Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

Offering transformational coaching services to London’s executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, Alchemy Career & Business Coaching (Alchemy Coaching) supports personal and business development and helps drive business progression. We find out more from Emilie West as she gains notable recognition in the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023. Career Coach of the Year 2023: Emilie West Alchemy Career & Business Coaching provides clients with coaching and advisory services to help them achieve their career and business goals. This is done through a mix of one-to-one coaching work, executive level advisory, and running group workshops for corporate clients. Established by Emilie West in 2016, her original goal in setting up the company was to help her clients thrive and succeed in their careers and also support leaders of SMEs in growing their businesses. This has remained the business’s core focus as it has evolved. “Over time, we saw the need to add group workshops for our corporate clients, so we developed a selection to cover key skills and leadership development,” Emilie tells us. “These workshops have been very popular and are a powerful way to reach and support even more people and to help businesses develop their people.” Emilie brings real value to her clients by combining her extensive leadership experience from her career in investment banking and combining this with her skills and knowledge developed as a coach, public speaker, and non-executive director. This range of experience and knowledge allows her to offer a truly bespoke service to her clients and tailor her approach to their needs. “Our mantra is ‘Stop. Think. Grow.’!” enthuses Emilie. “We see coaching as an opportunity for clients to pause, reflect, and learn.” Emilie equips her clients with easy-to-use models that help them better understand themselves and others, enabling them to build their ability to achieve their goals and influence those around them. Whilst many coaches are still focused on selling packages to clients and locking them into a regular coaching programme, Alchemy Coaching is different. Having always taken a more flexible client-centred approach, clients can set the frequency of sessions and can dip in and out of coaching whenever they need it. One of the firm’s key tenets is flexibility, and Emilie likes to be flexible and easily accessible for clients. She is also focused on being effective in supporting her clients with whatever challenges they may face. Instead of building a large team, Emilie has developed partnerships with other coaches and advisors to offer comprehensive support to her SME clients. This means she can help them across a range of areas including leadership, marketing, business growth, and fundraising. “All our partners have a similar ethos,” she states. “They love partnering with individuals and businesses to help them grow in a rewarding and enjoyable way.” With companies increasingly wanting their teams back in the office post-pandemic, Emilie is experiencing an increase in demand for in-person workshops and has found that many people still appreciate that she offers face-toface appointments in London alongside virtual video sessions. Another change that Alchemy Coaching has seen this year is individuals taking much more ownership of their own career and skills development, both at a c-suite level and in more middle management positions. “People are reaching out for support proactively, rather than when they are told they need to develop or waiting for a career crisis to hit,” Emilie explains. “Companies are also offering more support for one-to-one career coaching and are often willing to pay for coaching sessions.” Themes for coaching have also evolved over the past year with an increase in clients wanting help developing their personal brands, as they realise the importance this plays in getting promoted or hired. In recognition of Emilie’s extensive experience, flexible approach and her unwavering support for her clients, Emilie was named Career Coach of the Year 2023 in the Greater London Enterprise Awards. Understandably delighted by this prestigious accolade, Emilie lets us in on her future plans, which include publishing a book. The book is focussed on helping individuals develop their confidence and achieve success through re-connecting with their authentic selves. Emilie will also be running more group public speaking and personal branding workshops, alongside working with new one-to-one coaching clients. Contact Details Contact: Emilie West Company: Alchemy Career & Business Coaching Web Address: “I’ve worked with several coaches in my career and Emilie’s style of coaching is by far the most practical and constructive. She is an excellent sounding board for challenges great and small and I find her sessions beneficial in clarifying my thinking and making sure I’m focusing my energy in the right direction. Emilie’s own experience as a leader makes her a brilliant leadership coach and also a fantastic moderator for group strategy sessions where you need an independent leader with the tools to engage and inspire.” - Eva-Maria Dimitriadis, CEO of Conduit Connect