far, far, from it – and Lewis and the team have a plethora of ideas in the wings to ensure the company remains the natural pacesetter in the industry. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic specifically, LPF has doubled-down on accessibility, opening up its services to cater to those that prefer online training. Right now, Lewis and his team are fielding ways to accentuate the ways in which it can build on accessible options for clients. “Currently, we want to continue to be as accessible as possible. Offering a hybrid model with online and face-to-face personal training, group fitness classes, and corporate wellness in the form of on-demand fitness classes, health consultations and motivational and wellbeing talks. We want to provide small group personal training alongside the goal of recruiting and training newly qualified instructors under the guise of LPF. Ultimately, I have a goal to make LPF the go-to for a personal approach to fitness with any goal becoming attainable, with branches in serviceable locations across the UK and the online world”. All that is left is to see where Lewis Paris Fitness goes from here and how it will continue to evolve and develop in line with the clients it serves. The team certainly deserves recognition for their colossal achievements in the fitness space, and for endeavouring to drive changes in the personal and group fitness markets. 2024 looks to be an incredibly promising year for Lewis and LPF – Stay tuned. Lewis Paris Fitness: Pushing You to Greatness Lewis Paris Fitness Address: Lewis Paris Fitness, 95 Mortimer Street, London, W1W 7GB Website: Telephone: 07463251942 Email: Founded in 2019, Lewis Paris Fitness (LPF) frames itself as a wellness company, with the aim of inspiring and motivating as many people as possible to revolutionise their approach to total body – and mind – fitness. We spoke with Founder, Director and Head Trainer, Lewis Paris himself to find out more on the back of the company’s success in the awards programme. There’s something truly special here. 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