Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023

Before there were music history museums, there was Hard Rock Cafe. As an establishment, it dedicated its space to representing the biggest names in music, adorning its walls with iconic memorabilia that anyone, musically inclined or not, would recognise. From the greats to the greatest, Hard Rock Cafe Piccadilly Circus combines authentic pieces of music history with legendary American food and drinks to concoct a genuine dining experience that’ll immerse you in the rich background of rock’n’roll. Best American-Style Cafe 2023 Praised for its world-famous American cuisine and vast collections of wall-to-wall music memorabilia, Hard Rock Cafe has spent the last 50 years establishing a network of greatness across the globe. From New York to Tokyo, its reach has spread far and wide, opening its guests’ eyes to a world that had yet to be explored in such detail. Music history is the lifeblood of Hard Rock Cafe's aesthetic, and it truly shines throughout its flagship Piccadilly Circus location. From the moment you enter the Cafe, you’re whisked into another world entirely. Stepping off of the bustling Piccadilly Circus streets, diners will immediately be met with two astonishing sights – the world’s largest Rock Shop, and an environment oozing with character. Music is the cornerstone of the establishment, be it in an auditory or visual sense, which is only exaggerated once guests descend into the heart of the Cafe. Beneath its world-renowned store, Hard Rock Cafe Piccadilly Circus boasts a dining atmosphere that’s simply impossible to replicate. Diners will notice crucial pieces of music history as soon as they’re guided to their seats. You may have Freddie Mercury’s microphone above your booth, or may find yourself seated beneath guitars owned by The Who or the Sex Pistols. The surroundings are nothing short of spectacular, which all serves to bring a completely new edge to the prospect of dining out. Not only are you free to roam the restaurant in order to appreciate the extensive collection of iconic items, but you’ll also be treated to world-class service and unbeatable flavours. Hard Rock Cafe upholds brilliance at every angle, no matter the occasion. Of course, with such a steadfast reputation, it goes without saying that the world-renowned food served at Hard Rock Cafe is second to none. Every dish, from its American-style burgers to its delectable desserts, introduces an uncontested treat for the tastebuds. Combine this with the spectacular setting, and you’ve got a venue that strikes the perfect balance between atmosphere and cuisine. No detail is overlooked, resulting in constant showstopping dishes that’ll leave you craving more. Hard Rock Cafe Piccadilly Circus aims to deliver a fantastic culinary experience including Gluten Free and plant-based options with additional exclusive items on their local specials menu. American cuisine is rarely presented in such a manner, and yet Hard Rock Cafe has been able to make adjustments without sacrificing on taste. For over 50 years, Hard Rock Cafe has been serving guests new and inventive recipes that are wholly centered around American style cuisine. It does so with an incredibly stylised approach that far exceeds mere novelty – it acts as a way for any manner of diner to fully sink into the rich musical history that it so proudly presents. All of this culminates in an establishment that doesn’t just have a menu bursting with flavour, but a dining environment unlike anything we’ve seen before or since. Describing Hard Rock Cafe as one-of-a-kind is hardly breaking new ground, and yet, we can’t help ourselves. There really is no other dining experience that can quite match the one that Hard Rock Cafe Piccadilly Circus presents to its patrons, and it’s this culmination of American cuisine and iconic music-related memorabilia that makes Hard Rock Cafe a must-visit for lovers of food and music alike. Contact: Narissa O’Moore Company: Hard Rock Cafe Piccadilly Circus Web Address: location/piccadilly-circus/