Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

64 | SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023 Best Data-Driven PR & Communications Consultancy 2023 London based Sapience Communications is a PR and digital marketing firm that has a core aim to foster strategic thought leadership and messaging for a wide range of organisations operating in a variety of different sectors. It covers tech, fintech, financial services, property, healthcare (and more), using multichannel digital marketing scenarios to enable clients to excel in their markets. Sapience Communications is committed to helping clients to build formidable reputations in order to enhance their success. It provides PR and communications with a digital edge, designed to deliver strategic assistance to companies. The public relations support it supplies begins with a close examination of the client’s current image, taking into account positives and negatives, as well as their unique selling point. Sapience Communications will then work to create a strategy bespoke to its individual client that assists them to build their reputation further, increase sales, and achieve their business targets. Sapience boasts strong relationships with several influential journalists who work as industry specialists, or at a national level. This helps it to build distinctive communications and empower digital marketing campaigns that positively engender thoughts and reputations of its client companies. The company believes that digital marketing requires a mastery of creativity and flair, as this is what helps businesses campaigns to really make an impact. It has an overarching strategy based around the client’s key goals, an intrinsic knowledge of digital software, a professional approach, and the possession of organisational skills required to execute everything seamlessly. Sapience is a corporate agency with huge experience of running marketing campaigns of all sizes. It has worked with companies such as Gunner Cocktails – a luxury beverage company, Proximity – an investor communications platform, HPD Lendscape – a fintech organisation, and Dimensions – a notfor-profit social organisation providing support for people with learning disabilities/autism, to name but a few. It also covers everything from young tech innovators and start-ups to FTSE listed firms. Its work extends to many different industry areas, but it’s particularly admired as one of the best in the business when it comes to public relations in Fintech, Proptech, Investech and Healthtech. That is because it specialises in state-of-the art companies using new technology to grow the future of their industries. AI and machine learning, along with blockchain and cryptocurrencies are all supported with aplomb by Sapience. Financial PR is another area in which Sapience excels, by keeping up to date with the constantly evolving landscape it is well informed, and can drive brand awareness with smart, media savvy, and creative expertise. Sapience is also a specialist in ESG, and can help companies to deliver messages of sustainability that cut through this crowded marketplace. It has valuable knowledge of how ESG programmes are rising rapidly in priority for organisations, and an excellent understanding of the knock-on effects this has on investors, consumers, and regulators. Sapience is gifted at navigating these complex issues to create clear and effective environmental communications strategies clients can be proud of. The talented team working at Sapience includes experts from all manner of backgrounds, bringing diverse skills from all around the world to bear. Spanning PR, legal, digital marketing, and finance, Sapience has employees who hail from countries such as Spain, Australia, India, the US, New Zealand and Malasia. This means that clients are empowered by a wide range of insights that are unique and perhaps even unexpected. It is particularly gratifying to know that the company is powered by a multicultural global team of consultants, especially for clients who come from the world over themselves. Sapience has an international reach, and is honoured to work with partners in all of the most important markets. This includes best-in-class partners from Asia and the Middle East, with whom Sapience has built incredible alliances. Sapience Communications has been named as the Best Data-Driven PR & Communications Consultancy 2023 in the Greater London Enterprise Awards. This title is testament to the incredible work it’s doing to promote and bolster such a wide range of incredible, thriving companies with its groundbreaking and extensive market expertise. Company: Sapience Communications Web Address: https://www. Contact Name: Sergio Cortes Allsopp