Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

20 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 TG & Co Properties is an investment firm that specialises in property sourcing and investment opportunities in the North East of England, with a particular emphasis on Newcastle and South Yorkshire. It is a trusted name in the real estate market, and boasts industry recognition and an exceptional track record. The company also has an admirable intent to foster positive social change in the world. Award winning investment firm TG & Co Properties is a London based company with a special interest in sourcing opportunities for investment in the North East. It has honed its expertise when it comes to acquiring properties, being particularly active operating in the price range of £60K to £110K. Areas it concentrates on include the famed, vibrant city of Newcastle, and a selection of other beautiful, picturesque locations in South Yorkshire and the North East. Its team search out the best investment opportunities by meticulously hunting the market to find properties meeting its exacting standards. This ensures that the real estate purchases it identifies are suitable for TG & Co Properties’ target demographic. The firm has recently put a new and exciting venture into practice. This evergreen initiative consists of adapting its lens to bring into focus the importance of providing suitable housing for people with diverse needs such as learning disabilities. The company’s commitment to this cause is in complete alignment with the model of social housing, aiming to create safe and comfortable living conditions for residents, fully inclusive of those with learning disabilities and mental health conditions. This innovative approach to the investment market is a niche that’s most worthy of admiration. TG & Co Properties is an investment firm that believes in the power property has when it comes to transforming lives and crating something of lasting value to people. By specialising in housing solutions for individuals with learning disabilities and mental health conditions, it knows it is contributing to the overall well-being and inclusion of this oftenoverlooked group of individuals within the community. It strives to provide properties that are more than just houses but are homes. It wants to enable inhabitants to thrive and lead positive, fulfilling lives. The company has a website that prominently showcases its presence in Newcastle, South Yorkshire, and the North East. This is not only a useful tool for individuals seeking good quality properties in theses areas, but also a most valuable resource for investors and potential parties interested in investment opportunities. TG & Co Properties is immensely proud of the award-winning work it delivers because it knows this is a pre-eminent reflection of its dedication to excellence, and the trust its clients hold in it. “Are you on the hunt for high-yield investment properties? Look no further. Our expertise lies in navigating complex investment processes, making us your ideal partner in the realm of profitable property investments.” TG & Co Properties offers three ways for investors to partner with it. The first is what it calls a hands-free property investment service. This consists of a 100% end-to-end service that is all done for the client-investor, in effect taking everything out of their hands. This service covers growth areas identified across the UK, where TG & Co sources property, negotiates the sale, instructs solicitors, manages survey access, handles sales progression and deals with enquiries. It also takes care of the transfer of funds, facilitates legal completion, obtains refurb quotations, appoints tradespeople, manages the refurbishments, assesses and appoints letting agents, and then hands the property over to the investor. This option is ideal for working professionals and HNWI (High-NetWorth Individuals), who want to invest in highyielding properties in the outer city regions, but require more time, knowledge, or experience than doing it solo allows. The second way to invest is by lending funds for a property project. Fully dependent upon the individual project, TG & Co may require funds for 3-5 years. It pays a fixed rate p.a., with interest payable monthly on amounts upwards of £10,000. This option is akin to putting money into a very generous bank account, which makes it ideal for people with savings, inheritance, or redundancy money. It’s also suitable for investors with a pension pot who want to generate a higher return or, indeed, have more control over their returns. Thirdly, TG & Co Properties offers a 50/50 joint venture opportunity with a no fee – equity share. Taking advantage of this option means that it provides the expertise and does all the work, while its investor-partner provides the funds and purchases the property. The capital uplift and rental income is shared equally. This option is a viable method for investors with about £100,000 to invest initially, who are looking for a substantial rental income and capital growth benefit. As it’s a joint profit and loss deal, TG & Co are motivated to protect and maximise the asset’s returns. This option is perfect for investors who want a long-term investment, and are interested in building a significant portfolio of high cash-flowing properties. TG & Co Properties is currently accepting investment funds from £10,000 up, making its investments widely accessible to all, especially as it is possible to partner with a friend (both investing £5,000). Its well qualified team of professionals and project managers concentrate on managing projects with the correct budget options selected to enable superior finish quality, and timely property completion. This ensures maximum investment returns are achieved for the right reasons. “Find your next property investment opportunity with us. Get ahead of the competition with our expert sourcing services and gain access to lucrative property investment opportunities.” TG & Co Properties has a deep understanding of investment, and appreciates the intricacies of its sector completely. It will ensure investors that work with it are privy to informed decisions, and a benefit from a seamless process. It specialises in handling complex investment procedures to help make client journeys hassle-free. Its expertise in sourcing high yield opportunities is its ace in the pack, and it is confident that Most Innovative Property Investment & Management 2023